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In September 2016, the world was introduced to the latest social media platform on the scene; TikTok. It didn’t take long for this Chinese-made platform to take the world by storm, and it was soon downloaded by millions worldwide. There’s all manner of stuff you can find on the platform, from cringe-worthy bullshit to semi-erotic content, and the latter leaves many people horny and hungry for more!


In fact, we have a lot to thank TikTok for due to the sheer amount of performers on the platform who, in response to popular demand, have expanded their portfolio of content by moonlighting on NSFW-friendly platforms like OnlyFans to give their fans a more hardcore experience that they simply can’t perform on SFW platforms like TikTok.


Yeah, now we get to the next issue! TikTok might be fun to use, but their ban on NSFW content is a pain in the ass, especially when you find yourself liking the platform, layout, and how it all works. But don’t worry, because where there are horny people, there’s innovation, and the world of porn hasn’t let us down when it comes to finding a workaround for TikTok’s ban on porn content.


Take websites like as a prime example. This website specializes in amateur porn in a format similar to TikTok, meaning you get the best of both worlds and don’t have to accept the original social media powerhouse’s draconian rules on NSFW content. At least, that’s what it claims!


As you all know, I’ve been in the wild world of smut for enough years to maintain a healthy skepticism. Sure, I’d love to take every site at its word and accept that it’s one of the ‘’best smut sites out there,’’ but it’s simply impossible. Instead, I make my way through the wild world of porn to carry out intensely deep reviews of each one to keep you in the loop about which sites are worthy of spending your masturbation time on and those which should be sidestepped entirely.


Today, my sticky spotlight falls upon and slides balls-deep into its TikTok-style porn portfolio to see what it offers. So, will it make me happier than discovering my favorite TikTok star has decided to start fisting her pussy on OnlyFans? Or will it leave me feeling worse than a Chinese citizen who has just seen their social credit score drop because they’ve been caught watching Pinkydoll pretend to be an NPC for seven hours straight?


Let’s find out!



What is is an NSFW website that appears to be based in China and provides a range of amateur porn displayed in a format that looks similar to TikTok, thus playing on the idea of a porn version of the social media platform while still remaining unique and not stepping on the latter’s toes.



Unlike the original TikTok, which lets you consume as many videos as possible by flicking through the algorithm in a vertical format, is more like a porn tube site with a TikTok-style design. You can click on the videos to view them, but you can’t take advantage of the scrolling system you’re no doubt used to if you use TikTok.


The site is brand-spanking new, and a quick check on the Wayback Machine reveals that it was set up in mid-2024. But let’s not be put off by its newcomer status because I’ve been blown away by newcomer sites in the past and simultaneously been disappointed by well-established sites. Now, let’s delve into the kind of content has to offer.



What’s the TikTok Porn Like on

By now, you’re no doubt keen to see what kind of amateur porn a site like has to offer us. To give you a good idea, I went through this site’s entire portfolio to find some of the highlights of its TikTok-style porn!



● The ice cream machine is not broken! – This 18-year-old has a beautiful pussy, but she isn’t afraid to mash it up by slamming a massive dildo in and out of herself at high speed. Even though she’s at risk of RSI, she isn’t stopping, and her pussy ends up creaming all over the dildo like an ice cream machine and leaves it looking white as her face folds into the abyss of sexual pleasure.

● A thirty-minute creampie gangbang – Well, this was an excellent find! This thirty-minute video centers around a creampie gangbang filmed in the U.S. with a blonde nympho being fucked into another dimension by multiple black cocks. As if that sexual pleasure wasn’t enough, she even slides fingers in her ass and grinds her clit on a magic wand vibrator as multiple dicks slam into her cum-filled pussy!

● How do I get an invite to that sleepover? – This naughty TikTok-style porn shows two immensely busty 19-year-olds enjoying a chilled sleepover that involves a lot of girl-on-girl action. Watching the gigantic natural tits of these two horny sluts press into each other as they slide their fingers deep into each other’s wet pussies is immense!



Design of the Site

Regarding the design of, the site is rocking a template that stands out from most porn tube sites on the market these days and, to paraphrase the pizza shop guy from episode 35 of the Sopranos, ‘’That’s a custom job!’’



The design of is laid out on a blended background of pink, purple, and grey. The site welcomes you in with a stylish-looking logo spelling out the site’s name with a heart logo featuring a musical note embedded in it. After this is a search bar that lets you seek out specific content, and there’s also a series of buttons that allow you to log in to a profile on the site and adjust the language from English to Chinese.


The homepage of the site is divided into two sections. The first is a short sidebar that introduces you to ‘’hot users’’ and ‘’hot tags’’ as well as a condensed menu that takes you to the terms of use and also provides a contact email address in case you need to reach out to the site’s admins.


The second half of the sidebar is a horizontal portfolio of the site’s content displayed via easy-to-see thumbnails that are accompanied by metadata covering the duration of the clip, the title, and any relevant tags attached to it. After that, the site is empty and doesn’t have anything in the way of a footer.



What I Like Most About it

Firstly, I love the concept and idea behind Avrebo. TikTok can be a lot of fun to explore, and the way it’s laid out is a really convenient system, but it often leaves your dick twitching and hungry for more. This is where sites like Avrebo provide a wide array of amateur porn in a format we can all relate to.



And on the topic of the smut the site has to offer, the admins of Avrebo have some damn fine taste in amateur porn from around the world, and they’ve managed to build up a dick-hardening array of smut to enjoy in a unique format.


I’ve reviewed many Chinese porn sites over the years and noticed that many don’t take steps to add any form of a translation plugin to their site., on the other hand, has an easy-to-access translation button in the site’s top bar.



What I Don’t Like

My first issue with Avrebo is the formatting of the site. Due to this being a Chinese language site, which can thankfully be translated into English, the format takes a hit when you switch the language, and a lot of the text bleeds into one another, leaving the site looking messy and disorganized. Plus, navigating the portfolio of videos displayed on the homepage takes a lot of work, forcing you to refresh it to jolt the algorithm and get new videos. It’s very clunky overall.



Also, while the site tries to present porn in a convenient format we associate with TikTok, the platform fails at the final hurdle as it’s not currently possible to scroll through videos in the classic TikTok format. Instead, you must click on each one and play it like a standard porn tube site.



Suggestions I Have for

The site’s formatting needs serious work, as it looks messy and disorganized the second you switch the site’s language. Also, add more content to the homepage, as it currently looks empty and sparse, especially with the lack of a footer.



Work on upgrading the formatting of the porn on display and make it easier to browse through. Currently, it’s hard to browse through the content, and it lacks the scrollable feature that makes TikTok so iconic.




Overall, has a solid mission to present a wide array of amateur porn in a format similar to the one we’re all used to from TikTok. However, it’s a brand-new website still undergoing some teething problems.



For the site to stand out as a unique porn site worth returning to, it needs to work on its overall formatting and make it look busier, as it currently looks like a messy and brand-new website.

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