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Virtual Real Japan! If there was ever a great time to be alive, it’s 2024, right? It’s never been easier to catch a devastating respiratory virus, get laid off or stung by a murder hornet than it is right now. On the other hand, all this alone-time through social distancing gives us plenty of opportunity to appreciate the high-tech marvels of the modern age. VirtualRealJapan, for example, will let you experience 18+ Asian schoolgirl sex, lesbian encounters and kinky cosplay anal bangs from the comfort of your virtual-reality sex helmet at home. kicked off in 2017, right as the current generation of VR units started making their way into pervert homes around the world. Their virtual JAV (Japanese Adult Video) movies work with any modern device like GearVR, Windows Mixed Reality, and any of the Oculus units. Those of you still fucking with phone VR can still use your Google Cardboard or Daydream, too. I probably don’t have to tell you this, but the site’s a hit among weeaboos and anybody with yellow fever, pulling in at least a thousand visitors a day.


What’s Inside this Library of VR JAV?

The preview page gives you a taste of the site’s design and some peeks at the pretty girls, but honestly leaves a bit to be desired as far as preview pages go. There are some topless Japanese hotties at the top of the screen showing off their titties, but the only other glimpses of the action we get are the video covers. As sexy as these girls are, sometimes it’s hard to tell what you’re about to watch when the cover just features a bunch of Japanese writing and some smiling faces. Am I accidentally going to sign up for a G-rated VR sing-along?



I guess the exposed jugs, Playboy bunny ears and sailor suits galore should tell me this ain’t for youngsters, but it leaves the big censorship question open for discussion. It’s a good thing you pervs have me to take the plunge first, right?


One thing I do know for sure is that VirtualRealJapan has more than 140 VR JAV movies in the collection so far. Virtual reality porn is still pretty fucking new, so it’s not uncommon for me to check out new sites with scenes only numbering in the dozens. At least at Virtual Real Japan, you ain’t going to run out of immersive fuck flicks anytime soon.


Cheap Memberships and a Free VR Gadget

The landing page at makes a big deal out of the fact that the movies are streamable. Well, if you’ve been filling up your VR fuck goggles with porn, you already know streaming ain’t the ideal way to watch this stuff. Unless you’re on a commercial connection, it’s hard to pull enough bandwidth to stream in the kind of resolution you want when the pixels are literally right next to your corneas. Downloading is the way to go.



The sign-up page makes things a little more clear. delivers a streaming-only VR porn subscription. While many of the premium sites are doing away with downloads, this is the first time I’ve seen a virtual reality site trying to sell a streaming-only membership. I’m skeptical as hell, but we’ll see how it goes.


JAV sites, in general, tend to cost more than the standard $30 a month most premium sites are asking these days, but Virtual Real Japan is only asking $25. The longer memberships offer big-ass discounts, with the yearly breaking down to barely over nine bucks a month. It’s a good price for porn and an even better price for JAV. It’s VR, which makes it an even better value since it’s an even deeper niche.


If you’re new and signing up for VirtualRealJapan with a credit card, you’re also entitled to a free VR device. It’s just a Google Cardboard, which was abandoned by Google even before they abandoned their newer Daydream unit. That makes it a couple of generations outdated, and a pretty weak toy compared to an Oculus Quest, but it’s a decent intro to VR technology. Plus, it’s free, which is one of my favorite prices. You should see the fuckable blow-up doll some idiot at my apartment complex was trying to just throw away.


Fap to Top AV Idols in Immersive 3D

The front page at Virtual Real Japan has a bunch of search filters for dialing in the piece of realistic 3D Asian smut you’re looking for, but none of those menus are available until you get logged in. Once you’re ready to rock, you can sort by date, rating or length, choose your favorite studio and genres, or limit your selection to only the high-resolution pictures. I’m a little disappointed my quality options are only 3k and 4k. Those are adequate in 2D, but this is supposed to be next-gen JAV.



I was really hoping Uncensored would be one of the genres, but it’s not. Typing the term into the search box didn’t turn up a goddamn thing, either. I guess I may as well tell you now that everything I ended up watching at Virtual Real Japan had the genitals blurred out by flesh-colored pixels.


Longtime JAV fans who know their AV idols and studios are in for a treat, as VirtualRealJapan has some of the best in the business listed in their dropdown search menus. Watch dirty VR movies from studios like Aroma Planning, Parallel, MAX-AVR and Waffle. Jerk your dick to gorgeous Japanese porn sluts like Ai Mukai, Mako Ayanami, and Nana Kamiyama. The full menu spans hundreds of babes and about a dozen major Japanese porn studios.


I still get my JAV idols and studios mixed up sometimes, which is why I prefer digging around in Virtual Real Japan’s Genre menu. It’s got a lot of the same genre tags you’ll find on any porn video site, like Big Ass, Blowjob, Cuckolding and Doggy. I have a feeling a lot of you are coming around for the kind of shit you don’t see too often on Western sites, which these perverts have in abundance.


The Japanese are known for censoring the hell out of their porn, which sucks, but they’re also known for putting out unabashedly kinky material, which rules. The Foot Fuck movies are practically a given, as is the Cosplay section and an Taboo collection more explicitly familial than the step-family bullshit you get in Los Angeles pornos. Lace Queens, StepSisters, abound, as does Femdom, Gyaru-Girls, and a rich Fetish area.


Why Wait? Stream VR JAV Now!

I ran into some bugs with the interface as I was trying to find the right fap material. I narrowed my results down to the top-quality 4k movies, but any thumbnail I clicked from the resulting list just brought me right back to the front page. I was still able to find some good shit, but I had to run around in a circle for a few extra seconds first.



I settled in for Part 2 of a flick called Big Boob Wives – Harem Onsen VR VR Japanese Video. Yes, “VR” is listed twice in the title, probably due to a translation error. Since VirtualRealJapan offers no downloads, I was able to jump right in instead of waiting around for big files to download.


As expected, the quality is not very good. If you’ve signed up or even downloaded samples from a different, modern VR paysite, you are almost definitely going to be disappointed. The Asian girls are absolutely gorgeous, and the binaural audio will help immerse you in the scene, but everything is made of pixels. I honestly don’t know if a bong hit will make it better or worse. I’m worried I’ll think I’m jacking off in Minecraft if I get too toasted.


Many porn sites, free and premium, ask you to make some kind of tradeoff for the convenience and/or quality of the fap material they’re hosting. asks users to make a tradeoff I’ve never seen before, and I’m not convinced is worth it. They’re asking a low price for a decent, varied collection of virtual reality JAV movies, but you can’t download any of them. That’s absolutely going to be a dealbreaker for VR fanatics who love the realism of the genre, since the quality suffers immensely. If your vision kind of sucks anyway, it’s an easy trade to make. The rest of you will have to consider how crisp you like your Japanese sluts and AV idols.

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