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By the numbers, Fans Mine certainly ain’t the biggest or most popular social-media creator network. That honor belongs, obviously, to the site they borrowed half of their name from. I like OnlyFans as much as the next guy, and blow an embarrassing amount of money on the dirty pics and that pseudo sense of intimacy you find on the platform, but I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing. Just looking at the traffic stats, I was hoping this might be it. is a social porn platform where creators can share their content directly with the fans. They’ve been around for a couple years now, doing their best to tap into that massive, emerging reserve of homebrew smut coming from this new wave of amateur models. They ain’t doing too bad, and their traffic has nearly doubled recently, exceeding a quarter of a million visits last month with more on the way. As a famously horny dude, I was curious what everyone was getting so excited about.



Social Media for Grown-Ass Adults

I hope that one day we reach a point where I don’t have to use OnlyFans as the benchmark for every premium adult social media site that hits the web. We ain’t there yet, so bear with me as I continually mention the big OF. They absolutely dominate this corner of the online porn industry, and I’m betting you’re wondering how well Fans Mine measures up.



For starters, I think they have a more enticing landing page. OnlyFans has gotten a little better in this respect, finally upgrading from the barebones signup page to something that shows a few samples of what’s inside. Weirdly, those samples still suggest a fair number of people are signing up for non-masturbatory reasons. We all know it ain’t a SFW site, so why pretend?


There’s nothing super explicit on FansMine’s front page, either, but they don’t bullshit you about what’s inside. One gal in the simulated app photo is licking a lollipop suggestively, while a topless babe holds an arm up so the pic is just barely SFW. The front-page text mentions their lack of censorship and says, “100% Judgement Free. We Cater To All Kinks And Guarantee No Surprise Account Closings Or Changes In Allowed Content!”


All the listed perks are going to appeal to both porn fans and the creators. OnlyFans has been criticized for their lack of transparency over account closings, and I know I’m not the only one who’s glad to see that addressed and potentially rectified here. Other than that, the setup seems remarkably similar, at least from the outside. They even offer the same 80% cut as OnlyFans, though this ain’t surprising; OnlyFans is big enough now that they set all kinds of trends across the industry. I even think they’re to blame for the recent rise in paysites that don’t allow downloads. Bastards.



Delving Deep into the Fans Mine currently has over 127,000 creators. It’s a very impressive number by almost any measure. I say “almost” because it seems like a drop in the hat compared to the millions of models who’ve signed up for OnlyFans so far. You’ve got to start somewhere, though, right? Anyway, speaking as a hardened and raging hard masturbator, I prefer quality over quantity.



The only way to sample the quality is to get inside. There ain’t much visible without an account, but thankfully, registration is quick, simple and free. I signed in with one click using my Google credentials, but you can also use Twitter or just the regular ol’ email address you’ve been using since 2002.


I think Fans Mine is the first OnlyFans clone I’ve reviewed that doesn’t stock a new user’s feed full of promoted content and recommended creators. Instead, the feed in my brand-new account consists of just one introductory post about the platform. Everything else about the web app is remarkably similar, with familiar icons you’ll already know how to use if you’ve used any of the similar platforms.


My first goal was to find some creators to follow, and they’ve helpfully added a sidebar menu full of thumbnails. They weren’t kidding about the lack of censorship here, because some of the tiny pics include exposed boobies, bare naked ass or dicks being sucked. There are even some male models just showing off their boners, if you’re into that. There’s no pretense that this is a SFW platform.


They’ve got a nice range of amateur models, too. I see big-titted blondes and svelte brunettes, Asian cuties and Latina knockouts, cosplay chicks and stern-looking domina bitches. Some look like the girl next door, others like straight-up pornstars. I found a few FansMine accounts using hentai as their thumbnails, but they all seemed to have real women behind the curtain.



But Where’s the Free Stuff?

I tried clicking a few of those thumbnails from the Explore Creators menu on the side of the screen. Unfortunately, suffers from one of the same drawbacks as OnlyFans: there’s just very little to see on most accounts without forking over some cash. That’s great if you already follow a model on Instagram, but it’s hard to justify a $20 subscription without any samples.



There is some free content available, though I wish it was easier to find. Flipping through the Explore page (separate from the Explore Creators menu), I saw screencaps of hidden camera voyeur sex shows, a few dick pics, some guys masturbating, gay guys fucking each other, and finally, after a lot of scrolling, a free video of a girl and her purple vibrator.


One of my perennial complaints about OnlyFans is that it’s just so damn hard to find models on the platform without knowing about them from elsewhere first. I love the OnlyFans knockoffs that make exploration easier, but I’m afraid FansMine just ain’t one of them. Most of the posts on the Explore page are locked down and blurred out until you buy a paid subscription, while most of the free posts are aimed at gay men.


The search function seems like it might pull up a little bit more relevant content than the same feature at OnlyFans, but you still run into the same issues. I did searches for dildos, BBWs, feet, BDSM, lesbians and anal. There’s a wide enough range of content that I found results for everything I looked for. Again, though, most of the search results were either inaccessible, and the handful of freebies were mostly gay.


It’s not uncommon for user-contributed adult sites to shift focus as they gain popularity with a particular demographic. I’ve seen it happen with free tubes and message boards, and if I had to guess, I’d say it’s happening here with FansMine. This might be a slight bummer to the straight folks hoping for more of their preferred fap fodder, but I think my readers over at MyGaySites are going to be very happy. Could this by the gay OnlyFans?



Oh, There’s the Free Stuff!

If you ask me, fucked up by putting so much locked-down premium content in two different Explore sections of their website. They’re probably going to lose some potential customers over this, because people don’t want to dig too hard when they’re just trying to jack off. I finally found some legitimately free content when I made my way to the Creators page. The thumbnails here list the subscription prices, and there are a fair number of models offering Free subs.



I spent a few minutes subscribing to free Fans Mine accounts. My once empty feed was quickly populated with naked hippy chicks, freaky AI bimbos, big-booty exotic girls and one babe who loves fucking her boyfriend on camera. Free accounts can still sell premium content, so half of my feed still consists of locked, blurred-out thumbnails, but hey, it’s a start.


I think is a promising platform, but man, they could use a little work on the navigation. Speaking as the guy who runs PornDudeCasting and PornWebmasters, I can tell you that free content is probably the very best promotional tool for selling the paid stuff. FansMine would be doing themselves, their models and their audience a big favor by making the free content easier to find. Maybe it’s called Fans Mine because of all the digging required! The “Explore” sections of the site currently ain’t much use, so I recommend poking around on the Creators page to get started.

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