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Who put the TAC in TACAmateurs? I’ve been perusing the site all morning, and maybe I’ve just been too distracted by all the boobies, but I just couldn’t figure out what the acronym stands for. It could be Totally Awesome Coochie, Tits And Cunt, or maybe Topless Amateur Cougars, but honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Fortunately, the name doesn’t even matter all that much; at the end of the day, you’ll be shaking your dick at all the lovely homebrew pornstars, not the words at the top of the screen. bills itself as The World’s Biggest Amateur Porn Network. I’m usually quick to call bullshit on these kinds of claims, which you’ll find on damn near every free tube or paysite under the sun. The thing is, these guys have been in business since the dawn of the 21st century, and they’re still pulling about three quarters of a million visits every month. Was there something to that big-dicked brag? That’s what I intended to find out as I lubed up and started clicking around.



Amateur Porn, the Pre-OnlyFans Way

Speaking as the most world-renown internet porn reviewer around, it was obvious to me immediately that TAC Amateurs is an older joint. Surviving websites of the era tend to wear their age like a crusty old ring, and while the presentation here ain’t hideous, it lacks a lot of the sparkle and flash you’ll find among newer paysites. The color scheme and logo feel outdated, and if you want the whole truth, I’d guess a lot of these women have been baring all online since the early days of the site.



These days, OnlyFans and its various knockoffs are the kings of amateur content. Those platforms have made it easier than ever to turn housewives into video whores, but TACAmateurs was doing it decades earlier. I have to wonder how much of the model demographic here is clinging to the older formats because that’s all they know, or simply what they prefer.


A wide range of housewives, girls next door and other legit amateurs are on the site, including tons of older and bigger women. The popular chicks at the top of the page include a few chicks that could be in their 20s or 30s, and a few women who are clearly a lot older. There are MILFs and granny porn galore, while the younger women are clearly in the minority here. is actually a network with a ton of sites included on the ticket, and they’ve got a breakdown of their sites by category listed out front. It includes a nice range of content, but I recommend peeking at the numbers to make sure they’ve got plenty of your preferred fap fodder. They’ve got about a hundred sites each filed under MILFs Cougars and Mature, plus another 40 in the Granny aisle. Meanwhile, there only 44 Horny 20s sites and 60 tagged with Dirty 30s. Chubby chasers will appreciate the 60+ BBW sites, and there’s even a handful of Trans ones if that’s what you’re into.


It looks like all the “Play” buttons in the tour area just lead to the TAC Amateurs signup page, a real pet peeve of mine, but they do offer plenty of still photos to get you in the mood to spend money. You can peruse the entire selection of websites, seeing exactly who’s listed under each category. If it seems like the network doesn’t have enough of what you’re into, click around a bit to see what’s really on offer within.



Hundreds of Sites for the Price of One

The network includes hundreds of sites for the same thirty bucks you’d pay for most singular adult paysites. Discounts on longer subscriptions are pretty lackluster compared to other sites, though, with a 6-month plan running for about $135. For my money, the better deals are the ones that include TACAmateurs2 on top of TACAmateurs. That gives you another 150 amateur sites for about fifteen bucks more.



Members also get access to a handful of bonus sites. They undersell the perk out front, because they only mention one site, ChickPass. Chickpass is technically another amateur site, but it’s the more polished type of amateur porn, similar to what I’m putting out at PornDudeCasting. In fact, they’ve worked with many of the same women I’ve given the talk and cock treatment to, like Madison Wilde, Samantha Reigns, Anissa Kate and Jessica Starling. On top of ChickPass, you also get a ticket for sites like Bouncy Chicks, Fuck the Geek and Stuff In Twats.


TAC Amateurs has been building their library for over 20 years now, and unlike some of the other long-living sites out there, they give you access to the full stash. As of this writing, that includes over 15,000 videos. If you like amateur porn and you’re looking for the biggest possible bang for your buck, this may be it.


The DIY pornstars of the TAC Amateurs network are constantly stocking the shelves, too. You’ll find a fresh handful of X-rated uploads every damn day. I’m whipping up this review on a Monday, and there are ten new fuck flicks just added today. That includes pole dancing, MILFs with dildos, dirty talking sluts, a couple masturbating lesbians and a cougar banging her 19-year-old neighbor. What a nice start to the week!



Digging into the TAC Amateur Network Stash

Once I got signed up and logged in to TACAmateurs, it was time to conduct my official fap test. With over 150,000 videos to choose from, I knew I’d be here all day if I tried to find the perfect bit of smut. To make things easier, I limited myself to the first page of Latest Updates, which still presented a hell of a challenge for a professional masturbator like myself.



It was a redheaded, curvy cougar who ultimately caught my eye and lured me away from the current crop of cum-eaters, horny grannies, fishnet face sitters and BDSM enthusiasts. The video I chose is only five minutes long, but I knew it’d be good based on the thumbnail and the title: He Finishes Inside Me.


The scene is from Sookie Blues, one of the hundreds of creators putting out material on the TAC Amateurs network. It begins with a blowjob, shot POV style by the cameraman himself. Sookie strokes him through his shorts before whipping it out and putting her mouth on it. He pans back a bit to get a shot of her whole sexy-ass body, adorned in lingerie, nylons and heels. As a leg man, I certainly appreciate the peek!


The BJ continues for most of the vid’s short runtime, after which Sookie starts coming out of her clothes. She looks even more voluptuous with the top off, at which point she gets to stroking, cupping the balls with one hand and jerking away with the other. Sookie’s a sexy babe, and I love the raw, real vibe, one of most important factors I look for in any good amateur porno.


I’m not sure if my man finished in Sookie’s mouth or if the vid just ends, because it’s over abruptly with the babe’s mouth still full. Whatever the case, I enjoyed the ride enough to save the scene for later. memberships include downloads, so you can fill up your hard drive with enough material to keep you spanking for a good, long while.


I think that the biggest downside for most visitors at is just that the models don’t necessarily fit the traditional description of pornstar. This is a distinctly older and often heavier crowd than the OnlyFans set, which could potentially be a dealbreaker or the very thing that gets you to sign up, depending on what you’re into. I will say that although the catalog leans toward older women, there are enough models plying their trade that most perverts will find chicks who do it for them. Make sure to check those full lists of websites linked on their front page!


Even with the older models, is an easy recommendation to amateur porn fans who love to have a massive, throbbing collection of dirty movies at their fingertips. The archive here already spans multiple decades and they’re steadily adding more content to the pile each and every day. Previews are a little lacking, but they do offer at least a glimpse of every model on the menu, so I recommend starting there.

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