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What’s for sale at Swallow Bay? I’ll give a couple of guesses, with some clues to help you along. For one thing, this doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with those barn-dwelling little birds that symbolize love, care, and affection, though you’ll definitely see some deep intimacy inside. Oh, and despite the clever name riffing on eBay, this one isn’t an auction site, so you don’t have to worry about being the highest bidder. Everybody pays the same price around here.


In case you haven’t connected all the dots by now, I’ll spell it out a little more clearly: is a new premium VR blowjob porn site where you can experience the 3D thrills of banging pornstars from a truly first-person perspective. So grab that futuristic sex helmet you told your wife was just for gaming. It’s time to get virtual with these babes. Just tell wifey the controllers are sticky because you were eating glazed donuts all day.


Who’s Swallowing at Swallow Bay

I’ve been reviewing virtual reality porn sites for the last few years, and there’s no doubt the format is just getting more and more popular. But, of course, you can thank ol’ Mark Zuckerberg for the boost because it’s Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 that finally brought the tech to the mainstream. Say what you want about their nefarious plans to spy on you and sell your data to everybody on the Internet, but I’m happy we’re getting to see more and more of this next-gen POV porno.



Case in point: Swallow Bay. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the site’s unique candy-colored aesthetic. I’ve long been a fan of VRCosplayX for the way they infuse their VR flicks with those sci-fi and comic book trappings and scenarios, and I get a similar vibe from SwallowBay. It’s not a cosplay thing here, but it definitely isn’t the typical VR variations on vanilla reality porn you find on many sites. I think those bright, dreamy vibes are going to be the make-or-break element for a lot of you pervs.


I mean, shit, look at those outfits and those sets! There’s something weirdly wholesome about all that glitter, bright colors, inflatable furniture, and lava lamps, despite all the cocksucking going on. Half the girls are eating candy in the thumbnails, though the moving previews show them enjoying a different delicacy in those pretty mouths.


Oh, and let’s talk about those pretty mouths. is working with some genuinely gorgeous, truly talented babes, many of whom you’ll recognize if you’re a regular porn consumer. The newest flick has Blake Blossom in heart-shaped sunglasses that match the bright red of her lingerie. Other recent flicks have featured babes like Kali Roses, Charlotte Sartre, Vina Sky, and Kira Noir. They even did a movie with Dixie Lynn, who I had the pleasure of getting to know quite intimately over on the NoLimitsCasting couch. The VR flick here will give you a first-person experience similar to the magic I experienced when Dixie visited.


I was really hoping for some downloadable free samples to try out before pulling the trigger on membership since that’s a common lure on virtual reality paysites. However, perhaps SwallowBay’s just a little more confident in their wares because all the Download buttons on the tour page send you to the sign-up area as they do on most paysites. In that case, I guess there’s only one real way to see what it’s like inside.


Futuristic Porno at Last-Gen Prices

There’s a little banner at the top of the landing page that says they’re running a WELCOME SUPER SALE. I’m not just a sucker for beautiful sluts, but for deals as well, so that caught my interest right away. VR paysites have historically been a little cheaper than 2D paysites to get consumers hooked, but I have seen the trend slipping slightly in the last year or so. SwallowBay, though, hooks you up: memberships are cheaper than your typical non-VR sites, to the tune of just twenty bones a month.



They also have a 7-day trial for six bucks. I have to say I’m not usually that excited about paysite trials because they often limit downloads, but you get full, uninhibited access in this case. Also, considering that VR porn is best when downloaded anyway, the trial can be an even cheaper way to run in, scoop up the current collection and then dip out. Just remember to cancel if you don’t want to get rebilled!


One of the downsides to signing up for a newer paysite is that they haven’t had all that much time to build up their libraries just yet. And that’s definitely the case at Swallow Bay since they haven’t even been around two months yet. As of this writing, there are twenty full-length movies in the collection. They’re all around half an hour-long, which adds up to more than enough for some marathon wank sessions.


They don’t seem to have a consistent release schedule, though, and that might be because they’re still so new and trying to fill out the collection. That said, they are adding multiple updates per week at this point. My golden standard for any paysite is at least one new flick every seven days, so these guys are golden in my book.


And of course, since this is a VR site, SwallowBay lets members download to their heart’s content. Many paysites are starting to go streaming-only again, I think because of the success of OnlyFans. However, virtual reality still works best when you can download the highest resolution your VR device can handle. I think downloads on VR sites might start disappearing as consumer Internet speeds get faster, but it’s time to fill up that hard drive or SD cards for now.


Putting You in the Pilot Seat of a Stud Cock

The wait times for downloads always make VR sites slightly less accessible than their 2D counterparts, so make sure to budget some extra time or plan your fap sessions in advance. I got some Swallow Bay downloads going and then took a lunch break, then came back and got my Cyclops headgear ready. I felt like I was in the X-Men, only I would masturbate furiously instead of trying to fight Magneto.



I did, however, get to indulge my Jean Grey fantasies a little bit in the form of some redhead VR porno. As I was reviewing the site, they added a brand-new flick with the gorgeous, firemuffed Lacy Lennon. Lacy’s Biscuits runs 32 minutes long, opening with Lacy greeting you in a sultry whisper while licking a lollipop. You’ll definitely want to break out the headphones to experience the full power of 3D binaural audio and get those ASMR tingles.


“I’m here to suck your cock,” she whispered in my right ear before giving some VR kisses. I often skip the slow intros and foreplay in traditional porn, but the VR stuff at Swallow Bay drops you into the scene in a way that makes every fucking second sexy. Just the way she whispers and makes eye contact has me harder than a rock within the first couple of minutes.


After licking the hell out of that lollipop, the drooling Lacy decides she wants a different kind of treat in her mouth. The actual blowjob starts around six minutes in. My VR porn stand-in has been entirely off the camera until this point, and they do a nice, smooth job slipping you into his shoes as the cock comes out.


If you like sloppy blowjobs, you’re going to fucking love this. Jesus fucking Christ, I could whack off to just the slurps, glurps, moans, and dirty talk coming through my headphones, but the visuals are absolutely fantastic. Lacy bobs her head on that knob like a truly hungry whore. It’s a nice, long dick-eating scene. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it’s definitely in line with the site’s title. is an easy recommendation for anybody who loves blowjobs and wants to experience them in VR with some fucking hot pornstars. The joint has a unique vibe that will appeal to porn fans looking for something a little different from the pseudo-realistic setups you get on other sites. This one feels a lot like a beautiful wet dream, and I can’t wait to see more smoking-hot cock-smoking babes come through and leave their sticky marks on the stash.

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