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Virtual Real Trans porn is about as close to real as you can virtually get with a trans pornstar, at least if the name is to be believed. Every technological advance in the world of pornography has aimed at improved quality, better immersion, and an overall higher level of realism for your masturbatory sessions, but I’d argue that the VR brands take it to the next level. When those big-titted babes are swinging their big ol’ boners at the camera and you’ve got the screen literally strapped to your eyeballs, it’s going to feel like a fleshy helicopter spinning right in your eager face.


The VirtualRealPorn brand has been around for nearly a decade now, making them one of the first major VR porn studios in the game. The original site has long held a top-ten slot on my big list of VR Porn Sites here at ThePornDude, but what about, their shemale imprint? This one’s actually been around since 2015, but I’d say they really started to shine toward the end of 2024; their traffic has almost tripled in just the last couple months, which tells me this collection of premium trans VR pornos might have some real gold inside. There’s only one way to be sure, though, which is why I’m donning my futuristic sex helmet and lubing up.


The Futuristic World of VR Trans Porno

I’ll be honest: I’ve been a fan of the original VirtualRealPorn for long enough that I expected good things the moment I even heard about VirtualRealTrans. If you’ve read my writeup of the other site or checked it out for yourself, you already know some of the perks. They’ve got a damn decent budget, highly skilled and qualified pornographers, and a rotating cast of top-shelf video whores, all of which pretty consistently result in a refined, easily fappable product.



The Adults-Only warning screen on VirtualRealTrans set the tone immediately and beautifully. I don’t recognize my trans pornstars as well as I do my cis girls, but the babe out front is 100% passable and 100% fucking hot. I wouldn’t have guessed she had a wiener were it not for the site name and theme.


Clicking through to see the actual tour page, the sexy, high-class vibe is only enhanced. The girls sliding past the top of the screen are all sexy and passable, the sets look clean and expensive, and the overall presentation screams class. This is more like getting the champagne room treatment from a tranny stripper in the most expensive strip club than getting your dick sucked by a toothless t-girl behind 7-11.


The video thumbnails further down the page get a lot more explicit, with ding-dongs, boobies, and blowjobs galore. They’re shooting with some gorgeous trans pornstars, and those of you who already have favorites may quickly spot a few out front. The current front-page spread includes well-endowed hotties like Kelmanny Koutty, Natalie Mars, Sereia Mel, Luiza Alencar and Chanel Santini.


Signing Up for Virtual Real Trans

I look forward to the previews whenever I review a VR site. A lot of the big-name 2D paysites have thrown away the free video previews over the last few years, but you almost always get some sneak peeks with VR. continues that tradition, so visitors can download some trailers to test out with their VR gizmos. That’ll give you a realer taste of what they have to offer than you get from joints who just give you a few pictures.



I checked out the freebie for the newest trans VR flick, a little something called Xmas Engergy Shot, starring the gorgeous Mel Almeida. It’s only a minute long, but gives you a taste of the high-quality production, the top-tier sex and the beautiful Mel herself. It’s a rapid-fire montage of cock-sucking, dick-riding, jerking and cumming, and I really recommend using a good pair of headphones to get the full ASMR experience from the binaural audio. It feels a hell of a lot like being there, and I haven’t even had my lunchtime bong hits yet.


It was more than enticing enough to get me to the signup page. We’re now a couple years into what I think of as the real era of VR porn, but the technology still hasn’t been adopted by most internet masturbators. Like other VR sites, Virtual Real Trans is still cheaper than most 2D paysites. As I type this up, they’re running a Christmas special for ten bucks a month, but the regular price is only twenty-five bones. That’s a few bucks cheaper than even I’m charging at PornDudeCasting, and my site’s amazing—just flat.


If you like non-trans porn, the bundles are definitely worth a look. It looks like the best deal is the all-inclusive package with VirtualRealPorn and VirtualRealPassion for twenty-five a month. Weirdly, it costs a little more if you only want VirtualRealTrans and VirtualRealPorn. Make sure to look at the prices before pulling the trigger!


Since the site’s been around since 2015, they’ve had some time to stack up shemale VR fuck flicks. As of this writing, they’ve got around 260 movies in the collection. If you just got a Meta Quest 2 for Christmas and you love trans content, this is a great place to stock up and get the most out of your new toy. Just remember to wipe those controllers down when you’re done.


They’re also dropping a new release every Friday. Once per week is my golden standard for any porn site you’ve got to pay for, and I really appreciate when studios are consistent about their release dates. That means you’ll have something fun to look forward to when you wrap up work for the week and go back to your basement lair to fap away the weekend.


VR Shemales Doing It All

With hundreds of Virtual Real Trans movies to choose from, I wasn’t sure where to begin my official fap test. If I have one complaint about VR in general, it’s that you still have to download the flicks to get the full quality. Unless you’re on a crazy, high-end commercial connection, that’s going to build some wait time into your fap sessions. I wanted to choose the right movie to begin with.



I made my way to the Categories page, where I found a nice spread of VR trans porn subgenres. There are Solo scenes and Missionary, Big Cock and Bottom, Threesome and Creampie. In the Big Ass section, I found over a dozen movies starring trannies with some extra junk in the trunk.


Downloads are included here, as with any good VR site. The full 5K HQ version of Winding Up Around the Campfire (2nd Part) is over 10 gigs, but once you’ve downloaded it, it’s nearly 50 minutes of VR shemale threesome action starring you as the stud. Your balls may ache a little as you wait for the file to complete, but that only increases the excitement.


After a quick Virtual Real Trans intro, the flick opens up with a couple sexy t-girls sitting in front of you in bikinis while you munch roasted marshmallows off a stick. The action heats up very quickly, and within the first couple minutes, the girls are sampling your porno stand-in’s stick. The binaural audio enhances the experience, as one babe will come whisper sweet nothings in your ear while the other is bobbing her head on your knob.


It’s a nice, long double blowjob scene, and then one of the babes slides her ass onto your cock near the ten-minute mark. It’s a tight fit on camera, and a perfect fit for masturbators laying back. I like that VirtualRealTrans includes a little icon showing you what positions work best with what movies. This one’ll appeal to perverts who beat off on the couch or kicking back in a desk chair.


The trans pornstars take turns riding on your virtual dick, so I was enjoying the hell out of myself when I heard some weird yelling. It got so bad I took my VR headset off. Turns out, the commotion wasn’t actually part of the video, but one of the other Starbucks customers pitching a fit. I had to make a break for it, even abandoning my latte on the counter, but now that I’m back home, I’m ready to enjoy it again without any distractions. is best enjoyed when you have some privacy, but I’d call it an easy recommendation for trans porn fans who own a virtual reality headset. They’ve got plenty of free, downloadable previews, too, so there’s no reason to just take my word for it. See for yourself!

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