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I watched a TmwVRnet movie this morning, the first-person action delivered directly to my eyeballs via my Oculus Quest 2. The virtual reality sex was so realistic that I found myself aggressively humping the air, as if I could really touch that beautiful Euro chick in front of me in her virtual bedroom. The load I blew was satisfying as all hell, but once I took the headgear off, I realized everybody else on the bus was staring at me. Oops!


The TMW in the name stands for TeenMegaWorld, a nice teen paysite I reviewed a while back, and the VR part gives away the main gimmick. is a virtual reality porn site that adds another level of immersion to your masturbation sessions. Having uploaded their first flick back in 2016, they were actually ahead of the curve when it comes to this newfangled 3D smut. They get well over a hundred thousand visitors every month, so let’s take a look at what they’re all watching in those futuristic sex helmets.


Putting the VR in TmwVRnet

The tour for TmwVRnet has the kind of polished vibes you expect from a modern porn site. It’s not overly flashy, instead opting for smooth, subtle purple gradients and a whole lot of screengrabs. Large images from recent and featured flicks slide by the top of the screen, showing pretty girls riding cock, grabbing it, and putting it in their mouths.



As a professional masturbator, I usually recognize chicks I’ve fapped to on most big paysites. TmwVRNet is a European production, which means you get a different selection of models than you might on a site like Brazzers or VRCosplayX. They’re shooting with some seriously gorgeous 18+ teen Euro models, amateurs and pornstars, so you’re going to have a fun time even if you don’t know anybody at the party.


If you watch a lot of the Euro stuff, you may recognize chicks like Angel Wicky, Rebecca Volpetti and Sofia Lee. (I usually find Krystal Swift on any site Sofia’s on, so I’m a tiny bit disappointed today.) They shot a movie with Misha Cross back in 2017 when she was still exiled from the USA. She’s got blonde hair in the video, so a totally different look than when she visited me at PornDudeCasting, but she’s always been gorgeous.


In Misha’s scene, she sucks dick, gives a footjob and rides your virtual stand-in’s cock. That’s all in a day’s work over at, where the girls are engaging a nice variety of VR sex acts. The site does a good job tagging all the relevant categories from Anal and Asian to Threesomes and Titjobs. They cover just about all their bases here, including Foursomes, Squirting, and BDSM.


TmwVRnet does offer free video previews. Sneak peeks are still standard on VR sites, but weirdly, the freebies are streaming-only here. That’s unusual, because until consumer internet speeds get a lot faster, you still need to download for anything approaching full quality. If you watch the trailers, keep in mind that the full downloadable versions are going to look a hell of a lot better.


Plus a Whole Mountain of Bonus Content

Membership to costs thirty bucks a month, just like most paysites in this day and age. Unlike most other paysites, though, this one comes with a massive stack of bonuses. Membership includes access to over 30 sites, which you’ll find listed under the Sites menu. The other sites aren’t VR, but there’s a nice range of material on joints like Dirty Doctor, Teen Sex Mania, Anal Beauty and Squirting Virgin. When you get bored of watching 3D movies, you can watch 2D flicks in just about any niche.



There’s a lot of fucking porn here, so let’s break down what you’re getting. TmwVRnet has been around longer than most other VR sites, so they’ve had a good amount of time to build up their collection. As of this writing, there are around 560 virtual reality pornos, and over 5,000 movies across the different included sites. Even without all the bonus material, the VR fuck flicks will keep you busy for a nice, long while.


They’re also fucking crushing it with new releases. I like to see at least one new movie a week on paysites, but these guys are putting out a new VR video every 4 days, with daily updates on the network. The downside is that some releases are pretty damn short, like ten or twelve minutes. Most of them, though, seem to clock in at around 30 to 40 minutes, which is a good length for a wank break.


Euro sites give you a hell of a bang for your buck, don’t they? I wish I could crank out movies that hard and fast, but I’m just one guy, and talent costs a lot more here in the states. The good news is that around the world, from PornDudeCasting to TmwVRnet, the women are beautiful, talented, and love to fuck!


Fixing a Car Problem in VR

Alright, so if you’ve had your VR gadget for more than a day, you already know the drill: you’ve either got to plan your fap sessions a little bit in advance, or you’re going to have to settle for pretty ladies made out of pixels. Downloads are included with the membership price, and you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of that. I had a boner for this chick Diana Rius since the moment I visited the tour page, so I started downloading one of her videos earlier as I was typing this up. At 8 gigs, I still had some waiting to do.



Ultimately, the wait times were more than worth it. The 35-minute VR video opens with Diana climbing on the bed in front of you and complaining about a problem with the car. It’d be a boring and skippable intro scene in 2D, but Diana looks so fucking hot wearing those tiny shorts, seemingly right in front of you. Honestly, the words kind of went it one headphone and out the other, because I was gawking at her body and pretty face, my dick getting harder already.


Apparently, Diana feels really bad about fucking up your car, but she’s totally going to make up for it. She guides your virtual hands to her boobies and moans as she gets her nipples tweaked, which might give you ASMR tingles if you’re wearing a nice set of cans. This progresses to a POV handjob and then a blowjob.


I’ve been considering buying one of those big silicone asses with the fuckable twat, and this video made me consider it even harder. The doggystyle sequence begins about eight minutes in, and while my usual fap sleeve felt fantastic, I think a big, butt-shaped toy would help ramp up the immersion for a scene like this even more.


The missionary scene next is great, too. I love the way Diana’s titties jiggle as she gets railed, and the expressions she makes with that beautiful face. I could practically feel those gorgeous thighs against me. Diana’s only got one other video on, but I may have to go sifting through the network for more of her material because she’s fucking beautiful.


There’s a really nice variety of action included in just this video alone. After the missionary, we get some more blowjob in a prone position, followed by a great backwards cowgirl sequence. Her tits swing in her face when she spins around for a regular cowgirl ride, and she wraps it up by catching the cum with her pretty mouth.


I really like this one. offers a really nice fucking value on teen VR movies, with over 500 beautifully produced, highly immersive films and another one every few days. On top of that, they really round out the membership by including more than thirty other sites on top of the virtual reality collection. The free previews are going to look kind of grainy since you can’t download them, but they’ll give you an idea about the studio’s production values and the caliber of their women.

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