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Ready to be a slave at Kink VR? Let me guess: the porn you’ve been watching just ain’t cutting it lately. A whole world of sex movies available for streaming wasn’t enough for you. You needed those fuck scenes beamed right into your corneas via the magic of VR. That wasn’t even enough, so now you want to kick it up another notch. KinkVR takes the virtual reality porn formula and adds hardcore BDSM and fetish action. is only a few years old, which means it’s been around since the dawn of household VR technology. All the players in this game are still learning what works and what doesn’t, but KinkVR is actually powered by BaDoinkVR. You can read my full review of that site on ThePornDude, but the long and short of it is that they put out some damn fine VR porn. Let’s see how well they do the kinky stuff.



What Kind of Pain Are We Talking About?

Virtual reality is one genre of porno that you just can’t sell if you half-ass the presentation. People aren’t going to buy cutting-edge smut from a site that looks like it’s from the fucking MySpace era. The layout here is clean and modern. You’ll find some upsell material scattered around, trying to get you to buy further paysite memberships, but it’s not an ugly, overwhelming mess like some networks throw at you.



It’s dark, which is expected from any site dealing in the freakier side of sex. Kink VR looks very much like a literal dungeon. I don’t mean the kind of dungeon where you chop into orcs with your +4 battleaxe, nerd. I mean the kind of dungeon where a pornstar gets tied up and suspended from the ceiling, where she is fucked with a dick on a stick until she starts squirting.


That particular movie is called Unbearable Pain, starring exquisite Ebony fox Nikki Darling. In the 40-minute, 5k HD scene, you get to be the captor, enjoying the little slut’s suffering. Besides the dick-stick and squirting, the scene includes edging, tease and denial, and caning.


Nikki Darling wasn’t a lucky pornstar score on KinkVR’s part. As I said, this is powered by BaDoinkVR, so they’re already working with and have access to some of the best talent in the business. They’ve got scenes like Cherie Deville getting fucked with a strap-on in a lesbian cuckolding situation, and Abella Danger bouncing on your cock while she’s suspended from the ceiling with clothespins on her tits.


Don’t get the impression KinkVR is just about women being dominated, hurt and humiliated. There are some wild femdom scenes here, too. If you’re a switch you can experience violating Daisy Ducati in Bruising Business, and then let Chanel Preston torture your cock in Not Allowed to Feel.



The Going Rate for Virtual Bondage

KinkVR’s normal price is around $35 a month. It’s a few bucks more than the going rate for a typical porn paysite, which sounds about right. You can always expect to pay a premium for fetish content, and another premium for VR. Yearly memberships break down a lot cheaper, or you can get a one-dollar one-day trial. The trial is streaming only, no downloads.



Right now, the site only has 36 videos. It’s not a great number as far as paysites go, but it’s decent when you consider there aren’t really many sources for VR BDSM. They’re consistently adding another clip every week, so members always have something to look forward to.


Membership also includes access to the BaDoink VIP Network. It’s not all exclusive virtual-reality fetish porn, but there are more than 10,000 sex videos of all types. That really rounds out the deal. When you get tired of watching chicks getting tied up and boned, you can watch chicks getting boned with their hands-free. That’s called double your pleasure.


When I checked out the site, they were offering 30% off the monthly rate. At $25, that’s cheaper than most sites. They’re also throwing in a free Google Cardboard to new users. It’s last-generation VR tech, but the price is right. It might convince you to splurge on that Oculus, or you might find out you’re easily susceptible to VR-induced nausea (which is much less common on newer gadgets).



Tiny Latinas Punished in the Back Room

I decided to start my tour of KinkVR’s dungeon with their newest offering, Little Red Room starring Isabella Nice. The skinny Latina is always beautiful, but looks extra lovely in the thumbnail. She’s tied up with rope, has clothespins all over her tits, and a big dick stuffed up her cunt. The clip only has a 7.5 user rating, but I was always a solid C student.



This movie is in 5k, which they’ve only been doing a couple of months. Before that, it was a passable 4k, but you really want to max it out to get the most out of your VR device. The higher you go, the less it looks like you’re watching a slut get spanked through a screen door. Plan your wank sessions ahead and download VR movies on any site when you can; streaming works, but won’t look nearly as good until consumer Internet gets better.


Little Red Room begins with Isabella being led into the back room, where she’s asked if she knows what goes on back there. She says she’s heard there’s a lot of BDSM, choking, slapping, fucking and throat-fucking.


“I’d love to do that with my pretty little mouth,” she says at the mention of getting fucked in it. The horny little slut giggles a lot through the interview segment, but she’s all moaning nympho as soon as he starts choking her and pulling the chain attached to her nipples.


The first third of the movie is shot from a third-person VR perspective. It really feels like you’re sitting on a chair across from them, watching Isabella get masturbated to screaming orgasm. Binaural audio sounds like a bullshit, made-up feature until you actually hear how real it sounds in headphones.


When the perspective switches, you get to experience Isabella’s first-person blowjob. You grab her head and force it down on your dick over and over again, which forces a crazy “GLUG-GLUG-GLUG-GLUG” sound out of her throat. I love her very obvious excitement and enthusiasm when the actor lets her cummy, spitty face up to take a breath. He slaps her sticky cheeks, which only gets her going harder.



All Kinds of Very Freaky Things

It’s hard as hell to satisfy fetish folks. Kinks are just so varied and wide-ranging that you’ll never appeal to everyone, and a lot of you are looking for just one or two extremely specific things that really get you going.



KinkVR’s category list is only a few dozen deep. Some of them are standard porn genres like Teen and MILF, of course, but most naturally lean toward kink. Besides things I’ve already mentioned in the review, some of their movies contain Electrical Play, Flogging, Foot Jobs, Fucking Machines, and Punishment. It doesn’t go super-specific, but there’s enough variance to please most common types of kinksters.


My biggest complaint about the site has got to be its relatively small collection size, but that’s to be expected with any virtual reality site at this stage in the VR game. They’re putting out weekly material, and they do round out the membership with the BaDoink VIP Network access.


My other complaint is fairly trivial, but a couple of the videos have some pretty goddamn cheesy music. That’s not uncommon in porn, and generally not a big deal. It can be more of a distraction in some types of fetish movies where dialog is important. How are you going to hear that superior woman call you a worthless piece of shit if you mute the audio?


Considering their high production values, top-shelf porn talent, and the fact that they got into the VR game this early, I wouldn’t be surprised if KinkVR establishes a strong and lasting foothold in VR BDSM movies. The fetish content is obviously not for everyone, but it’s done extremely well. The price ain’t bad, either.

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