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Vegas Casting Couch

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Vegas Casting Couch

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As soon as I heard of Vegas Casting Couch, I knew I had to take a peek. I’m something of a connoisseur of the casting porn format, which you’re probably aware of if you’ve ever seen my dick-slanging work over on the PornDudeCasting couch. Las Vegas has a well-earned reputation as the City of Sin, so I was eager to see what kind of special magic they’d bring to the popular subgenre. With any luck, I’d be hitting a jackpot—metaphorically speaking, of course!


It’s pretty obvious from the title what is selling: they’re a premium porn site where amateur women stop by for some talk and some cock. The domain’s been around for a few years now, but their traffic has more than doubled in the last month or so. When you see a crowd of horny dudes with their dicks out, it’s usually a good sign there’s something worth busting out the lube for inside. With that in mind, I grabbed some lotion and an old sock while I clicked my way through the doors.



Who’s Stopping by the Vegas Casting Couch?

The domain was only registered in 2020, but I would have guessed the site was older if I hadn’t checked the date. The presentation would have looked modern a decade ago, and I wonder if the joint’s run by an industry old-timer recycling one of their older designs. The layout and color scheme ain’t the prettiest thing I’ve seen on the internet lately, but there is a certain low-fi charm to it.



PornDudeCasting can technically be considered an amateur site, partly because of the format, and partly because I bone a lot of newbies to the business. I’ve only given a few babes their first on-screen humping, though, and I’ve also smashed some big names like Eliza Ibarra, Lexi Lore, Savannah Bond and Lexi Luna. VegasCastingCouch, on the other hand, is fucking with some legit amateurs.


I didn’t immediately recognize any of the lovely ladies on the front page, but I do like the mix of housewives, girls next door and stripper-looking sluts. There’s arguably a wider range of babes than you find on your average porn site. They’ve got black girls, white girls, Latinas and exotic mixed beauties. The chubby chasers are in luck here, because they’ve got a fair selection of full-on BBWs. If you ain’t satisfied by the “curvy” girls on most premium sites, these plumpers will probably make your dick swell up to similar proportions.


It looks like they have a wider range of content than most casting sites, too. Women are doing all kinds of freaky shit on the Vegas Casting Couch. There’s the usual fucking and sucking you expect, plus anal, group sex, and some pretty hardcore BDSM. One babe on the tour page has a gag in her mouth, her nipples clamped and some spreader bars keeping her helpless as she gets worked over. How rough do you want it today?



Free Spins on the Slut Machine looks like an older site, and you know what? They’ve got some of perks that were always standard on older sites but are becoming more of a rarity today. One such example is the freebies. They’ve got a bunch of free, one-minute video samples to get you in the mood to spring for a full membership. It’s so damn satisfying these days when a Play button on a paysite tour page actually plays a video.



I checked out the trailer for a recent VegasCastingCouch movie starring a hot ebony babe named Diviyne. After a quick site intro, the dark-skinned MILF appears on the screen, happy and naked as the interviewer asks if she likes her nipples touched. This is followed by a rapid-fire montage of masturbation, squirting, cocksucking, and pussy stuffing from various angles. Towards the end, we see Diviyne cuffed to the headboard, helpless as her pussy is stimulated by the awesome power of a Hitachi.


By the time it was over, I was all hard, drippy, and ready to see more. I made my way to the signup page to see how bad it was going to hurt my wallet. Turns out, memberships at are considerably cheaper than your average paysite. If you think my site costs too much, these guys are going to make you happy. Hopefully they don’t put me out of business.


The deal works like this: buy one month and get one month for free. Or three. Or six. It’s kind of an odd setup, but whatever, because it’ll save you money. The one-month price is the same thirty bucks you pay anywhere else, but then you get another month for free. The discounts on longer rates are dirt cheap, with a yearly plan that breaks down to a little over four bucks a month. No shit, that’s one of the best deals I’ve seen in a while.


Another one of the old-school perks is that downloads are included with the regular membership price. This used to be standard across the industry, then started drying up a few years back, but started coming back again more recently. I think OnlyFans fucked things up again, because nowadays a lot of the big paysites are following their lead and ditching the included downloads. I’ve got to hand it to VegasCastingCouch for giving fans what they want.


That’s not the only way they keep it old school. They’ve also got physical media for sale if you’d rather have a disc you can pop into a machine. Personally, it’s been a long time since I spent twenty bucks on a DVD, but I know there are some grandpas out there who appreciate the hard copy. I had to think for a minute if I even had something that would play a DVD, and then remembered my Playstation has a slot I’ve used once or twice. I can say the same thing about your mom, so tell her I said Hi.



Let’s Visit the Vegas Casting Couch

As of this writing, VegasCastingCouch has just over 70 sexy casting movies in the collection. Runtimes are pretty solid, typically clocking in at around 45 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of material to keep you busy. In keeping with the Vegas theme, you can pull your dick for hours at a time instead of the lever on the slot machines. You can call it your slut machine.



This is the part of the review where I usually tell you how often a paysite updates with fresh material. I couldn’t find any upload dates, though, so it’s unclear how often they’re dropping new flicks. They do have a row of Upcoming Movies listed out on the front page, though, so I know they’re coming.


I decided to start my fap test of VegasCastingCouch with a video I saw featured on the front page starring this big black chick named Stormy Dash. According to the blurb, she’s 22 years old and this is her very first video. I told you this site casts legit amateurs!


Stormy strolls out to the Vegas Casting Couch wearing a little schoolgirl skirt with plenty of flesh showing. The interviewer has a friendly voice that reminds me of a kid’s show host, but his questions lead to answers like, “I like to get fucked, so why not do it on camera for a living?” She takes her top off to show her big naturals about 90 seconds in, and then oils those puppies up while dude asks if she likes having her nipples touched. Like me, he seems to have some specific interests he likes to run by the ladies.


It’s a good interview, worth watching if you like the Q&A format, and then the sex starts about 12 minutes in. The action actually takes place on a bed, rather than the actual Vegas Casting Couch, but I ain’t complaining. I like how they do multiple angles and picture-in-picture, ensuring you never miss any of the good stuff.


Speaking as an enthusiast and a purveyor of casting porn myself, I’d say is a solid example of the genre. I think the big draw here is going to be the wide-ranging array of real amateurs who you’ve never seen before, not to mention the kinky variety of sex. There are enough free samples to get a taste for what’s on the menu, and if you like what you see, memberships are about half what you’d pay elsewhere. It’s a lot cheaper than visiting Vegas yourself, and nobody’s going to kick you out of the casino for whipping your dick out.

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