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I wonder if Feet Finder ever gets visitors who are just looking for a brand of sneakers that puts out irregular sizes for their weird-ass feet. But, of course, since you’re reading this on ThePornDude, you probably already know precisely what kind of foot-based fun you’ll find on this site. It isn’t a shop for corrective orthopedic insoles; I’ll tell you that much, so apologies to the podiatrists looking for endorsement deals. But, on the other hand, if you became a foot doctor because toes turn you on, you’ve come to the right place. calls itself “the safest, easiest, and most secure website for verified users to view, buy, and sell custom feet content.” In other words, it’s a lot like OnlyFans, only it’s all about feet. (In case you were wondering, somebody’s parking on the domain and hasn’t done anything with it.) It seems like a winning business model, though I imagine it’s hard to compete when OnlyFans has such a hold on the whole DIY-content model. Then again, half a million visitors a month isn’t exactly chump change, so I knew they had something to offer even before I lubed up the ol’ silicone lady foot.


Finding Feet on the Feet Finder

One of the things I’ve always hated about OnlyFans is how they don’t really show you anything to get you in the door and instead rely on the models who use the platform to do their own promotion on someone else’s bandwidth. For example, FeetFinder has a button at the top of the landing page that tries to get you to sign up before you View/Buy Feet Pics, but you’ll start seeing freebies as soon as you start scrolling. That immediate accessibility gives them a slight edge, at least if you’re a guy into feet.



They’ve got some Featured Models out front, so you can get an idea of how the site works right away. Click on a thumbnail, and you’ll end up on a profile page where you can Follow, Tip, Send Offer, or Message one of the amateur feet models doing her thing. Most of the thumbnails for their premium content will be blurred out, but they let you see enough to get a sense of what you’re in for.


Feet Finder claims over a quarter of a million users upload and buy content daily, a number at odds with their actual traffic numbers. That said, a quick trip to their Sellers section shows thousands of active content creators hawking pics of their pretty feet. By default, the feed shows you the most recently active models. But, sit on the page for just a few seconds, and you’ll see model after model overtaking the last as the freshest creator on the site. That kind of high activity is exactly what I love to see in any amateur site.


It’s a beautiful mix of babes, too. (There are dudes and trannies in the mix, too, but I adjusted my preferences to reflect my interest in gorgeous women.) You’ll find blonde MILFs, 18+ brunette teens, and redheaded in-betweens. There are skinny chicks, fat chicks, fit chicks, and mom-looking broads. You’ll see cosplay cuties, BDSM dominatrixes, and every ethnicity under the rainbow. In other words, they’ve got the kind of women that get you going.


Oh, and don’t worry about finding your foot fetish princess in a stack of off-brand uglies. has a great set of search filters for dialing your ideal babe. You can search by age, race, foot size, and experience and even select your price range, so you don’t go over budget on masturbating again this month. Your wife will be so happy; she might even step on your face after a long workout.


What Kind of Foot Stuff Can I Whack Off To?

I figured with such a wide variety of women selling pics of their feet; Feet Finder would also help me find plenty of variety in my foot fetish pics and vids. I mean shit, they pretty much have to if they want to compete with OnlyFans, right? Well, I have good news and bad news for you, and maybe your appreciation for the whole site will all hinge on just what kind of pervert you are.



Let’s start with the good news. has a nice variety of foot fetish categories. The Categories page includes subgenres like Arched, Asian, and even ASMR. There’s an aisle of Boots, one full of Dirty Feet, and a Dominatrix section for the bad boys out there. There are Fishnets and Flat Feet, Humiliation and Long Toes, Platform Heels, Pedicures, Stomping, and Toe Nails.


But where are the Foot Jobs? What about the Masturbation scenes with cameras underneath a woman’s soles? Where are the naked Lesbians sticking their toes in each other’s pussies? Well, it’s time for that bad news I mentioned: FeetFinder doesn’t allow nudity.


This feels like the site shooting themselves in the dick, but I guess they’re just shooting themselves in the foot since dicks aren’t allowed. It’s a weird business decision in the era of OnlyFans, especially when you already have to be 18 to use the site. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the no-nudity rule is repealed in the future because they can make a lot more money if they include boobs, twats, and butts.


Get Your Feet Fix

So, you’ve found a bunch of pretty girls taking pictures of their lovely feet. What are you going to do now? Even though there’s no nudity, I think we all know what you’re going to do. It involves an old gym sock and the rest of that bottle of lotion at your bedside. The real question is how you’re going to get it.



Feet Finder offers a few different ways to pay the broads and get your content. You can tip, buy photo sets and videos, or subscribe to a model’s paid feed. It typically takes some effort on your end to turn tips into custom content, but the other options are a little easier for the noob to social porno.


Since the models set their prices, the prices are all over the place. You might spend five bucks on a dozen shots of a fresh pedicure, or you might spend twenty on three photos of a girl licking her own feet. Just like anywhere else, you can expect to pay more for American women, and you can expect to pay more for fetish content.


Not all of the women offer subscriptions, but those prices are all over the place too. I found some girls offering subscriptions for just a few bucks a month, but some of the prices seemed ludicrously high, especially when there’s no nudity. Then again, even the most vanilla foot pics are technically fetish content, and that often commands a higher value than your ordinary blowjobs and backseat anal encounters.


I dug into the FAQ to see how their pricing works. Unlike most social porn sites, they charge creators a flat subscription rate instead of a percentage of earnings. They claim is free for all buyers, but I’m not sure how true that is. Every clip or photo set offer had a service fee tacked on top of the model’s asking price, so I’m calling bullshit.


I’ve spent the last couple of hours touring, and honestly, I still don’t understand how this site can survive in the era of OnlyFans. It’s definitely not a bad site. In fact, there are plenty of things I prefer about it compared to OnlyFans, like all the freebies and the advanced search filters. The whole thing does exactly what it was built to do, efficiently and attractively.


At the end of the day, though, it’s hard to get over the fact that Feet Finder doesn’t allow nudity. That’s going to be a dealbreaker to all the jaded perverts who demand hardcore content, and it’s going to make it harder for the platform to attract models who are already making bank flashing their cooters along with their feet on OnlyFans.


If you like feet and don’t demand nudity in your foot fetish fap fodder, is worth a look. The site’s got what I’d consider an upgraded OnlyFans setup, with a single-minded focus on semi-SFW foot content. Hopefully, they’ll start allowing truly X-rated content at some point. Until then, enjoy all the cuties showing off their tootsies in their underwear.

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