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18 VR sounds like a virtual reality hangout for those just reaching the age of legal adulthood, and honestly, the Adults-Only warning out front kind of backs that up. The naked girl in the background of the warning screen looks like she’s just old enough to buy cigarettes, and so do the young sluts you’ll see as soon as you click through to the tour page. Maybe I should spell out the rules of the game for those who rode the short bus: you’ve got to be 18 to perform, but even the oldest perverts can watch.


Offering up slogans like Barely Legal, The Next Gen of Teen VR Porn Starlets, and No Limits No Shame, makes it clear what they’re hawking even if you don’t notice all the cock-smoking, sperm gargling, pole-riding, and group-sex-having teenage whores out front. This is highly immersive, premium virtual reality porn starring 18+ teen pornstars. I just polished up my high-tech sex helmet, so maybe it’s about time to polish my knob, too.


Eighteen-Year-Old Babes in VR

Let’s be honest: with a name like 18 VR, you knew exactly what you would find on the site. And, of course, the tour page backs that up with blondes stroking cock, brunettes spitting cum into each other’s mouths, and three girls teaming up to ride some lucky motherfucker. (The neat thing about VR is that that lucky motherfucker just happens to be you!)



The signup page promises “the world’s hottest porn stars and starlets,” though there’s a matter of definition here. If we’re talking in terms of popularity, well, the more enthusiastic teen porn fans might recognize a few faces, but most of these girls are brand new to me, and I masturbate professionally. That said, all the girls are drop-dead gorgeous and passably teenage (18+). It isn’t uncommon for babes in this industry to put their hair in pigtails and claim they’re teens when they’ve clearly hit the MILF era, but I don’t see that going on here.


When the VR porn sites started springing up a few years ago, they were all offering a free Google Cardboard to help get masturbators hooked on the product. Google Cardboard was discontinued years ago and replaced with Google Daydream, which has also been discontinued a couple of years ago at this point. To my astonishment, is still giving away the cardboard VR gadgets to new subscribers. (They say it’s a Google Cardboard, though I suspect it’s a third-party version as I’ve seen on other VR sites lately.) Remember that the experience will be sorely lacking compared to something like the Oculus Quest, but it can be a nice little intro to the tech.


If you’d like to try before you buy, you can even download an entire, free 18VR scene without even signing up. (Streaming is available, too, but come on—this is VR, and it’s kind of silly to watch it on a flat screen.) Most paysites don’t even give you a goddamn free montage anymore, but these guys let you download a whole scene. Thanks for keeping it old school even as you take it futuristic, 18 VR.


Cheaper Than Your VR Device and Most Porn, Too

On my way to the signup page, I realized is brought to you by the same folks who do BadoinkVR, VRCosplayX, and KinkVR. I was hoping they were offering some kind of network package, but it looks like you’ll have to sign up for each separately. The good news is that now I’m expecting an even higher level of quality because I’ve really enjoyed beating off to those sites. Members get discounts on sister sites, though, in case you were wondering.



I mentioned how these sites have been giving away Google Cardboard for years, but another thing I’m surprised about is how they’re still selling cheap tickets. I have to assume VR porn prices will eventually match the 2D sites as the tech gets more popular, but the porn companies are still trying to get more consumers on board. To that end, memberships are cheap as fuck. It says the regular membership is $25, but that’s crossed out, and they’re offering ten-dollar a month. You could sign up for a couple more sites at that rate and only be paying as much as a traditional flat paysite.


The signup page claims you get two updates per week, which is true depending on how you’re counting; you might also say they’re giving members three videos a week. It’s actually one real, full-length scene, plus a behind-the-scenes extra. Some folks would call that one release. On the other hand, once I got into the member’s area, I saw they’re also giving out a free video every week from another VR site on the network. For this week, it’s a fetishy BDSM adventure from KinkVR starring Syren de Mer.


And of course, since 18 VR is a virtual reality site, members can download whatever they want. That’s not always a given on the flat-screen paysites anymore, but with VR, it’s required. My prediction is that downloads will eventually go away as consumer internet speeds get better, but hopefully, I’m wrong about that.


Hundreds of Teenage VR Fuck Flicks

I forgot to check the WHOIS date when I first got to, so I had assumed it was a little newer than it actually is. It turns out these guys uploaded their first flick back in 2017, making them one of the early entries into the VR market. In fairness, the company overshadowed their teen imprint with some of their other VR offerings. I can’t help noticing the other sites feature more famous, well-known pornstars.



Anyway, I bring up the site’s age mainly because I was surprised by the depth of the catalog: 18 VR has currently got nearly 240 teenage VR movies to beat off to. They’re nice, long scenes, frequently clocking in at around an hour long. That’s like ten straight days of immersive teen (18+) pornstar banging.


I was a little overwhelmed, so I just started flipping through the pages, trying to decide where to begin my official fap test of the joint. I love how these girls are getting into all kinds of depraved situations. There are lesbian scenes and footjobs, group movies and solo shows, anal and cosplay, gaping, and cuckold. The only thing I don’t really see are tags like MILF because that would kind of defeat the whole point of naming your site 18 VR.


Ultimately, I decided to crank off to the very latest video on the site, a 65-minute 3D fuck flick called Rendez-Vous a Paris, starring the lovely tatted-up Eden Ivy. My only real complaint about 18VR is that, as a VR site, you’re going to have some wait times when it comes to downloads – the full 7K Oculus Quest 2 version of this film is more than 18 gigabytes, so you should probably schedule your masturbation sessions in advance.


After the 18VR intro screen, Rendez-Vous a Paris opens with Eden walking up to you outside in a tiny, sexy denim skirt. Intro scenes are often throwaways in traditional porn, but I just love the immersion into the scene with VR. You can look the girl up and down, she makes eye contact, and her voice sounds sexy as fuck in my headphones. Eden starts feeling your virtual stand-in’s junk immediately, whipping out that cock and stroking while smiling pretty and talking dirty. Then, about five minutes in, Eden takes her top off and starts sucking cock. With the lubed-up silicone mouth, I’ve been sliding over my dick, it feels almost like being there.


I had a feeling was going to be a good one as soon as I saw the tour page, and my hopes got even higher when I realized what company was behind the site. Sure enough, they lived up to my high expectations. One of the things to remember about VR is that there is a learning curve, so you’ll sometimes see newer sites fumble with delivery a little bit with unfocused shots and uncomfortable angles, but these guys have had a few years to polish their technique. So what you end up with is some truly high-quality virtual reality porn starring some genuine 18+ teenage beauties. Take a peek at the full-length freebie out front and see if you disagree.

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