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If you want to Create Porn, there are a few different ways you can go about it. When I’m not reviewing adult websites here at ThePornDude, I’m often banging pornstars and then posting the videos at PornDudeCasting. I also run a ranked directory of smut peddling resources over at PornWebmasters, which could really come in handy if you’re looking to launch your own online porno empire. What if your needs and your dreams ain’t so grand, though? Well, my friends, this next platform promises to render your fantasies in full color at the click of a mouse.


That’s right: instantly creates the porn of your wet dreams using artificial intelligence. I’ve been reviewing a growing number of these sites in recent months as the technology continues to evolve rapidly, and I had a feeling going in that this was going to be one of the good ones. They’ve gone from zero to an easy half million visitors in just a couple months, which tells you a lot about the quality of the content they’re banging out. Traffic stats don’t necessarily give you the whole picture, though, so I decided to try making some whole pictures of my own. Let me tell you all about them.



Who Wants to Create Porn?

At a glance, you might initially mistake CreatePorn for a dirty photo-sharing site like, PornPics or ImageFap. The overall presentation is pretty sleek and streamlined, making way on the front page for a big-ass spread of X-rated imagery. It’s a wide-ranging smorgasbord of perversion, which is exactly what you’d expect if users were just posting their favorite nudes and porn photos instead of outright creating them.



Their machine bangs out high-quality hentai, realistic nudes and full-on porn pics. The first two are pretty standard from just about any of the AI porn generators out there, but in my experience, most systems struggle with the hardcore stuff. Whoever’s running this joint has clearly trained their AI using some absolute filth, and I’m all for it. There are front-page pics of girls taking huge dick, getting completely covered in sticky spunk, giving tit wanks, riding hog or playing with their own futunari dingdongs. I even saw a surprisingly realistic though weirdly alien threesome going on.


The realistic sex pics aren’t the only thing that immediately differentiates Create Porn from much of the competition. It also creates custom pics of famous characters and famous real women. I’ve seen a few AI porn sites that’ll do anime characters, but they’re usually more likely to prohibit real chicks than include them. I’m not sure how long this is going to last, for obvious ethical reasons, but I know it’s going to be a huge draw for a lot of users.


Before I’d even spent five minutes poking around, I found sexed-up AI depictions of Emma Watson, Kelly Brook, Scarlett Johansson, Emily Blunt, and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Anime girls are well represented, too, with chicks like Hosimachi Suisei, Mikasa Ackerman, D.Va and Asuka Langley Soryu all featured out front in various states of undress, sometimes with dicks inside of them. Who would you like to Create Porn of today?



Custom Porn at the Click of a Mouse

Given the awesome range of material all over the front page, I really expected to have a prompt-based interface where you just type whatever you’re looking to see. Turns out, they’ve actually got a menu-based system with an optional prompt. I really think this is the style that will ultimately win the AI porn generator wars, so CreatePorn is ahead of the curve here.



As I type this up, is still in beta. The optional prompt is currently accessible to free tier users, but it sounds like they’re going to limit the feature to paying users at some point. As with most AI porn sites, you can Create Porn for free, but there are limits. Fifteen bucks a month entitles you to skip the line as you churn out unlimited creations without the watermark. Premium users will also get first access to any new perks they roll out in the future.


Typing your request into a prompt offers more versatility than a menu, but there is something of a learning curve to the process. CreatePorn’s got a nice little Prompting Guide to help you figure it all out, but for my first creation, I decided to keep it simple by using the menu. I chose the Realistic AI model, then checked off the boxes for a Thick, Angry Ginger in her 20s with her Hands on Hips, Pigtails, Massive Breasts, Massive Ass, wearing Jean Shorts in a Bar.


After tapping the Generate button, I waited about 15 seconds for my image to spring forth into reality. The babe I created doesn’t look angry and her red hair ain’t in pigtails, but she met the rest of the criteria I’d spelled out. She’s smoking hot, and there are no obvious signs the image was generated by artificial intelligence. If I didn’t know any better, I would have assumed it was just a regular photo of a sexy chick with her big tits out at the local watering hole.


If I have any immediate complaint, it’s just that doesn’t automatically save your creations. I accidentally lost my first image because I didn’t realize I had to click the Save button to add it to my own personal archive. This is probably a more efficient way of handling shit, since the duds won’t end up in your stash, but I’d rather weed out the shittier images after generating a bunch of them. Oh well. It’s not going to be a dealbreaker for anybody, but just remember to tap that Save button when you make a good pic.



Can Your Other AI Porn Machine Do This?

I wanted to test out some of those CreatePorn features that you don’t find elsewhere, so next, I made a few deepfakes of famous chicks. They don’t have any names listed on the menu, but I had luck typing them into the prompt after selecting a handful of keywords from the menu. In just a few minutes, I managed to create a nice little collection of fakes: Jennifer Lawrence giving a tit job, Katy Perry smoking a pole, and Shailene Woodley making out with a lesbian who looks just like her.



If you’ve ever played with an AI porn generator before, you already know the pics don’t necessarily nail every one of your keywords every time. This is common with all the sites, but I found that Create Porn seemed to struggle a little more with the sexy keywords like Masturbation, Doggystyle POV and Creampies. It’s not really a big deal, since the premium membership lets you create unlimited images. You’ll just have to keep clicking the Generate button and maybe tweaking your settings until you get what you’re after.


After making some deepfakes of famous chicks, I decided to create some custom anime using famous characters. This time, they have included a list of babes like Lara Croft, Makima, Tifa Lockhart and Misty from Pokemon. It could have been a coincidence, but the anime pics seemed to generate a few seconds faster than the realistic ones. I quickly created pervy versions of Wonder Woman, Princess Peach, and Jinx from League of Legends.


I know a lot of you probably have a preferred style of AI-generated adult content, whether that’s anime chicks, realistic naked babes or something in between. Even if there’s one style you love far more than the others, I still recommend checking out the different AI models CreatePorn has available. Each one has its own menu of keywords to choose from, opening up a different world of possibilities for each format. I’m really looking forward to seeing what new models and new keywords they unveil as the site continues to develop.


It’s still early in the game, but is one of the more impressive AI porn generators on the web right now. The range of styles and high-quality output are going to be major draws, but I think the biggest, most enticing perks are going to be the ones that you don’t find on just every AI site. With options to include famous characters and celebrities, as well as to create hardcore sex pics, CreatePorn has an edge over most of the other sites out there. If nothing else, I’d recommend running some of your fantasies through the free trial version and seeing what comes up.

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