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VR Latina! Anyone who knows me knows that I fucking love Latinas. Or, to put it another way, anyone who knows me knows that I love fucking Latinas. I mean, think about it, what’s not to love? Whether it’s their lovely caramel complexion, their thick thighs, their beautifully exotic eyes, or their luscious lips, you absolutely cannot go wrong. And that’s only scratching the surface of all there is to love about Latinas.


We haven’t even begun to talk about their sexy accents or the way they move their hips. Fuck what you heard, no girls out there can move like a Latina. It’s like Shakira said, those hips don’t lie. Watching a sexy Latina dance is mesmerizing. But as we all know, she doesn’t have to be dancing to see how her hips move unlike anything else in the world.


If I had to pick to only fuck any kind of chick in the world until the day I died, I would choose Latinas. Without a doubt, hands down. Nobody fucks like a Latina. I’ve been lucky enough to fuck a few in my day, and they were the best lays of my life. The most recent Latina I fucked was from Columbia. She used to do this thing when I hit it from behind where she would wiggle her ass around while I fucked her. That shit made me muster all the endurance I had to not cum right there on the spot every time she started with that shit.


God damn, I’m getting a little hard just thinking about her. It’s a shame that she had to move back to Columbia. If she hadn’t, there’s a good chance I would be fucking her right now instead of writing this review. Just to hear her moan and say “ay, papi!” while I got deeper and deeper. I’m this close to catching a flight to Columbia right now!


Okay, maybe I won’t go that far. Although I have heard that Columbia is also home to some of the best escorts in the world, and I believe it. Plus, the dollar goes quite a long way in South America. That means you could get yourself some world-class pussy for like $50 an hour. I highly recommend a trip to Columbia if you ever have the chance.


However, in the meantime, I’m clearly going to need something to tide me over, to help fulfill my craving for Columbian culo. Well, I guess that’s what porn is for, right? To help us out in between fucks, or to bring us closer to our fantasies that we just cannot seem to make happen at the moment. And very few kinds of porn can bring us closer to our fantasies than VR porn.



Fuck the Hottest Latinas Without Even Leaving Home

The only problem with VR porn that I’ve seen in the past is that I hadn’t been able to find any good Latina VR porn. Until today. I have stumbled upon a site called VR Latina, which has been a godsend while I pine for a new Latina lover. When you can’t actually fuck Latina pussy in real life, virtual reality will bring you much closer than anything else. If you have a VR headset, that is.



This is, of course, the biggest downfall to VR porn in general. It can be pretty fucking amazing. But, on the other hand, it can also be a pretty expensive endeavor. So expensive initially that it might almost be worth it to just get a plane ticket to Columbia and get yourself a Latina escort. Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying a good set of VR goggles merely for porn viewing, if you’re also a gamer, it might be worth it.


As I said, they can be pretty expensive (between $200 and $500 a pop), so you just want to make sure you’re going to get your money’s worth. Which, unless you’re a rabid porn addict who foams at the mouth whenever he is unable to fap, buying a headset just for VR porn probably won’t be worth it. However, Google Cardboard is a cheap alternative. It might not be quite as immersive as an Oculus Rift, but it definitely gets the job done for a fraction of the price. And if the job is just to jizz to sexy Latinas in virtual reality, then I think Cardboard will probably be more than good enough.


Your virtual reality journey begins the moment you log into, in the form of a giant slideshow banner promoting the studio’s latest releases. At the bottom of the banner, you will see a list of devices that VR Latina is compatible with: Gear VR, Oculus, Playstation VR, Smartphone (this would be Google Cardboard or a similar device to place your phone into), Vive, and Daydream. I’m no VR expert, but I’m pretty sure that is a comprehensive list of all the big players when it comes to the VR headsets on the market.


Keep scrolling down and you are immediately able to access the videos. VR Latina should look a little different than your typical premium pay site, in that each video is given a large feature complete with a video cover of sorts (an assortment of screenshots to the right of it) and all necessary information underneath. You can toggle how videos appear by either Top Rated or Newest.


Taking a look at VR Latina’s number one top rated video, for example, you have the scene’s cover: “Hot Tube Cum Machine” is written in a stylized font with a few still images of the movies leading lady, Isabella Angela. Below this image you will find a quick description: “Sexy model Isabella Anegla is back! This time she joins you in the hot tub for some relaxation. When things get hot, she climbs out and lets you fuck her hard on the massage bench. Sexy!” And then you have all your download options, as well as a few video stats.


“Hot Tube Cum Machine” is, to demonstrate, shot in a 180 degree view, equipped with head tracking (when you move your head in the video, the view changes with your perspective), recorded with binaural sound (you’ll hear the girls moaning through both ears just like you would in real life … when you move from the source of the sound, the audio adjusts accordingly), and shot in 3D (two cameras to replicate how a human eye actually sees things). As you can see, VR Latinas does not hold out when it comes to giving you the next best thing to actually fucking a beautiful Latina.



Decent Site Design, but Girls Section Lacking

Back up at the top of the page, you have a convenient site menu bar, allowing you easy access to Videos, Girls, Help, and Member Account (user and account settings, as well as access to your downloads). The Girls section brings you, as you would expect, to a list of all the girls who have appeared in VR Latina videos. The roster will appear in a nicely designed gallery of thumbnails (headshots turn red when you hover your pointer over them), but when you view a girl’s profile, you might be a little underwhelmed.



Each girl has maybe a one sentence bio and the only stat given is their height. This seems like a missed opportunity to me, especially in the realm of VR porn. I feel like it could only help VR users to slip into the fantasy of it all if we knew some more physical stats about the girls (her weight, tit size, hip measurements, etc.) so that when she ‘rides us,’ it makes it even easier to imagine her dimensions. It’s a basic feature that almost every other premium pay site has, sure, but I’m not losing sleep over it or anything.



Need More 360 Videos

My only other complaint with the site is that there aren’t enough (I didn’t find any, actually) VR videos shot in 360 degrees. Obviously, this is much more difficult and expensive to pull off, and oftentimes you don’t really need to utilize all 360 degrees of sight, but I find that it can be really distracting when you look down as your VR girl sucks your cock and it gets blurry or you see just a black screen (and this happens quite frequently). So, if I could change one thing about VR Latinas, that would be the big one: shoot more 360-degree VR videos, really let your users become fully immersed in the experience. That is, after all, what VR porn is for, isn’t it?



All in all, I like VR Latina. The chicas are sexy, the porn is good, the VR is functional and high quality (minus the lack of 360), and the site is designed well for the most part. Is it a good substitute for actually fucking a Latina? Hell no, nothing is. But will it get me through until that happens again? Yeah, for sure.

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