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SugarFans sounds at least a little bit sweeter than OnlyFans, at least if the name is to be believed. By the numbers, OnlyFans is still getting 1,500 times as much traffic as this sugary content platform, but we’ve all got to start somewhere. That’s still a fucking ton of visitors by almost any measure, with a good 200,000 perverts and content creators swinging by last month to either post fresh fap fodder or just shake their dicks at it. I think you can probably guess which category I’m in, as my legendary masturbatory habits are kind of the whole reason for the website you’re looking at right now.


A few years ago, the name of this joint may not have told you all that much, but these days? I think most of you can guess what is all about. They join the ranks of sites like Fansly, FanCentro, LoyalFans, LoverFans, CliqFans and DarkFans, trying to get themselves a piece of that OnlyFans money. The whole site is set up to help independent amateur models sell adult content subscriptions directly to their fans. It’s easy enough to dismiss them as another copycat, but it’s a lot harder to ignore those traffic numbers I mentioned. It sure sounds like there’s something worth lubing up for inside, which is why I grabbed the lotion and one of my favorite silicone vaginas before taking a look.


Something XXX-tra Sweet for Sugar Fans

One of my longstanding complaints about OnlyFans is that the signup page doesn’t show you shit. I’m not sure if you’ve seen my other site, PornWebmasters, but I drop a lot of science and How-Tos about the world of online smut peddling. I’ve learned a lot about the business in my years of being a professional masturbator, and OnlyFans defies some of the basic unspoken rules of the business. They’ve gotten a little better lately, finally including some actual content in the form of Featured Posts out front, but it’s still a bunch of SFW bullshit. How can you sell porn without even hinting that you sell porn? It’s fucking weird, dude.



Now, the landing page for Sugar Fans does look a lot cleaner than your average paysite. There are no boners blasting sperm in pretty ladies’ faces, nor stretched-out pussies squirting twat sauce across the screen. That said, the girls in lingerie, the big-titted cosplay girls in their underwear, and the G-stringed butts sure hint at something you can beat off to. Hell, the hard-up cheapskates in the audience may well end up cranking it to the sample pics before they even get inside.


Another one of my longstanding complaints about OnlyFans is the lack of samples. Even if you know what the site is, you can’t see shit unless you’ve subscribed to some accounts. One of the things I liked about SugarFans immediately was the freebies. There’s a fair amount of free content available to help whet your whistle. Again, this is one of those unspoken rules of online smut peddling. How can you expect subscribers if nobody knows what their subscription fees get them? (On a related note, have you seen all the free promo videos I post over at PornDudeCasting?)


There’s a handful of featured Sugar Fans creators out on the front page, and you can peek at their profiles without even signing up for an account. As with OnlyFans, most of the content is blurred out, hidden until you pull the trigger on a monthly subscription. Scattered throughout, however, are naughty cosplay shots, dildo selfies, blowjob videos, intimate bathtub photos, and masturbation clips. (The easiest way to find the free stuff is by clicking the Media link, which gives you a thumbnail view of a creator’s collection.)


Who’s Up for Some Naked Girls?, unlike some of their competition, clearly wants your attention, and they’re working hard to get it. Even before I’d signed up for an account, the tour page made it pretty clear that they’ve got a wide range of models among their creators. There are some buff dudes included in the landing-page spread, though they ain’t who I’m here for. I’m more interested in the blondes, the brunettes, the 18+ teen nymphos and filthy MILFs, not to mention all those cosplay chicks with the funny hair, the animal ears and the ahegao faces.



Ultimately, though, it’s a very limited overview of the full site. If you haven’t registered for Sugar Fans, there doesn’t seem to be a way to peek beyond those featured profiles out front. With that in mind, I signed up for an account. Registration is stupid easy and fast; it took me maybe a minute total, including clicking the validation link they emailed to me.


And holy shit, my dudes. I thought the preview page was enticing even though I had to do a little bit of clicking to find the titties. Once you actually get inside, they immediately serve you up with a feed of Suggested Posts, most of which are distinctly NSFW. Within seconds of signing in, I was faced with nude MILFs, girls lip synching while pulling down their panties, sensual rubdowns, closeups of big twerking asses, POV cock rides and other fun. Goddamn, this is so much better than the fucking nonsense OnlyFans shows you when you first sign up.


There was a lot of solid wank material among these introductory SugarFans posts, but I was particularly excited about a thick Latina I found wearing just a pair of fishnets. I clicked the heart, adding another Like to her pile, and then made my way to the babe’s full profile. Like most SugarFans creators, the majority of her pics and vids are hidden behind the paywall, but there are enough X-rated selfies, naked pool videos, twerking and short skittle-diddling films to keep the bums happy.


The overall presentation of profiles on SugarFans is very similar to what you find on OnlyFans. This chick’s page is topped by an ass-infused header image and a nice fuck-me face as her main profile pic. There’s a little blurb about how she’s a chica hotwife into anal, squirting and lesbian fun, plus content totals so you know what you’re getting if you sign up. The model I’m looking at is asking five bucks a month for 245 videos and 369 photos, which ain’t bad at all, especially when there’s so much big ass involved. I may have to pull the trigger on this one.


Finding Your Ideal Slut on SugarFans

When it comes to OnlyFans, I’ve got a number of longstanding beefs with the platform. I’ve mentioned a couple already, but one of my biggest complaints has always been the lack of basic searchability. It’s shitty to both the content creators and fans to make creators do all their promotion elsewhere, and I’ve always felt like OnlyFans leaves the money on the table by doing it that way. Nobody’s going to blow their paycheck in your shop if the whole inventory is unlisted and kept behind the counter.



The search function on ain’t perfect, but it is at least a few steps above the OnlyFans bullshit. You can search for users and hashtags. I think username searches have limited value, since keywords usually ain’t listed in a model’s name, but the hashtags are a lot more useful.


Most of the keywords I typed into the search bar turned up very few users or none at all, but I found hashtags for most. BBW, Feet, BDSM, Lesbian, Anal and Cosplay all brought back hashtag links, each of which unfolded into another page of content. Each time, most of the pics and videos were blurred out, hidden behind the paywall, but there was enough to get me all hard and drippy. Vitally, it was also enough to help me find some more Sugar Fans users worth following or subscribing to. Try that with OnlyFans and you may just end up with blue balls. Motherfuckers.


A visit to may be worth it for the freebies alone, and it’s definitely worth a peek if you’re into the new style of homebrew pornography. The site is full of the type of Instagram models and cosplay sluts you want on a site like this, and the interface ain’t just useful, but fun to play with as well. The browsability and searchability are miles ahead of OnlyFans, meaning you can get your faps in here even if you don’t know the names of a bunch of models. I know what I’m doing with the rest of my day.

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