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I thought Real Jam VR might be some kind of virtual reality music game, just based off the name. I got my VR gear on, ready to try out what might be the next version of guitar hero, but I just ended up fingering my skin flute. I’m definitely cool with whacking off while wearing an expensive and ridiculous looking sex helmet, but when I took the thing off, everyone in Starbucks was looking at me funny.


2024 has been a killer year for VR. For one thing, Facebook finally seems to have brought the tech to the masses with their newest Oculus. For another, we’ve all been stuck at home all year, worried about catching COVID off the usual batch of backstreet hookers and Tinder hookups. was actually ahead of the curve, putting out their first movie back in 2016. Based on the shit making me all hard right from the landing page, it looks like it’s been a killer year for them, too.


Bang Some Pornstars in 3D

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Real Jam VR is a premium virtual reality porn site. You already know the basics: this is high-end 3D smut that’s going to make you feel like you’re banging a pornstar. The videos are compatible with any of the major VR devices like Samsung Gear, Vive, PSVR or the aforementioned Oculus gizmos. The lower-res versions are even compatible if you’re still rocking a Google Cardboard or Daydream, or some other phone-based last-gen toaster oven. Make sure you’ve got a setup with decent headphones to take full advantage of the binaural audio.



Honestly, I wouldn’t even have listed the site on ThePornDude if the basics weren’t covered. We’re barely concerned about that stuff here. What I’m more concerned about and what I’m sure you’re more interested in is whether or not the VR porn is going to get you off, and if so, how hard. Well, hold onto your silicone vaginas, because those babies are about to get all full-up on sperm.


One of the very first things I notice is the gorgeous, diverse range of high caliber pornstars. Some paysites have a definite type, but RealJamVR has covered all their pornstar bases. What kind of bitches are you into? They’ve got big-name brunettes like Gianna Dior, blondes like Kyler Quinn and black-haired beauties such as Alex Coal. Smash the VR version of Kiara Lord if you’re into redheads. Hell, you can even go anime-style with the blue-headed Jewelz Blu or purple with Val Steele.


Bang a virtual skinny slut like Hime Marie or a thicc, full-bodied beauty like Natasha Nice. There are Asians like Lulu Chu, Latinas like Havana Bleu and Ebony goddesses like Luna Corazon. is fucking with girls from around the world: Asia Rae is humping her way into your bedroom from the UK, Skylar Vox from the US, Sheila Ortega from Venezuela and Sofia Lee from the Czech Republic. It looks like you’re a globetrotting playboy now, bigshot.


Cheap as Hell and Well-Stocked

For years, virtual reality porn sites have been charging less than the usual paysite rate of 30 bucks a month. I think the low price has always been an attempt at getting fans hooked on the new format. When MindGeek came out with VRTemptation earlier this year, I worried the days of low rates for 3D porn may be coming to an end. If some of the biggest players in online smut were upping the rate, I thought the other guys might follow.



That was months ago, and if there is a shitty new trend, Real Jam VR isn’t following it. The current rate is $23 a month, or as low as $7.50 if you’re willing to spring for a longer membership. They’ve also got a lifetime membership available for $299. Given how long they’ve already been around, that might not be a bad investment for the VR sex fan.


Since it’s VR, downloads are included. As a scholar of the dirty movie industry, I’m really fucking curious to see how long downloads are going to remain a standard perk of VR sites. You currently need to download the movies to experience the highest quality, but as home connection speeds increase, I bet a lot of VR paysites will move to a streaming-only format. It sucks, but my prediction is based on how many traditional paysites have been ditching downloads or charging extra for them.


Another major perk of Real Jam VR is that they add a couple of new movies every week. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on porno production schedules, but these dudes are still banging them out. They just released a massage-themed flick with Laney Grey yesterday, and I’m already downloading the motherfucker. (Because, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now, you get a better experience if you plan your VR fap sessions ahead of time. It lacks the spontaneity of beating off to 2D paysites, but hey, it’s like Laney Grey is really oiling up your dick and sticking her butthole in your face.)


Digging into Real Jam VR

When I checked out that MindGeek VR site a while back, my biggest complaint was that you just didn’t get enough bang for your buck. doesn’t have that problem, thanks to their relative longevity and high rate of updates. As of this writing, they’ve got more than 160 premium virtual reality pornos in their archive. I hope you’ve got space on your VR toy or you might have to delete some of your games to make room for all this glorious smut.



The biggest problem with a collection like this is where to start, especially since you’re going to have to wait for a download. I already mentioned the selection of sluts, but there’s also a great selection of general perversion. There are taboo scenes, anal adventures, cosplay parodies and even some BDSM for the kinksters. There are threesomes and foursomes, not to mention a VR porno that makes you the lone dude in a fivesome with 4 horny 18+ teenage sluts.


The first Real Jam VR movie I actually watched and fap-tested was a recent 3D fuck flick called Wake Up and Enjoy Veronica Leal, starring the titular Veronica Leal. The film puts you in the shoes of some lucky fucker who’s been banging the exotic little babe. You wake up in a sunlit room; Veronica strolls in and immediately starts in with the smiles and dirty talk. It might be boring in 2D, but in 3D it’s a hell of a turn-on and a tease.


If you get ASMR tingles, her breathy whispers are going to start working magic even before she starts feeling your virtual dick through your virtual shorts. She humps your leg a bit before straddling you for some mutual junk-grabbing. The boobs don’t come out until nearly six minutes in, but she gets right to a titty-fuck as soon as the bra is off.


This Is Some Good Shit

Six minutes might seem like a while to wait for the good stuff, but the buildup is fantastic in VR. Anyway, it’s a nice, long flick clocking in at 40 minutes. RealJamVR movies have incredible runtimes, with plenty of flicks that keep going for over an hour. It isn’t just quantity; it’s quality.



Again, that brings us back to the only thing I can really find to complain about here: you pretty much have to download the movies first, and since they’re long, that’s going to take a while. Streaming is available and passable, but you just don’t get the full VR experience since those little screens are right up against your eyeballs. Pixels are going to look even worse than they do on your full-size monitor.


That’s hardly a complaint, though, since you’re going to run into the same issue on any decent VR site. Ultimately, holds it own against any of the competition. Their real strengths are the big collection, the diverse cast of top-tier pornstars and the fact that these chicks do it all… in virtual reality. There are many free VR trailers available, so I recommended downloading some and trying them out. Unless you’ve got some real deep-niche fetishes, I think you’re going to be pretty fucking satisfied.

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