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Colombian Casting Couch

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Colombian Casting Couch

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I was watching Colombian Casting Couch all morning, stroking my dick and taking a few notes. My own PornDudeCasting is certainly a success story in the casting porn genre, but that’s partly because I’m such a big fan of the format. I love the fake hookups of reality porn as much as the next guy, but there’s just something so raw and real about getting to know a babe as you’re penetrating her various tight, wet orifices.


As you’ve probably guessed from the title, is a premium site where Latinas show and tell why they’re a perfect fit for the business. They’re a newer joint, launched in the early half of 2024, but their traffic has been rising by the thousands over the course of the last few months. I’ve always been a fan of South American women and smut that straddles the line between amateur and professional, so naturally I had to take a look for myself as soon as I heard about it.



Let’s Visit the Colombian Casting Couch

You’re familiar with casting couch movies, right? It’s hard to imagine a porn consumer of any age, anywhere in the world who hasn’t shaken their dick to at least a couple dirty movies that open with an interview. I always assumed the trope was something that’d come about in recent porn history, perhaps during the VHS era, but I was wrong. Turns out, the first casting porn movie was a stag film put out in 1924, aptly titled The Casting Couch.



There’s no chitchat on the front page of ColombianCastingCouch, but they quickly hit some of the other bullet points expected out of the subgenre. The amateurish yet sexy photos of models posing bedside in various states of undress are one, as are the video thumbnails of titty flashing, cocksucking, and full-on fucking. The movie titles themselves hint at the diverse perversion of these interviews, name-dropping acts like squirting, anal and (18+) teen creampies. These babes are doing all kinds of freaky shit!


I don’t recognize any of the babes immediately, but I couldn’t wait to get to know them better. The Colombian Casting Couch has seen a beautiful range of visitors, mainly consisting of gorgeous amateur models and South American pornstars. Don’t get me wrong, I love jacking off to and sometimes even boning the big-name American pornstars myself, but there’s just something special about seeing a pretty new face stuffed full of sausage. includes some lengthy free preview videos out on the tour page. Trailers and samples for porn movies have been phased out on so many of the major paysites that I’m always happy to see freebies running even just a minute or two. The teaser video for a recent flick called Tatiana Ana – Squirting Anal Creampie runs more than seven minutes, and it ain’t even the longest free vid included. I know a lot of you are just going to rub one out for free and move on, but those same samples will entice a lot of us along to the signup page.



Way Cheaper Than a Ticket to Colombia

Given the name and the continent of origin, I was really hoping ColombianCastingCouch would be as cheap as some of the Brazilian paysites I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude. Alas, it was not to be, as they’re charging the same thirty bucks as almost every American porn site in the business. The discount on the 6-month membership is decent, though, breaking down to about $17 a month.



Given how recently the domain was registered, I expected a relatively small collection. A good porn stash takes time to build, after all. To my surprise, there are already around 60 movies in the collection, plus a handful of nudie photo galleries. I’m writing this about 6 weeks after they launched, so that’s really fucking impressive.


There is a catch, though. ColombianCastingCouch dropped all of those releases in big batches during their first month online. It’s now halfway through their second month on the web, and they haven’t released anything new in weeks. As impressed as I am by the initial collection, I’m a little bummed out to see it becoming stale so fast. Hopefully they’ve just had a temporary setback and will start cranking out the releases again soon. The signup page promises “8 New Scenes per Month,” which is better than most sites if they come through.


This is a good point to mention the download situation, or rather the lack thereof. Colombian Casting Couch doesn’t have any download buttons anywhere. I wasn’t even able to find an MP4 link when I dug into the page source, which means there’s no way to easily save your favorites to watch online. This won’t be a problem for a lot of modern masturbators who prefer the convenience of streaming, but may be a dealbreaker for the old-timey collectors in the audience.



Getting to Know a Sexy Young Latina

Sixty movies ain’t the biggest stash of porn I’ve ever seen, but it was more than enough to give me a little bit of pause as I tried to decide where to begin my official fap test of ColombianCastingCouch. Between the MILFs and the squrting, the face fucking and legal teens, I just had so many options. I wanted to try them all, and I probably will on my own time, but first I had some work-related masturbating to do.



I’ve never made it a secret that I absolutely love big Latina butts. There are thick booties all over, but I was particularly drawn to this beautiful young babe named Cacee Val. She’s got a couple nice photo galleries and a movie on the site, and she seemed like the perfect starting point for today’s masturbatory adventure. After poking through the pics of Cacee wearing sexy red lingerie, I just had to watch the video.


Like any good casting porno, this 36-minute flick opens with an interview. Most Colombians speak Spanish, so I thought I was in store either for subtitles or dialog I didn’t understand. Turns out, a lot of them speak English, too. The big-titted babe doing the ColombianCastingCouch intro almost sounds American in her delivery, and the star of the show speaks at least enough to tell us her name, age, where she’s from, and that this is her first time doing a dirty movie.


And that’s actually it for the talky part. Some casting sites do long interviews, and some get right to it. I spend a lot of time getting to know the girls on the PornDudeCasting couch, but at the Colombian Casting Couch, Cacee pretty much just introduced herself and started taking her clothes off. I ain’t too disappointed, because her beautiful body has a lot to say as she strips and moves around to the music.


This chick would absolutely butcher my wallet if she was dancing for me at a strip club, but she goes even further with the interviewer here. After some fully nude masturbation, Cacee gets a helping hand from her male costar. I love how she aims that thick booty at the camera, claps it and touches herself, and you can tell the dude is just as excited as I am. He goes down on her, making her squeak and squeal, and then she returns the favor with her own pretty mouth.


It’s a fucking great porno. The camerawork is simple as fuck, consisting of stationary shots and handheld POV views, with excellent lighting and killer angles so you get to see all the good stuff. As far as the actual sex goes, it’s got that type of raw sexual energy I look for in the better amateur content out there. If downloads were included with the membership, I’d probably save this one for the permanent offline spank bank.


I’m not sure what’s going on with the release schedule at, but I’d say the current collection is worth the price of entry if you’re into polished amateur movies and beautiful Latinas. The whole thing’s a little bit low-fi compared to the big-name American sites, but what they lack in expensive sets, flashy web design and famous faces, they more than make up for in the high quality of their pornography. This joint has some of the best free previews I’ve seen on a paysite lately, so I recommend starting there and seeing how they make you feel.

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