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When BeVR slid into my DMs this morning, I had no idea what to expect. The name reminded me of beverages and beavers, and to be honest, I still ain’t entirely sure what the letters stand for. The VR is the easy part of the equation, as the Virtual Reality porn niche has been slowly but steadily gaining steam over the last few years. As for the Be, well, that could be short for any number of things, from Bellies to Beautiful to Beds to Benefits, all of which you’ll find inside.


Since the name is vague as hell, I’ll do my best to sum it up in plain ol’ English: is a premium porn site hawking VR flicks starring Big, Beautiful Women. They’re a newer joint, launched in the latter half of 2022, and the first BBW VR site that I’ve heard of. I’ve never made it a secret that I’m something of a chubby chaser myself, so I couldn’t wait to don my headgear and immerse myself in a 3D world of babes much thicker than merely thicc.



Big, Beautiful Women at BeVR

For a site in such a futuristic genre, BeVR has a relatively unassuming tour page. I actually didn’t realize it was a VR site right away. The page ain’t ugly, but it ain’t as flashy as a lot of modern paysites that throw an auto-playing montage in your face first thing. Instead, the header features a rotating selection of shots from their newest flicks. The very first thing I saw was a big sexy MILF in Spiderwoman cosplay.



Scrolling down, I saw a nice spread of big-ass women. If you’re a fan of the genre, there’s a good chance you’ll start recognizing fat babes right away. They’re shooting with a nice selection of sexy BBW pornstars, like Bunny de la Cruz, Amanda Thickk, Lila Lovely, Lyla Everwettt and Sarah Arabic. The full picture menu of chubby video whores currently stretches a good six pages.


Like any good VR porn site, they’ve got free video previews to try before you buy. In fact, you can get a short taste of every scene in their current catalog. The one downside is that they don’t let you download the freebies. That wouldn’t be a big deal on your average 2D paysite, but if you’re into VR, you already know why that’s a bummer here. You can stream the previews in your futuristic sex helmet, but unless you’re beating off at the office on a commercial grade connection, you just ain’t going to get the full high-def experience.


Still, the sneak peeks were enough to make my boner rage even harder. I checked out the 70-second sample of that Spiderwoman scene. It’s a solo experience featuring the lovely, mature Gin Lustig, who declares she needs to be fucked badly before busting those huge tatas out of her spider suit and riding a dildo. Through the magic of VR, Gin’s working her body inches from my face, and I really want more.


Just in case you were wondering, ain’t just a bunch of masturbation shows. While there are a fair number of solo scenes, there’s a nice variety of BBW perversion going on around here. There are interracial BBC scenes, big booby hookups, lesbian PAWGs and even some group sex scenes where multiple big girls team up to offer a whole lot of loving.



Help Feed These Hungry Gals

Once you’ve watched a couple samples and gotten yourself all hot and bothered, offers a couple different ways to spend your money and get your fix. You can buy individual videos or go all-in with a monthly subscription. VOD (Video on Demand) prices range from about $11 to $23, with most carrying a $17.99 price tag.



For most BBW VR enthusiasts, I think the membership is going to be a better value. They charge thirty bones a month like most traditional paysites, or a couple hundo for the yearly plan. There is one catch, though, as the signup page only says “Most Videos Downloadable”. In other words, downloads are included, but not for every video in the library. It’s kind of an odd setup that I usually see on amateur content platforms like OnlyFans and its copycats. doesn’t seem to have a hard release schedule. I love when paysites release a new movie on the same day every week, giving members a regular reason to stop by for a fap. The good news here is that BeVR outdoes most paysites as far as releases go, typically dropping multiple new scenes every week. As I type this up, they’ve put up 4 new flicks in the last 7 days.


As of this writing, BeVR has released almost 120 movies so far. The scenes are a bit short by traditional porno standards, usually clocking in between 15 and 30 minutes with some outliers on either end. Even with the shorter runtimes, though, there’s enough material here to keep you fapping for a good, long while. Make sure to wash the spunk off your controllers when you’re finished.



Getting Down with BBWs in VR

When I found out that some movies weren’t downloadable even with the membership, I really assumed they wanted extra money for the more hardcore scenes. To my surprise, all of the group scenes are downloadable, even The Slumber Party, a 4-girl extravaganza that’s got to weigh in at like a ton.



In fact, the only video that ain’t downloadable with the membership right now is an 18-minute scene starring Briella Bardot, aka Buttercream19 in “one of her rare studio appearances.” You can only stream or rent this one, so I assume Briella has some particular licensing deal with BeVR. At $10.99 just for the rental, I still think you’re better off with the full membership.


I definitely prefer to download my VR movies, even if it takes a little extra time to prepare for my fap sessions. With that in mind, I’d started a few downloads earlier. The only problem was which one to begin my BeVR fap test with. Should I start with chubby lesbians, a big fat threesome, or go super heavy with a bit of virtual reality SSBBW action?


Ultimately, I couldn’t resist the allure of virtually boning a couple big mamas at the same time. I started with a little number called Sharing Is Caring, a 23-minute flick starring the lovely Eryn Rae and Meghan Fuxxx. There’s a dude in the thumbnail, who I assumed was going to be my VR stand-in, but I was wrong. Turns out, this one’s a voyeur scene with the viewer lingering bedside to watch the threesome play out.


It opens with all three participants climbing into bed together. The VR camera is positioned so that it really feels like I’m sitting right at the edge of the bed as they start making out. Both chicks have big tits, big asses and plenty of tattoos. There’s a lot of succulent flesh, much of it looking close enough to lick.


Things heat up quickly, with all the clothes coming off within the first few minutes. The big babes take turns sucking his dick and caressing his nuts before one climbs on for a ride, sliding onto his pole while getting her tits sucked by the other chick. There’s not a lot of chatter, but the heavy breathing and moans sounded hot as hell in my headphones. I got some ASMR tingles to go with my boner.


The guy’s got his legs towards the camera throughout the first third of the flick, which gives the viewer a fantastic view of those big asses as they take turns bouncing on his cock. If I wasn’t a professional masturbator and a dick-slanging porn stud myself, I probably would have popped very early into my BeVR fap session. Instead, I’m finishing up this review, and then I’m going to get back into it with my full attention. ain’t for everyone, but it’s an easy recommendation for any BBW fan who owns a VR headset. Their status as the only VR fat chick site would sell tickets regardless of quality, but I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw. The women are big and beautiful, the catalog is as wide as those asses, and they’re building the stash at a steady clip. This one’s got plenty of free previews to get you in the mood, so start there and see how hard your dick gets.

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