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Are you a VR Spy, or have you ever dreamed of becoming one? Virtual reality has been growing more popular every year, and we all know naked girls are one of the biggest reasons for that. I’ve always loved gawking at sluts and shaking my dick at a flat laptop screen or my phone, but those futuristic sex helmets put the boobies right up in your face. Who wouldn’t want to spy on some babes in such an intimate way? is a premium porn site hawking virtual reality fuck flicks that drop you right into the scene. They’re a newer joint, launched just a few months ago, but they’ve already got a nice little stash of fully fapworthy, deeply immersive dirty movies. I just cleaned all the semen stains off my Meta Quest 2 controllers, and I’m going to try really hard not to let them get so sticky again. The better this website is, though, the harder that’s going to be for me.



Who Wants to Be a VR Spy?

If you didn’t notice the name and the logo, shaped like a neon sign of a VR headset, you might not immediately assume VRSpy was anything other than a typical 2D porn site. From the outside, it looks a lot like any of the big paysites, with an auto-playing montage at the top and video thumbnails below. As a professional smut reviewer, though, the format of those preview pics caught my eye right away. They ain’t the usual screencaps you find elsewhere, but more like title cards or movie posters.



VR sites usually roll with this thumbnail format because the 3D films don’t always make for the best 2D preview pics. The images here may be a bit less explicit than the cum-drenched pics you’ll find on other tour pages, but to my eyes, they’re no less enticing. For one thing, they show off the nice range of VR porn VRSpy is selling. Despite the title, this ain’t a voyeur site. Various sexual themes are explored and assorted porn tropes are rolled out.


There’s also the matter of casting. They ain’t working with the biggest pornstars in the business, but regular internet masturbators will probably recognize a lot of these babes. They’re shooting with some truly gorgeous, truly talented models. I’ve actually banged some of these girls on the PornDudeCasting couch, like Sera Ryder, Hazel Moore, Apryl Rein, and Melody Marks. Looks like I’m in good company!


Virtual reality works best when you’re able to download the movies, as you’ve no doubt learned if you’ve tried streaming a couple pornos through your expensive goggles. offers downloadable free samples, so you don’t have to settle for some pixelated bullshit shining directly in your eyeballs. Considering how many traditional paysites have ditched freebies entirely, this feels like a major perk.



Cheap Tickets and Futuristic Thrills

I know a lot of the cheapskates out there are going to grab all the free samples and call it a day, just like you do at Costco. If you haven’t blown your whole allowance on your new headset, though, those same samples might lure you further inside. The good news is that VRSpy is cheaper than your typical 2D paysite.



I really believe porno is one of the biggest driving forces of the VR headset market, despite the more public acknowledgment of all the games available. VR porn sites are still cheaper than their traditional counterparts, and will only run you about $25 a month. As I type this up, they’re offering a promo deal that drops the first month down to $15, which is about half what you’d pay for most of the big-name premium sites.


There is one small catch. Since it’s such a new site, the collection is still pretty small. As of this writing, there are just ten VR Spy movies in the library. Run times are solid as fucking hell, though, typically clocking in at around an hour, with a few examples going above and beyond.


I like to see at least one new update per week on any porn site you have to pay for. VRSpy has dropped a fresh flick for two Fridays in a row, which is a good sign. Prior to that, though, the films came out in just two batch uploads over the last few months. If you’re considering a longer membership to save a few bucks, I recommend taking a look at the recent upload dates to see if they’ve started putting out movies on a more regular schedule. Otherwise, it’s hard to justify signing up for more than a month at a time.


It should go without saying that downloads are included with the membership. “Normal” porn sites don’t always include this as a standard perk anymore, but the logistics of VR demand it. I think this may change in the future as home internet connections get faster. It’s ironically a benefit of Comcast’s shitty connection speeds, which are often slower than what you’ve agreed to pay for.



Making Viewers into Pornstars

The long runtimes and high bitrates mean you need to build some extra time into your wank sessions. Streaming is available, but it just doesn’t look nearly as good projected directly onto your eyeballs. The files are pretty fucking big, too, so make sure you’ve got some space available. The full 8K version of their threesome movie, Classical TRIO: The Secret of Ballet, is nearly 40 gigs!



I’m a professional masturbator, so obviously I planned ahead for this review. My only remaining dilemma was just deciding which movie to begin my official fap test with. Do I tune in for a group sex session, a pornstar GFE, some kinky ASMR or a strip poker experience that doesn’t end when everybody’s naked?


Ultimately, I couldn’t resist the allure of Macy Meadows looking both adorably cute and irresistibly sexy in the thumbnail for Girlfriends Retreat. It’s a 55-minute VR porno that puts you in the role of Macy’s lucky-ass boyfriend. The tags include Ball Licking, Blowjob, and Reverse Cowgirl, so I knew going in that I’d be having a good time.


I love how even the opening credits feel majestic beaming through a VR headset, and I was hard within seconds once Macy appeared on the screen. She’s standing in front of the seated viewer as it opens, her sweet voice talking about how grateful she is to be here with you. Wear some good headphones so you can get the full ASMR effect. Kissing is boring in 2D, but it made my skin tingle when Macy leaned in for a smooch and then started sucking “my” fingers.



Try Not to Cover Your Headset in Cum

As a hardened masturbator, I often skip the intros and slow buildups in porno movies. With VR Spy, I wanted to savor every realistic moment. Macy’s tits were right in my face as she talked dirty and breathed in my ear. This builds nicely to a blowjob that starts a few minutes later. “It’s so hard for me,” she says before putting her mouth around it.



When I first started reviewing VR sites a few years ago, I ran into a lot of issues with bad focus and shitty camera angles. The format has evolved over time, though, and this VR Spy flick didn’t have any of those issues. To the contrary, it really looked like Macy was riding on my cock, and it felt real when she leaned in to whisper nasty shit in my ear. If I wasn’t accustomed to boning pornstars in real life, I probably would have blown my load early on.


My favorite segment was probably the dick-riding sequence about halfway through. If you’re a stoner, you owe it yourself to blaze one before this, which really ramps up the immersion. Even if you’re stone sober, though, it’s sexy as hell. No shit, I’m writing this review on a Friday afternoon, and this is probably my favorite scene of the week. I can’t wait to watch more. is still a new site with a relatively small collection. What they lack in volume, though, they make up for with the high quality and long duration of their pornos. It’s virtual reality, so it’s even more realistic than your average dirty movie, at a lower price than you’d pay for the regular stuff. If you’ve got a headset, download a few of the free samples and see how hard your boner twitches. There’s a lot more of that available in the member’s area.

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