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What’s so grooby about Grooby VR? Well, if you already know the brand name, you probably already know the answer to that question. It’s easy enough to mistake it for a creative misspelling of groovy, and was used as a synonym for titties as far back as A Clockwork Orange. I used to wonder how Grooby Productions settled on the name until I finally looked at the Wiki article. Turns out, it ain’t that complicated; the company was started back in ’96 by a dude named Steven Grooby.


These days, tranny smut fans recognize the name Grooby right away. GroobyGirls has long held a top-ten slot on my big list of Premium Shemale Porn Sites, so I had high hopes for the futuristic 3D version even before I started digging in for my review., as you’ve probably guessed by now, offers premium VR movies starring big-dicked TGirl pornstars. The joint gets a good 50,000 visitors a month, but why? Is it simple brand recognition, a cornered niche, or just world-class virtual reality filth? That’s what I aimed to find out today.


Getting Grooby with Grooby VR

Guys, I’ve got to admit, I’m a little bit late to the party here. While VR has been gaining a lot more traction since the launch of the original Oculus Quest and its successor, the Meta Quest 2, Grooby VR was actually way ahead of the curve. They uploaded their first next-generation immersive fuck flick back in the beginning of 2017, getting in on the ground floor before most of the other big brands had VR imprints. Even in 2024, they’re still one of the only trans-focused VR paysites out there, sharing the market with VirtualRealTrans. At this pace, it’s still going to be a while before I have a dedicated list of Premium VR Shemale Sites, but we can always keep our fingers crossed.



Visually, the 2017 vintage sounds about right. It’s kind of ironic that is such a cutting-edge adult website, because I can immediately think of a dozen 2D paysites with flashier, more modern-looking tour pages. I think it’s partly because they’re trying to match the presentation of GroobyGirls, though their more traditional site is topped with the sliding, high-res images I expect from a paysite in the 21st century. Omitting this visual standard from the VR site makes it feel weirdly naked, like it’s missing something. It’s not often that I use “naked” negatively in this business.


On most paysites, the thumbnail preview images are screengrabs from the movies they’re hawking. That’s a little impractical with a VR site given the video format, so GroobyVR’s thumbnails look more like the promo graphics I expected to see at the top of the screen. They’re like little posters for X-rated movies, featuring a title, a pornstar name, and a few images of that big-dicked girl working her sexual magic.


The preview pics are a little atypical for a paysite, but they sure are enticing. Even before I’d left the front page, I’d noticed a couple things about the site. For one thing, they’re shooting with some gorgeous trannies, including a lot of the women they shoot with at GroobyGirls. Recent flicks have featured such shemale luminaries as Leticia Muller, Paige Turner, Bella Bunny and Jasmine Lotus. Their full Models index is a picture menu of pretty girls with dingdongs bigger than your own.


Free Previews and VR Shemale Video on Demand

One of the things I tend to appreciate about virtual reality porn sites is their approach to downloads. Every paysite in the world used to let you save your favorite flicks to your hard drive, though many started moving toward a streaming-only format in recent years. The trend was reversing, but I’m pretty sure OnlyFans fucked it up for everyone when they got popular. Downloads are disappearing again on a lot of sites, but they’re still standard on VR sites simply because home internet connections aren’t fast enough for the demands of ultra-high-resolution VR.



I really expected a bunch of downloadable previews on Grooby VR, so I was mildly disappointed to find a limited selection of free previews. Some of the “Play” buttons just shuffle you to the signup page, though there are a fair number of 30-second trailers in there, too. They restrict downloads for most of them, but they do have a two-minute, downloadable sample so folks can make sure the flicks work with their devices. It’s compatible with every major VR unit and even the old smartphone gadgets, but it’s only two minutes long. If you were hoping to get off for free today, well, you may have to watch it a couple times.


The current freebie is a sample of the lovely Daisy Taylor in Roommate Wanted. It opens with the exotic, pixy-haired babe offering a deal to pay rent by getting down on her knees. The POV blowjob is gloriously enhanced by the VR headgear, dropping me right into the scene with Daisy at my feet. Halfway through, she whips out her own cock and starts stroking while my stand-in does the same. The last 40 seconds consists of butt fucking in different positions, getting me so hard and then cutting me off right when I really needed more.


It’s worth mentioning that Grooby VR offers you a couple different ways to get their product. You can go the traditional route with a full-on membership, or just buy the scenes you want. Individual videos go for fifteen bones a pop, regardless of length. For my money and my masturbatory habits, the monthly rate is just a much better value than VOD, though your mileage may vary if you touch yourself less than I do. I am a professional, after all.


GroobyVR by the Numbers

Virtual reality sites still offer downloads, which I love, and there’s another perk I look forward to when I review these sites. As VR is still taking off and smut peddlers are trying to get people on board, a lot of the major paysites are still charging less than most traditional 2D paysites. I charge thirty bucks for PornDudeCasting, as do a lot of my contemporaries, but sites like BaDoinkVR and even VirtualRealTrans are still at least a few bucks cheaper even when they’re not on sale. disappointed me in this respect, too, because they’re bucking the trend of low-priced VR porn. The standard membership is $39.99 a month, and the discounts on longer memberships are just okay. My guess is that Grooby charges a little bit more because they’re working in a kinkier niche without a lot of competition. That’s just how it goes with fetish porn. VirtualRealTrans, on the other hand, can charge less because they’re part of a larger VR network.


That pricey ticket does get you into a hell of a show, though. Remember, GroobyVR has been doing virtual reality longer than most of the other sites out there, so they’ve had a good long minute to build up their collection. To date, there are around 300 original and exclusive shemale movies to download. Go ahead and stock up while you’re here.


On top of the extensive catalog, they’re still growing at an impressive rate. Grooby VR drops a new movie every week, which is my golden standard for any paysite. New 3D pornos come out every Thursday like clockwork, giving you something to look forward to towards the end of the week. I’m reviewing the site on a Wednesday, so I guess I’ll just have to stop by again tomorrow to see what’s up. I bet it’s something juicy, like a big, fleshy sausage!


As I type this up, the latest movie is a 25-minute fuck fest starring the beautiful and talented Leticia Muller. GroobyGirls has a long history of hiring the sexiest, sluttiest, most passable trannies in the business, and Leticia is no exception. In fact, I think I’m going to start downloading the video while I wrap up this review. As always with VR, it pays to plan your fap session ahead because of those download times. lives up to the high standard established by the GroobyGirls brand of shemale porno, taking their sexy T-sluts and impressive production values to the world of virtual reality. They are one of the only trans-focused VR paysites out there, and they’re setting a high bar for whatever competition comes next. Previews are limited, but they show you enough to know if you’ll enjoy the full show.

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