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Baberotica VR

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Baberotica VR

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With a name like Baberotica VR, you can make some pretty safe bets about what you’ll find inside. Baberotica is solid branding on its own, an obvious portmanteau combining two words that each tickle the horny part of your brain, conjuring mental images of naked, beautiful women at their sexiest. Add a VR at the end and you know it’s going to be some next-level, futuristic shit. You won’t just be gawking at those erotic babes on a flat screen, but in a virtual environment that feels almost as real as life itself.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, is hawking premium virtual reality pornos of beautiful women pleasuring themselves and their friends. I’ve already reviewed the 2D version of the site and given it high marks here at ThePornDude, with a well-earned slot among the top ten on my list of Premium Female Masturbation Porn Sites. The VR version ain’t quite as popular, likely owing to the expensive headset-owning prerequisite, but still pulls over 20,000 visits a month. That’s even more than the line around the block to visit your mom, so naturally I wanted to test it out for myself.



Going Virtual with Baberotica VR

If it didn’t say VR right in the title of BaberoticaVR, I might not immediately know they were peddling virtual reality porno. The tour page ain’t ugly, but it doesn’t quite have that futuristic vibe you find with some of the bigger VR brands out there. Visually, the layout seems identical to the 2D version of the site, and there’s nothing about the thumbnails that give them away as 3D fuck flicks.



They are nice thumbnails, though. The format here is slightly less hardcore than you often expect from a paysite, which is kind of what I expect when I hear the word “erotica”. These movies focus on the female form, self-pleasure, and lesbians getting each other off. If you’re looking for a VR blowjob or a cum-drenched threesome, try another joint off my big list of VR Porn Sites.


BaberoticaVR has an edge over a lot of the competition in terms of content volume because they were among the first wave of VR sites to hit the web back in 2020, when gizmos like the Meta Quest (then known as Oculus) started coming into the public consciousness. Over the last few years, they’ve shot with a beautiful range of famous pornstars, rising starlets and eager amateurs. Alexis Fawx, Karma RX, and Vina Sky are a few of the known quantities I spotted, along with Lexi Luna, who I got to know quite well on the PornDudeCasting couch.


They’ve got a lot of newcomers billed with just one name, like the lovely raven-haired Martina, who appeared in a video posted just yesterday. Free samples ain’t a given on paysites anymore, but VR sites are a lot more likely to hook you up. Sure enough, these guys offer downloadable free samples, so I grabbed up the one-minute trailer for Martina’s new movie. It’s a quick montage of solo teasing and skittle diddling, Martina showing off her flexibility as she shows off her body and works herself over with her fingers and a purple toy. By the time it was over, I was ready to stimulate my own genitals, too.



VR Porn, Traditional Porn, and Still More Porn

Memberships for cost the same thirty bucks you’d pay for premium porn almost anywhere else. The non-recurring membership is a little more expensive, so my advice is just to buy the regular plan and set a reminder on your phone for the end of the month. Membership includes downloads, which ain’t always standard anymore except for VR sites like this one.



Some of the big VR sites still charge less than other paysites, because the technology still hasn’t quite taken off. While Baberotica VR doesn’t offer a discount rate, they do sweeten the fuck out of the deal in another way. Membership includes access to 9 other sites as of this writing. Given how these networks tend to grow, I expect that number to get bigger with time.


Most networks really only have one particular vibe they’re selling. Sign up with TeamSkeet or RealityKings and you’ll get a fat handful of different brands, but they’re all basically just variations on the TeamSkeet or RealityKings formula. There’s nothing wrong that, because those are some obviously winning formulas, but the lineup included with Baberotica VR is a bit different. They offer a wider range of content, including Asian flicks from Japan, China and Thailand, classic white-girl porno, and a couple more VR sites.


I like to see at least one update per week on any site I’m paying for. usually drops a couple fresh films every week, so you’re looking at a nice handful of new movies weekly across the network. That said, the releases from any particular brand on the menu can sometimes be a little sporadic. BaberoticaVR went a couple weeks without a new update last month, but you still end up getting plenty of bang for your buck from the other joints. However you slice it up, it’s a better value than your average paysite, at least as far as volume is concerned.



Strap On Your Goggles and Get Fapping!

By the numbers, is worth the price of entry even without the other sites on the network. As of this writing, they’ve got around 600 virtual reality pornos, making it one of the better stocked libraries of its kind. They may not be the most well-known VR brand, but remember, they did get started before most of their competition.



That large collection size does present a minor problem for a professional masturbator like myself: where do I even begin? As much as I love to watch a beautiful woman performing all by her lonesome, I was in the mood for some lesbian action this morning. I decided to start with BaberoticaVR’s most recent girl-on-girl picture, a little something titled Naughty Lesbian Show From Alexa Mood and Mencia Francis.


Since these are VR movies, you’ll want to download your movies ahead of time if you want to get the full effect. Those pixels are going to be right up against your eyeballs, so it really is worth the wait to get the highest quality your high-tech sex helmet is capable of. You’ll want to plan ahead to account for those download times: the full 5K version is 8 gigs!


The 23-minute 3D movie opens with the two Russian babes undressing each other on the couch. The VR perspective seats the viewer right in front of the lovely ladies, right about boob level as they kneel on the cushions and grope each other. There are some light moans and heavy breathing as the action heats up, which sounds incredible with a good set of headphones. If you’re into ASMR, I highly recommend using something besides the built-in speakers on your VR gizmo.


Both women are fully naked by the five-minute mark. Alexa lays back on the couch, her moans getting louder as Mencia thoroughly cleans that well-manicured vagina with her tongue. Then they switch places, Mencia’s legs spread wide across the couch as her friend goes to town. There’s no dialog or dirty talk unless you count the sex noises. Their pussies are audibly wet, adding to the effect.


I’m an ass man, so I love the parts where those peaches are aimed at the camera. Using fingers and tongues, the babes continue to pleasure each other from behind, taking turns so everyone wins: Alexa, Menica, and whoever happens to be watching. It’s a relatively simple scene, but the immersive nature of virtual reality turns it all into a top-shelf masturbatory experience. It really does feel like beating off to a live lesbian show playing out inches from where you’re sitting. has been building their stash since the earliest days of VR porn, making it one of the best values if you’re looking for a fat collection of high-tech 3D dirty movies. Throw in the other 9 sites on the network and you’ve got yourself a truly world-class library of smut for the same price you’d pay for your average one-off paysite. You can download some free samples for your headset right now, and I can’t think of a better way to gauge the quality than with a little hands-on testing.

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