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VR Conk! I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to watch a movie without thinking about sticking my dick inside a girl’s face, twat, and butthole. I tried to watch Joker recently and got chased out of the theater because I started touching myself every time that hot Black chick was on the screen. I’ve already had a couple of strikes, so I really can’t get arrested again. Thankfully, I just found a new site called VRconk that aims to drop movie fans into pornographic versions of their favorite wholesome flicks, as well as some titillating originals.


As the name implies, is a virtual reality porno website. It’s new as hell, just registered in 2018, but is already pulling a few thousand viewers every day. With VR becoming more of a household thing, more and more perverts are starting to use the 3D game helmet as a high-tech masturbation device. When people come over to play Beat Saber, I always tell them the controllers are just sticky because I drink a lot of Kool-Aid.



Porno Parodies in 3D Virtual Reality

The landing page for VRconk caught my attention in a big way. The top of the screen features a big ad for a Boys in the Hood sex parody featuring a lowrider and one of the hottest Ebony broads I’ve ever seen smiling at a big dick in her face. Scrolling down the screen a bit, I see sex parodies for flicks like Scary Movie, the Nanny, National Lampoon’s European Vacation, and Basic Instinct.



They’ve even got a dirty porno version of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape starring Hadley Mason, who I think is a lot hotter than Juliette Lewis or the morbidly obese lady who played Gilbert’s mom. It’s an interesting choice for a parody, since usually, porn studios will choose something people are already jerking off to.


VRconk might be new, but they got off the ground strong and hard. The movies have some of the hottest bitches in the industry getting down in ultra-realistic 3D porn scenes. I’m talking about sluts like Jasmine Grey, September Reign, Khloe Kapri, and Nia Nacci.


I took a quick look at the trailer for a 30-year-old Virgin. Richelle Ryan is a stellar MILF with some killer titties that she shoves in your virtual face before giving you a glimpse of that tight pussy. She fingers herself a little bit before giving the VR stand-in a blowjob and a tit job. The preview is only a couple minutes long, so I ended up all hard and drippy and had to get in for a real look at the full site.



VR Porn for Cheaper Than The Traditional 2D Kind

I keep saying it, and I’m going to say it again: right now is a really good time to sign up for a virtual reality porno site. Just about every 2D paysite will run you 30 bucks a month, but all the VR guys are trying to get you hooked by offering cheaper deals. Right now, a membership for VRconk will run you just 20 bucks a month. If you want an even lower rate, get yourself a longer membership.



It goes without saying that the weekly updates at VRconk are going to be compatible with any major VR unit. Whether you’ve got an Oculus, PSVR, Vive, Daydream or something else, you’re going to be immersed in a 3D virtual world with more realism than you’ve ever seen in a traditional sex film.


Whatever VR device you’ve got, it’s definitely worth it to download the highest resolution video your device is capable of. VRconk provides a variety of formats and resolutions to ensure you get the very best experience. Streaming is available, but since the pixels are literally right up against your eyeballs, I recommend planning your spank sessions in advance. The full 6K versions of some of these flicks may take an hour to download on a typical consumer connection.



Fuck Your Digital Girlfriend (Or I Will!)

Not all of VRconk’s movies are parodies of mainstream flicks, and that’s just fine. I checked out a recent short (15 minute) VR porno called Digital Sex with Your Girlfriend. It stars Lovita Fate as the titular girlfriend, who is chatting on the phone in her cute European accent as the video begins. She’s naked except for a pair of stockings, letting you see her entire beautiful, lithe body like she’s right there in the room with you.



The blonde beauty plays with herself a little bit before starting to suck the silicone dick standing in for your own member. This one doesn’t star an actual porn stud, because the entire premise is that you’re her boyfriend and she is getting you off long-distance using the magic of technology, not to mention her mouth and her cunt. It’s a good thing you bought her that VR camera and sex toy torso, huh?


I’ll admit, it’s generally kind of fucking boring to watch even the most gorgeous nymphomaniac sucking a fake dingdong. In this case, though, the virtual reality experience makes it feel very much like she’s going down on your own cock. She slurps on that thing in your lap and the sounds echo through the room, hitting your ears with that 3D binaural sound that helps immerse you even further into the scene.


About six minutes in, Lovita spins around and starts riding you in a virtual backwards cowgirl position. The movement of her ass is just fucking incredible in 3D, looking every bit like she’s bouncing that thing on your very own shaft. Her moans sound absolutely legit, and there’s no doubt as she speeds up that she’s definitely getting off as hard as you are.


She’s facing you, legs spread wide over your dick when the scene finally reaches its orgasmic conclusion. I found myself waving my hands through empty air, just trying to grab those gorgeous thighs for a field. Goddamn, virtual reality can be a legit mindfuck sometimes, but it gets you off really fucking hard.



Cure Erectile Dysfunction with 3D VR Porno

It goes without saying that the production values of virtual reality sex flicks are high. It costs a lot of money just to buy the fucking camera, so you’re not going to see any amateur anal or sloppy bukkake. Every scene has top-shelf fucking in beautiful virtual environments. I keep thinking I’m in some kind of fancy hotel or mansion and not my dimly lit porn cave where I do all my masturbating and review writing.



I watched Brittany Amber in Doctor Pressure. For a split second, I thought I was about to have a legit doctor’s exam as I woke up in a doctor’s office wearing a hospital gown. Well, until Brittany walked in, that is. She’s dressed sort of like a nurse, or at least like a college babe on her way to a Halloween party dressed as a “nurse”. I’d be sure to injure myself more often if nurses really wore what amounts to a bra, tiny skirt, and stockings.


The babe says she’s going to help me with my erectile dysfunction, though by the time she says that any dysfunction has been pushed out by the monster growing in my pants. In typical medical fashion, she asks you to suck her titties before aggressively jerking your dick and wrapping those sweet lips around it.


I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but the film ends with a cumshot to Brittany’s gorgeous face as she moans and begs for it. It would be hot in two dimensions, but living it out in 3D virtual reality makes it even hotter. I challenge you to contain yourself for the full duration of the scene. is a solid entry into the world of premium VR porn sites. Their weekly releases drop you into a world of depravity that was unimaginable just a decade ago. With a growing selection of both porno parodies and exclusive originals starring some really beautiful porn starlets, viewers are in store for hours of hyperrealistic masturbatory entertainment. With a price lower than your typical 2D paysite, VRconk is a killer deal on top of everything else they have to offer.

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