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Keko Media prides itself on being the Balkans’ First Adult Entertainment Network, and well, can you blame them? Pioneers are a driving force for change, and these guys have arguably made southeastern Europe sexier than it’d been before. I’m a sucker for Euro porno in general, and I never pass up the opportunity to whack off to a niche I’ve yet to experience. Just based on the fact that you’re reading this at ThePornDude, I’m guessing you’ve got some similar interests! is more than just a simple paysite; it’s actually a whole premium network of Balkan pornography sites. They don’t yet have the high profile of some of their American contemporaries, but they’re pulling a respectable amount of traffic, especially for a smaller outfit. They’ve been in business since 2017, and I could be wrong, but I think this may be their year to really shine. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?



KekoMedia and the Sexy Starlets of the Balkans

KekoMedia has something of a low-fi aesthetic that ain’t uncommon for a European paysite. It’s not as flashy as the big-budget American joints, with a simple color scheme, basic logo and straightforward presentation. I’m writing this a month before Christmas, and I do like how they’ve got snowflakes falling all over the tour page. It’s a nice touch that adds a little seasonal charm to the naked ladies.



Oh, and let’s talk about those naked ladies. One of my favorite things about these Euro sites is that you get to discover a lot of fresh talent that you don’t get to see on the bigger sites. They’re shooting with sexy amateurs and gorgeous Euro starlets. There’s a nice range of babes even from the front page, where I see svelte brunettes, thicker blonde MILFs, stern-looking domina broads and a sexy chick comparing biceps with some dude who I think she’s about to fuck.


Then again, there might be more than just regular ol’ fucking going on. Since Keko Media is a network of sites, they’ve got a bit more variety than you typically get with the single-brand joints out there. There are all kinds of kinky scenarios playing out here. What are you in the mood for?


Case in point, the spread of new releases out front depict scenes of tit wanks, cock riding, boat humping and a fair number of threesomes. There are mature women showing off the skills they’ve developed over their lifetimes and 18+ teens doing stepdaughter taboo roleplay. There’s kinky spanking, foot porn and other fetish fun, plus more typical amateur movies of hotel hookups and behind-the-scenes peeks.


It took me a minute to find the previews on, but they do have some free video trailers if you know where to look. Click and thumbnail and it’ll seem like the previews are locked down, but look for the little film icon below the video player. The freebies are a couple minutes long and offer a nice look at the production values and masturbatory potential inside. After watching a couple buxom bimbos suck a guy’s balls before getting their twats hammered, I knew I needed a closer look at the Keko Media member’s area.



Cheap Memberships and Beautiful Women

I was already impressed by the spread, but holy shit, has another really nice little surprise waiting on the signup page. Turns out, memberships are cheap as fuck. No shit, my dudes, these are some of the best prices I’ve seen from a premium site or network in months.



You can get the cheapest rates if you’re only looking to subscribe to one of the Keko Media sites. BSins and BEmpire are only $25 a month, and BErotic is even cheaper at just $15. The thing is, you may as well spend a few more bucks, because full network access to five sites is just $26.95, a few bucks less than you pay for a singular American site. The yearly plan is a fucking absurd deal at just sixty bones, and there’s also lifetime VIP for three hundo.


The current KekoMedia lineup includes Balkan Sins, iBALKANAC, Balkan Erotic, Balkan Empire and StripTiz Magazin. Having been in the professional masturbation business for nearly a decade now, I can also tell you that these networks tend to keep expanding outward with time. If five sites doesn’t sound like quite enough and you’re still on the fence, make sure to peek at the current menu because there might be more already.


While it wasn’t ready during my visit, it looks like KekoMedia has plans to unveil a Video On Demand option soon. The membership prices are so fucking cheap that it’s hard to imagine opting for VOD instead, but maybe they’ll offer material that ain’t included on the main ticket. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…


As of this writing, KekoMedia has around 90 movies across its various sites. That’s a little small as far as networks go, but still respectable, especially for the price. Runtimes do vary a lot; some scenes are under ten minutes while others run well over an hour. Given the wide range of material, the low pricetag, and the undersung Balkan niche, I think they’re offering a nice bang for your buck.



Raw, Real, Hardcore Amateur Vibes

My biggest complaint about is the sporadic updates. I really like to see at least one fresh release on any porn site you have to pay for, which is just one of the reasons I’m dropping a fresh fuck flick every Friday over at PornDudeCasting. As I whip up this review, Keko Media’s last update is approaching three weeks old. The scene before that came out seven months ago! That’s stale by any measure.



I figured I’d dive in with that newest feature, even if it ain’t as fresh as I would have liked. MiMA EROTiKA I Aki DiABLO is a 47-minute Balkan Erotic scene starring that pretty brunette I saw out on the tour page. She’s even sexier in the opening moments of the video, showing up in a tight little dress as she strolls into the room and starts sucking dick. They certainly don’t waste any time getting to the action!


The scene has a nice polished amateur vibe to it. The camerawork consists of very simple but steady handheld shots, and they’re shooting in a higher res than I’d expected from the thumbnails. The lighting is nothing special but definitely a couple steps up from your average iPhone blowjob video, making sure everything in frame is fully visibile and entirely fapworthy.


It’s a sexy scene, with the kind of raw enthusiasm I look for in a good DIY sex video. I’m a little disappointed there’s no Download button anywhere, and KekoMedia seems to be locked down pretty well; I wasn’t able to find an MP4 link even when I viewed the page source. If you’re a collector looking to build your offline stash, this may not be the right joint for you.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for some well-produced Euro fun that blurs the line between strong amateur and traditional hardcore fare, this one’s a great option. I love this chick’s big ass and eagerness to get nasty. She looked buff in the pic out front, but in the video she mainly just looks juicy. I don’t speak the language so I don’t know what she’s saying, but I do speak the universal language of pussy eating and dick riding. In this dialect, they’re both saying, “I really love fucking you!”


I’d recommend to fans of European porn that are looking for a diverse collection of well-made content with a low price tag. While the collection ain’t as sprawling as some of the American porn networks out there, they’ve got one of the better prices I’ve seen for a paysite lately, let alone for a whole network of them. The previews are weirdly hidden but they are available out in the tour area, so start there to get a feel for the site’s vibe. If you like sexy girls next door and raunchy sex, I think you’re going to be very happy.

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