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Banned Stories

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Banned Stories

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BannedStories! I have a few real problems with social media. For one thing, I always end up spending too many hours whacking off to videos of social media influencers, a.k.a. attention whores, as they show off their new outfits and Starbucks orders. It ain’t even sexually explicit most of the time! And when I try to get a little freaky, I end up getting banned from almost every platform. The girls at BannedStories look like they have the same issue. is a premium porn site with the feel of a sexed-up version of Instagram or Snapchat. The landing page shows looping snippets like those boomerangs you see, except instead of making stupid pouty faces, the girls are flashing their titties, pulling her panties down, and bouncing on hard cock. It seems to be a pretty kick-ass formula, because it’s a young site already getting over 300,000 hits a month. How many followers does your favorite YouTube whore have?


Social Media for Serious Sluts

I’m always hoping the random sluts, pretty girls, and 18+ teenagers with daddy issues I see on social media will just start posting pictures of their pussies instead of their cats. It usually doesn’t happen. Not only do the various platforms frown upon those kind of sexual shenanigans, but our sexually liberated Internet culture hasn’t made every girl into a total slut. Yet.



You always notice the bouncing titties and bubble butts on the landing page of any porno site right away, your brain registering supple flesh, and sending blood to your genitals before you even start recognizing broads. When you do recognize them? Well, you porno fans are in for a real treat.


The babes on BannedStories aren’t just random Facebook sluts. Right on the front page, I see Gianna Dior pulling down her top to expose her nipples, and Eliza Ibarra pulling up her shirt to reveal both of her perfect fun bags. Violet Starr is showing how she gives a handjob, and Alex Coal is smiling at the camera as she rides some dick.


I’m a little torn. On one hand, I was hoping to see genuine amateur girls, unknown attention whores who have never gotten fucked on camera. On the other hand, I’m excited to see some of the most beautiful and sexually talented women in the world getting their holes stuffed. Hopefully, BannedStories bridges the gap between overproduced professional smut and the kind of candid, fun, and sexy exhibitionism you see on social media.



Better Than Jerking Off to Instagram

The landing page does have some free previews, so I helped myself to a few before checking out the sign-up page. They play out in short clips like your typical Snapchat story, only with a lot more explicit sex. These girls may be professionals, but the format lends itself to a style that feels very candid and real.



The Gianna Dior sample, for example, opens with a few seconds of the babe getting her pussy fucked and saying, “Fuck me like a little whore!” Then we see her posing, taking hot selfies and stripping in the camera, talking about how she’s going to get laid. We see her riding an electric scooter down the street; then we see her eating cock. It really does feel like a day in the life of a porn starlet.


That was enough to get me interested in the prices here. makes you give them an email address and choose a password before they’ll even show you the prices. A month will cost you 15 bucks, which is about half of what most premium adult sites are charging these days, with even lower rates for longer memberships.


It’s worth noting how fucking good this porn site looks on your mobile device. The front page says “Better on Your Smart Phone”, and that’s definitely true. They don’t currently have an app, and given Google and Apple’s issues with porno in their official stores; they may never have one. Still, they do a great job imitating a pornographic version of the social media apps, with a format absolutely optimized for your phone.



Too Hot and Sexy for Snapchat

With all the effort put into polishing the mobile version of BannedStories, the full-size version seems a little underdeveloped. In fact, the interface is downright clunky when I tried reviewing the site on my laptop. If you’re trying to fap to the website on your computer at work, I recommend viewing in a skinny window to simulate the phone experience, though it still ain’t the same.



Now that I’m logged in, I can see how many stories the site has total. It ain’t many. As of this writing, there are only 18, though they promise weekly updates. As long as they stick to that schedule, the catalog should start filling out nicely. In the meantime, that’s probably why they’re only asking 15 bucks a month.


The looping thumbnails all over the members’ page have my dick hard and drippy before I even tap on one of the stories. They are divided into Top Videos, Latest Videos, and All Videos, with each row full of girls jiggling their butts, fingering their cunts, and slurping jizz from hard cocks. There is a boomerang of Liv Wild on her back getting boned, her eyes rolling back and forth in her head as a puff of vape or smoke goes in and out of her mouth.


There are no synopses, titles, or clip lengths like you see on the thumbnails on your typical premium porn site. Here, they really ape that social media style hard, so all you get is a view count and the girl’s name. They keep with the format by giving girls handles like @KiaraCole, @MackenzieMoss, and @GabbieCarter.


Those boomerang thumbnails do have Download buttons in the corner of each one. With so many premium sites doing away with downloads, I was surprised to see one with such a modern format still including the perk. I like the website more and more…



A New Style of Gonzo Porno

I’m a real sucker for any kind of public perversion, so the thumbnail of Lily Adams flashing her titties in a crowded parking lot really caught my eye. She’s got a beatific smile on her face, looking way too innocent for a girl who’s being so naughty.



The banned story opens with Lily bowling, followed immediately by a shot of her naked and getting boned hard in a bed. Cue the BannedStories opening. Now that’s how you do an intro! After the intro, the real story starts, with Lily at an arcade, earning prize tickets shooting basketballs.


Instead of the typical forward and back controls, you find on a regular web-based video player, viewers can only move between snippets. The short clips are a lot longer than your typical Snapchat Snap, though the format would not lend itself well to watching a cumshot or sheet-soaking squirt on repeat. Good thing they’ve got downloads.


The casual bits at the beginning of the banned story really do help sell the idea that the cameraman just met this chick. It’s different from your typical reality porn set up, but the social media format seems to enhance that feeling. It genuinely feels like a social media peek at a pervert.


Soon enough, Lily is riding around with her tits out in broad daylight. No, the windows on the van are not tinted! This girl is freaky, so none of you should be all that surprised when she lifts her skirt and starts getting fucked in her bald pussy in a parking lot. I love how she giggles and looks around, genuinely a little worried they might get caught.


The porno they’re releasing weekly on is a new style of gonzo film that perfectly blends modern social media exhibitionism with true porno perversion. It’s professionally produced with professional talent, but manages to feel as raw and real as the best amateur smut out there. The website really does feel like a social media app on your phone, but the masturbatory fodder is way hotter than anything you’ll ever find on Instagram.

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