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Fuck Pass VR is a little harder or a little easier than most porn sites to enjoy in public, depending on how you look at it. On one hand, if you’re watching it via the magic of virtual reality, as you’re intended to, the other Starbucks customers won’t necessarily know you’re living an immersive, 3D porno fantasy. On the other hand, it’s hard to stay aware of your surroundings with a futuristic pair of sex goggles strapped to your face. One minute you’re smashing a famous pornstar in 8K, the next minute you’re getting arrested for indecent exposure again. Story of my life, am I right?


Launched at the very end of 2021, is exactly what you expected from the name, a cutting-edge collection of virtual reality porno movies. As a newer joint, they’re not as well-known as some of the established VR paysites out there, but their profile is growing fast. VR is still a rare enough niche that I’m excited whenever I hear about a new site putting out the stuff, but there’s really only one way to know whether or not it’s worth a pump or two of lube. With that in mind, I plugged my headset in to charge while I perused the catalog.


Fuck Your Way Around the World

Virtual reality is still a developing niche, which I’m sure you’ve already noticed. The first thing any respectable pervert does after buying a new Quest is feign excitement over slicing virtual fruit, but the second thing they do is start looking for 3D porno. I’ve still only got a couple dozen VR Porn Sites on my list here at ThePornDude, and I bet a lot of the bigger companies are going to kick themselves in a few years for not getting into the game sooner. I’m telling you, my dudes, the time to make a name for your brand in VR is now, while the pool is still small.



The folks behind FuckPassVR understand that, which is why they’re coming so strong out of the gates. The site feels like it’s from the goddamn future with its colorful gradients, extra-polished video thumbnails and that classy logo. It’s hard to do the typical screengrabs when you’re dealing with 180-degree VR movies, which is probably one of the more practical reasons for the next-level presentation, but the end result is striking. They’ve clearly put a lot of time, effort and money into this.


And of course, any paysite with a decent budget is going to hire the best talent they can afford, unless they’re fucking idiots. FuckPass VR must be run by some brainy smut peddlers, because these movies are full of gorgeous pornstars. They’ve got famous chicks like May Thai, Kiara Lord and Rebecca Volpetti, not to mention a bunch of girls I’ve “interviewed” over on the PornDudeCasting couch, like Savannah Bond, Penelope Kay, and Marica Hase.


One of the gimmicks of is the idea that you’re humping your way around the world with these women, so they list a country beneath each video. Mia Evans is banging in Hungary in the latest release, for example. They also had Kinuski repping Finland, and Lilly Bella with Czech Republic listed under her name. Nicole Kitt told me she’s from Oklahoma, but she’s a Nubian doing it in Ghana on FuckPass VR. Fantasy or not, it’s an especially fun premise for a VR site since they’re going to drop you into those settings.


I’ve got good news and bad news about the preview situation on FuckPass VR. The good news is that, yeah, they’ve got free video previews. The bad news is that I couldn’t find a download button for them, which means most of you will not be able to sample the magic of full 8K resolution. I’m not sure why they’d do it like that, since consumer connections are still way too slow to stream video in such high quality.


Cheaper Than a Back Alley Blowjob (And Hotter, Too)

I’ve been reviewing virtual reality porn sites for a few years now, and one of the continuing benefits of the format is that prices are still low. It costs more to produce this stuff with the high technological demands, but all these companies are still trying to hook customers with introductory prices. You already splurged on the VR porn helmet and those games you enjoyed for twenty minutes, but fortunately, memberships are cheap.



As I type this up, they’re offering a launch special for thirteen bucks a month, down from a “regular” price of twenty. Most paysites are thirty, so either way, that’s a deal. The yearly rate breaks down to about a quarter of that, and there’s also a lifetime plan for two hundo.


FuckPass VR uploaded their first movie nine months ago and have been steadily building the library ever since. The current stash includes about 40 movies. Runtimes are really fucking strong, with most flicks clocking in between forty minutes and an hour. Already, that ticket will let you stay in a virtual reality porno paradise for more than a day without repeating an experience, provided your battery lasts.


They’re also putting out 6 new VR movies every month. It’s been a good month so far, with pornographic excursions to France, Finland, Hungary and the United States. The next time somebody accuses you of sitting in your mom’s dank basement all the time, doing nothing but pleasuring yourself and staining the couch, tell them you’re actually a globe-trotting virtual tourist exploring the varying cultures of this amazing world.


How I Got Banned from Starbucks

Virtual reality porno has some serious benefits, like the ultra-realism and ensuing immersion. It does have some big drawbacks, too, like the high cost of entry, and all the fucking setup time. You can stream movies on FuckPassVR, but they ain’t going to look great. To get the full resolution your device is capable of, you’re going to need to download some huge honkin’ files.



I’m planning on downloading all of the movies, but I had to start somewhere. I chose the Categories menu. has a wide range of niches and sexual activities playing out in VR, from handjobs and blowjobs to creampies and facial cumshots. They’ve got an Anal section and a Threesome aisle, but I do hope they add tags for more sexual positions like Doggy and Cowgirl. There are also body categories like Petite, Brunette and Big Tits.


I took a tour of the Big Ass section, where I found a FuckPass VR movie starring Sofia Lee. Sofia’s one of my favorite undersung pornstars, a thick, big-titted brunette from the Czech Republic. The full 8K version of her 49-minute flick is a whopping 15 gigs and took me a few hours to download, but it was worth it. (As with any VR site, downloads are included as a matter of necessity. This will remain the case everywhere, at least until your home connection speeds way the fuck up.)


Spreading Honey in Ostrava City opens with Sofia approaching the viewer in a little skirt and tight top. “Hello. Your passport please,” she says, holding out a hand. I love how VR makes the most boring intro moments so much more enticing by putting a full-sized pornstar right in front of you. I looked her up and down as she looked over my passport. She’s already smoking hot in the skirt, but a minute later, she’s in front of you in something far more revealing.


VR smut has really improved over the last few years, and the producers behind FuckPassVR have clearly been studying the form. There weren’t any issues with bad angles or things going out of focus, allowing you to settle in and enjoy the festivities. These start with a sensual blowjob with some nice ASMR whispers and quickly progress from there. Sofia’s twat in my virtual face looked so real I could almost smell it. is definitely worth a look if you’ve been looking for something to fill up your VR gadget with, and for something to help you fill up all your old socks with sperm. The world-tour gimmick is alright, but the real draw is just the overall quality of the films. They’re beautifully produced, dropping you seamlessly into sex scenes starring some of the world’s sexiest women. Look, I’m typing this one-handed with my headset dangling off my face, so I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up.

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