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When Real Pornstars VR are available via just a few clicks of the mouse, why would anyone settle for fake pornstars in VR? Maybe it’s a matter of definition since anybody can claim to be a pornstar if they’ve ever aimed their phone at the head they were getting. This site wants you to know their pornstars are the real motherfucking deal, doing their best to set themselves apart from the amateurs before you even see their landing page. is a premium virtual reality porn site with real pornstars. I mean, shit, it’s right there in the name. They’re a new site with a domain that wasn’t even registered until just a few short months ago. I’ve only peeked in the front window so far, but it looks like they’re off to a strong start. Of course, I wasn’t about to give anything my NoLimitsFun seal of approval without first getting inside and shaking my dick all over the place. With that in mind, I got out my VR gear, my bong, my lube, and the robotic cock vacuum I’ve been developing in my spare time. Let’s see how immersive these movies can get.


Banging the Big Names in Virtual Reality

If RealPornstarsVR didn’t hook me with the name, they definitely got me the moment I pulled up the tour page. It’s not a terribly flashy site compared to most modern paysites, which is ironic given the still-futuristic nature of VR porno. It isn’t the layout making my dick hard, though; it’s the babe sliding across the top of the page over and over and over in the only current featured promo image. It’s the beautiful and talented Gia Derza getting fucked up the ass, her eyes wide and her mouth open with fake surprise.



I was a big fan of Gia’s even before she swung by the PornDudeCasting couch for a more intimate introduction recently. (In case you missed the scene, she brought along a wine bottle to fuck herself with before I gave her the D.) Gia isn’t the only recognizable of the Real Pornstars VR lineup, though. Just like the name implies, they’re shooting with big-name, recognizable pornstars. These movies aren’t going to have you virtually boning any old rando off the street. Instead, you’ll be humping the actual girls of your wet dreams.


They’ve also got 3D pornos with Blake Blossom, Dee Williams, and Lexi Luna. Also, Payton Preslee stopped by recently, teaming up for a virtual threesome with Violet Starr. I’ll definitely be watching/experiencing that one. Oh, and hey, there’s Jazlyn Ray, another one of my recent visitors. has got great taste in women, that’s for sure.


So many paysites have phased out previews that I always expect every “Play” button out front to send me to the signup page. VR sites are still good for samples, though, so go ahead and download all the virtual reality trailers you want. So I took a look at that threesome I mentioned and knew I had to watch the whole thing. The trailer’s only a couple of minutes long, but it transported me to a magical VR world of beautiful asses, huge tits, and horny women. Fuck, I’m sold.


How Much VR Fucks for How Many Bucks?

I made my way to the signup page, where I saw another image of Gia with her butt aimed at the camera to entice me further inwards. Virtual reality porn sites are still trying to lure users with lower membership prices than the 2D sites; perhaps to offset the high cost of those VR sex helmets, you need to really appreciate the material. is twenty-five bucks a month, which is a few dollars cheaper than most traditional non-VR paysites. That said, it isn’t the best deal I’ve seen on premium VR. There are others on my list that’ll run you twenty bones or so for 30 days.



Then again, those don’t necessarily have the big names, the titular Real Pornstars VR. Twenty-five seems fair, but be careful when entering your credit card digits. By default, they’ve got you opting into an additional recurring membership to TonightsGirlfriend. I hate that sneaky shit because you sometimes end up paying double, making the whole thing much less of a bargain.


Now, if you’ve ever fucked with VR paysites before, you probably already have a sense of what you’re getting with that membership. For one thing, downloads are included for any virtual reality device. Downloads aren’t a given on the traditional paysites anymore, but it’s still necessary for VR. With pixels right up against your eyeballs, those RealPornstarsVR have to be in the highest resolution possible, and that just isn’t possible with a home internet connection. (When it does become possible, watch for downloads to start disappearing from these sites.)


Now here’s the bad news. When I was going through the tour area, I only noticed a handful of movies being promoted. I was hoping it was one of those situations where there’s way more inside than they let on the outside, but it just isn’t so. I’m reviewing a couple of days before Thanksgiving, and they’ve only got half a dozen movies available. They’re long movies, at least, starting at 40 minutes. The Payton and Violet threesome is a 70-minute epic, so you’ll get to spend a fair amount of time in VR before having to relive anything.


I’m also annoyed there weren’t any upload dates listed anywhere. I like to see at least one new movie per week on any site that costs money to get into. But, of course, if you read my reviews or watch my movies at NoLimitsCasting, you already know that. So it’s unclear just how often RealPornstarsVR is dropping a new flick. You’ll probably want to take a look at the current menu before you pull the trigger on the membership, so click that VR Videos link in their header.


Getting My Fuck On in Virtual Reality

Honestly, though, do you want to know what annoyed me more than the small collection? Well, waiting for the long downloads. It isn’t unique to RealPornstarsVR since you’ve got the same issue on any VR site, but I always blue ball myself looking at the previews and then waiting. The Payton and Violet threesome is 18 gigs for the Oculus Quest 2 version, so I hope you’ve got a fast connection.



It’s worth the wait, though. After a quick Naughty America logo, I find myself sitting in a virtual room while the two girls make out in front of me. There’s already much flesh showing that I’m hard as a rock before they even turn around to shake their asses for the camera, which happens to be my virtual face. Goddamn, I love this format!


As a jaded professional masturbator, I often skip the intros and warmups to full-length movies. However, with a good VR flick, I’m not nearly as tempted to skip to “the good stuff” since it’s all good stuff. By the three-minute mark, Violet’s oiling up Payton’s titties right in front of me. I’m utterly transfixed as Payton turns around, ass in my virtual face, for a big, oily wet rubdown.


The girls have a ton of fun with each other and a huge double-ended dildo before the actual threesome starts around fifteen minutes in. They start with a blowjob, taking turns mouthing the entire thing, bobbing their heads, and working his balls. Both girls have filthy mouths, each talking dirty as hell while the other’s mouth is full. The 3D audio of Real Pornstars VR turns those sexy whispers, heavy breaths, and constant moans into ASMR tingles to go with whatever you’re doing to your own dick.


It’s a bummer that the collection is still so small on this site because the porno itself is fucking fantastic. It should be, considering the source. I didn’t even realize NaughtyAmerica had anything to do with this until I saw the logo. But they’ve been offering some of the best VR smut for a while now. I’m not sure what separates the Real Pornstars VR brand from the rest of their VR offerings, but I do know this: I’ll be tuning in to watch again. The small collection makes it a little hard to recommend right now unless you’re dying to see one of the current scenes, but this is going to be a great site as it matures and the collection grows. Take a look and see how many they’ve got right now.

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