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Who’s up for some Brasil VR? Tall and tan and young (18+) and lovely, the girl from virtual reality goes humping, and when she smashes, everyone she smashes goes, “Damn!” Brazilian women are the muses of artists and the fap fantasies of perverts the world around, and this following site promises to drop one right on that raging hard boner of yours—in VR, anyway. Well, this is the closest you’re going to get from mom’s basement. So grab that expensive sex helmet, and let’s check it out. is a premium VR site starring real Brazilian pornstars, though I’m sure you probably gathered that out from the title. They’re a fairly new brand, launched at the beginning of 2024, but they’ve already seen a lot of horny eyes on them, thanks to being part of an extensive VR porn network that gets nearly a million visitors a month. I’ll get into all that in a minute, but first, let’s check out these South American beauties and their magnificent booties.


Brazilian Babes in Immersive VR

One of the ironic things about VR sites is that they’re the highest of high tech in porno, but the landing pages of the paysites always look a little bit last-generation. I think it’s because all the newer big-budget sites have those auto-playing montages at the top of the screen, but it’s hard to capture the magic of VR on a flat-screen. So instead, Brasil VR hits you with sliding title cards for their new and featured releases, complete with the gorgeous stars of their flicks.



Aside from the VR gimmick, these chicks are going to be the site’s biggest immediate draw.  They’re working with some genuinely stunning Brazilian starlets. There’s actually no explicit sex out front, just a few stray boobies, but the women are so fucking hot that my mind is already racing with the possibilities. This babe Kitannah has me smitten, looking so fun and pretty and fuckable in the promo slide for Catch of the Day. I’ll definitely be downloading that one first thing.


Like any decent VR site, there are downloadable samples. It’s a perk that has long since disappeared from traditional paysites, where you often don’t even get a streaming video trailer anymore. Unfortunately, it will be a while before home Internet connections can stream video at the resolutions required for a good VR experience, so go ahead and get those freebies in before Comcast catches up. I downloaded a few of the Brasil VR trailer montages, but I was more than ready to check out the whole package after just a taste of their Laura Amaral flick, Grand Slam.


A Fucking Killer Value in VR Smut

While I’m on the topic of freebies, it’s also worth noting that has a free two-day trial. They say “NO STRINGS!” in all caps with an exclamation point, but that ain’t entirely true. You get access to the entire POVR network I’m about to discuss, but the trial is streaming only. Now, if you weren’t sure what I was talking about when I said VR looks way better when you download, here’s your chance to find out exactly what I meant. It’ll be like watching BrasilVR through a screen door. However, complete movie downloads are included with the full membership.



Now let’s get to the good stuff. One of the best things Brasil VR has going for it is that it’s part of the POVR network. That means you get access to 28 different VR sites with your membership. Porn network subscriptions are some of the best values on premium smut, and they’re usually growing. So there’s a good chance the site count will be even higher by the time you check it out.


Another big perk is that VR is still cheaper than traditional 2D paysites. Porn is quietly helping to drive the sale of VR units, and the industry knows they can make a killing if they can get enough people on board. I think we’re still in the honeymoon period, and those prices will eventually match the flat-screen porn site prices, but the current POVR rate is just 25 bones a month. And that’s not fucking bad at all for nearly 4,000 virtual reality movies across the network.


I’m trying to review the Brazilian porn here, so I won’t dig into the network too much, but they’ve got a couple of my top-ten VR sites included in the mix: WankzVR and MILFvr. You’ll also get sites like VRHush, VirtualRealPorn, SexyVR, SwallowBay, and even niche stuff like TranzVR. My point is that if you get bored of those Rio girls at BrasilVR, you’ve got all kinds of 3D babes to shake your dick at.


If you still don’t have your own VR scuba gear to strap to your face while you’re beating your meat, subscribers can get a free VR device from POVR. The VR sites were giving out Google Cardboard for a couple of years, but Google discontinued it long ago, replaced it with Daydream, and then gave up on that, too. Currently, the freebie here is a knockoff called Unofficial Cardboard. The experience is a few generations outdated, so keep in mind that it will not be nearly as immersive or realistic as with one of the newer, pricier gadgets.


Show Me Those 3D South American Beauties

Once you get signed up and logged in, you’ll be dropped off in the member’s area of POVR. And since you came in through the BrasilVR door, you’ll see those movies first. The first thing I noticed when I got inside was that those 16 movies mentioned outside were all that were currently available. I was a little disappointed, but not that surprised, given the age of the brand.



I was even more disappointed by the sporadic release rate when I looked at the dates. The movies come out kind of randomly. You usually get two a month, but there have been a couple of months where they only released one. And that’s after a strong start of four in January. That definitely sucks, though most masturbators will find that the POVR membership more than evens out since the network is putting out multiple VR movies per day across all the sites.


I was already hard as a rock and knew exactly where I wanted to start my official Brasil VR fap test. The only problem was that since this is a VR site, I had to wait a few ball-aching hours for the full 6K Oculus version to download. Of course, you know how it goes when the pixels are right up against your eyeballs, but you’re free to download a smaller file or stream if you’re in a hurry or your device has a lower max resolution.


Needless to say, I was pretty fucking thrilled when it was finally time to get suited up in futuristic headgear and jerk off. The 41-minute movie, Catch of the Day, opens with my porn-stud stand-in laying in bed. Kitannah says some giggly words in Portuguese as the video begins, but she’s got my virtual dick in her mouth by the one-minute mark. I don’t mind slow buildups in VR porn like in the 2D kind because it’s more immersive, but I’m definitely not complaining. The redhead looks even prettier in life-size VR, and that eye contact as she gags on cock is fucking incredible.


I recommend using your best headphones, especially if you love that ASMR shit. A few minutes in, Kitannah leans in and whispers some sweet nothings in my right ear. I don’t speak the language, but I’m still super fucking turned on. This dick-thirsty chick is an absolute knockout, and the blowjob lasts nearly ten minutes before she climbs on for a ride.


For the Brazilian ass fans, that first-person doggystyle starts about halfway through. Kitannah looks just as incredible from behind, and the static camerawork is done well, so I don’t feel like I’m floating above the scene or getting seasick in a boat. I’m right there, getting all up in them guts. is a fucking winner if you’re looking for some virtual reality smut and love Brazilian chicks. The women are among the most beautiful in the world, the porno is well-made, and it comes as part of a great VR porn network with thousands of flicks included in multiple genres. And if you ain’t convinced yet, check out the samples, the trial, or read some of my reviews of other POVR sites.

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