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I hope you won’t judge me for saying this, but I spent all morning jacking off to Snapchat videos. I love how these social media broads act sexy for the camera just to gain a few followers, dressing provocatively as they ramble about bullshit and show us their Starbucks. Then it occurred to me that Snapchat, Instagram, or any of those platforms would be a hell of a lot better with a hell of a lot more porn. A few minutes later, somebody sent me a link to Uplust.


Uplust claims to be The First Uncensored Social Network, online since 2013. Censorship is a funny thing on social media, where the rules fluctuate depending on what’s PC at the moment, so I’m really kind of curious what they mean by that. The site gets about a quarter of a million visits every month, so hopefully, it means a ton of free amateur porno. I guess there’s only one way to find out.



Social Media for Dirty Perverts

The landing page looks promising, that’s for sure. There’s an animated GIF of a smartphone browsing through Uplust. If the simulated screenshots are to be believed, this thing is absolutely chock-full of young 18+ amateur babes showing off their titties, twats, and asses.



Most adult websites these days will give you a taste without making you sign up, but this ain’t one of them. You’ll have to pick a username and password, plus provide them with an email address. Don’t be a dip shit and use the same one you share with your wife.


They send you a verification email instantly, then you upload a photo and answer a few simple questions about who you are and what you’re looking for. I am a Guy who likes Girls — you know the drill.


Uplust really prides itself on having a ton of verified members. This is good news, because it prevents spammy accounts and phishing attempts from catfishers who just uploaded some amateur shots they found on 4Chan. The bad news is that it makes full verification a little bit slower.


Users can upload an upper-body shot with a piece of paper showing your username and the date, or you can just upgrade to a paid account immediately to unlock all the features. If you go the free route, you have to wait for your confirmation photo to be manually verified.



Amateur Porn – Even for Free Users

Don’t worry too hard about that full photographic verification just yet. You can start looking around the site as soon as you’ve got the basic email verification, which only takes a minute or so.



Uplust is a social media site, so your initially blank timeline will show a sidebar of popular users you can follow. As I look at it right now, there is a brunette flashing her muff in her profile picture. Then, we also have two chicks with their asses right up against the camera, and a couple who have chosen to represent themselves with their luscious, beautiful breasts.


I, unfortunately, can’t subscribe to any of them yet with this half-verification, but at least I can look at their profiles. I clicked on the girl aiming her phone at her twat, who’s got 80,000 followers already.


The Spanish beauty has posted on Uplust nearly 2000 times so far, with 40 videos of amateur smut for fans to jerk off to. The babe posts new material every day, usually showing off her tits and occasionally her cunt. She doesn’t seem to want to show her face, which is typically cropped off the top of the photo.


I clicked the Videos tab to see her amateur movies. There’s a 30-second blowjob clip added five months ago, with the thirsty girl slurping on a gentlemen’s veiny member. A few months before that, she went a little bit lighter with a WebCam clip of what some might describe as a home breast exam. She’s also got DIY clips of some dude eating her pussy and another where she’s getting slammed doggystyle.


At the bottom of both her Photo and Video page is a message saying I can unlock her dozens of clips and thousands of pics if I subscribe to a membership. I was pretty happy about all the free homemade smut, but there’s always a catch, right? They’ve got to make their money somehow, I guess, so let’s see what kind of change they’re asking for.



Different Memberships for Different Budgets

In an effort to keep up with Comcast, Uplust has a bit of a convoluted pricing scheme. There are three different tiers of membership: Basic, Premium, or VIP. For each tier, you have three different plan options: One Month, Three Month, and One Year. As on other premium adult websites, your cheaper options are always the longer memberships.



If you just want to get in for a month, it will cost you about five bucks, 10 bucks, or 20, depending on which tier of membership you want. As you may have guessed, the Basic membership gives you primary access to use the site. Premium adds the ability to get featured, used the advanced search, block users, and get rid of ads. You big ballers get some extra perks like unlimited followings, statistics, and notifications histories.


Premium and VIP members can also cash out of their Lusts. These are the website’s virtual currency, which can be used to buy premium content, such as exclusive photos and videos. You can also send some Lust as a gift to your favorite user, a great way to ask for a private show. There are also bonus features to unlock in the Shop section, like filters and advanced editing options. Lusts start at 10 bucks for a hundred, or you can get a bonus by buying a bunch at once.



Constant Updates of Fresh DIY Porn

I know some of you library masturbators already getting bummed out. Have no fear, my cheap-ass friends. While paid users get the best access to the massive amateur smut stash at Uplust, there’s plenty of good material to be viewed and utilized entirely for free.



Even with my account verification still pending, I was able to peruse the Top-Rated content on the website. That Spanish babe I was checking out earlier made the cut with a topless photo, as did a hot young 18+ Latina in a thong with her ass up in the air. A lithe redhead poses in the buff, and a brunette flashes her titties and a smile.


I clicked the Videos tab to see the Top-Rated clips of the day, though weekly, monthly, and yearly views are also available. I like how even though I haven’t subscribed to the website or followed any of the users, I already have a constant stream of fresh material to beat off to.


Today’s top clips on Uplust include a babe slipping off her underwear to show off her booty and a babe with a camera right up against her wet cunt as she fingers the thing. It makes a lot of loud, slurping noises, and I can’t help noticing the wedding ring on her finger.


Don’t forget, Uplust is a social network, with all that entails. The wet pussy video already has a bunch of comments from dudes asking if they can fuck her, just like the comments under any video on any free tube. Most of them have boners for profile pictures, but I doubt any of them are going to bone her.


While the site may technically be a social network, it has more in common with WebCam porn sites than Facebook or even Instagram. By that, I mean the relationships are going to be pretty one-sided. You can chat up a broad and pay her to show you her titties, but I doubt very many people are actually making friends here. The ones who do are probably doing more than just leaving comments like, “I’m ready to lick your pussy juice.” is an amateur porn site with a twist, styling itself like a pornographic version of Snapchat or Instagram. As with the social media giants, there’s plenty of free material to shake your dick at here, though paying members have easier access to the blowjob and basement fuck movies. Users are invited to interact with their favorite exhibitionists here and contribute their own content, resulting in a thriving community of DIY perversion for the social media set.

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