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Pornography has always been a way to live vicariously through studs who fuck hotter broads than you’ve ever been able to pull in real life. Virtual reality takes those vicarious thrills to the next level, putting you right in the shoes and nutsacks of the porn cocks slamming away at those broads. At MilfVR, viewers can experience VR sex with the hottest cougar pornstars in the business. is only a few years old, but that’s still older than most premium websites in the still-young VR sex industry. They claim to be the world’s biggest VR MILF site, which may well be true. I’m a sucker for older broads, so I’ve been loading up the sex helmet with videos, getting ready for a tour.



Fuck the Hottest MILF Pornstars in VR

Even from the landing page, I already really like what I see at MilfVR. The bold text says they’ve got over 120 of the hottest MILF stars, and I already see a few of my favorites in the thumbnails below. They’ve got one that puts you in a virtual threesome with Cory Chase and Lexi Luna, and another with Penny Pax riding your cock. Kiara Edwards, McKenzie Lee and Becky Bandini have all made recent appearances, that last cougar popping up twice so far. These fuckers keep a solid roster of mature beauties!



The site is supported on all devices, and they’ve got a bunch of icons to prove it. Whether you’re jacking off with a Daydream strapped to your face, a PSVR across your eyelids, or an Oculus Rift beaming super-HD pixels directly into your corneas, you’re fucking solid.


If you’re trying to take my money, I’m more easily seduced by the screengrabs I see stretched across the front page than anything else. Rocky Emerson is taking it doggystyle, and Kylie Le Beau is licking dick, which is exactly what I fucking want in a VR sex site! You value-minded motherfuckers will be pleased to learn they offer free VR goggles to new members. It’s just a last-generation Google Cardboard, and while it’s inferior in every way to a modern VR gadget, it’s still an okay introduction to the tech.



Virtual Reality Smut for Next to Nothing

A standard membership is supposed to go for 30 bucks, which is what pretty much every porn site is charging these days. After lingering on the sign-up page for a few seconds, the site gave me a timed countdown offer of just $15 a month. There’s also a yearly membership that breaks down to less than half that, and a two-dollar, two-day trial. It’s a good time to be a VR fan; the paysites are charging less than 2D sites to get people hooked on this shit!



MilfVR is affiliated with WankzVR, so you can also get the two sites bundled together for $30 a month. Even if you aren’t interested in the package deal, it’s worth noting that WankzVR is a respected VR porn site, which reflects well on MilfVR even before I log in and take a look. Check out my full review of WankzVR on ThePornDude.


The site updates with new, full-length, and exclusive VR pornos every week. I’m happy with a weekly release schedule even on 2D paysites, so I’m pretty thrilled with it on a virtual reality one. You’ve got to figure, the production process has to be a bit more elaborate, but these hard-working motherfuckers are cranking them out like Pee-Wee Herman in an adult movie theatre.



Virtual Sex with Global Porn Cougars

Last week, MilfVR subscribers were treated to a truly first-person POV experience with British MILF McKenzie Lee riding them reverse cowgirl. This week, it’s an hour-long fuck session with Kiara Edwards. The tags for the movie promise doggy style, missionary, and a creampie.



There’s a video player baked into the website, but for full immersion, you’re going to want to download. Yes, dipshit, that means planning your fap sessions ahead. The pixels are literally right next to your eyeballs, so you’re going to want the tiniest ones your unit can display. Yes, that means waiting a long fucking time for the 12 gig, 2300p Oculus version. Alternately, you can squint your eyes, drink/smoke your vision fuzzy, or just ignore the pixels.


The 180-degree movie opens with Kiara joining you on a balcony wearing a leather jacket and short skirt. She’s talking some kind of spy-vs-spy setup, but I’m distracted by her body even though she’s still pretty covered up. The 3D virtual reality experience just adds a level of realism that makes a little clothed hottie standing in front of me into a boner-worthy scene.


She quickly brings you inside, bending over briefly to peer in the fridge and give you a glimpse of her own groceries. She bends over a few more times in the next couple minutes, and I get the feeling it’s all just pretense to get you all fucking hot and bothered. I really love gawking at this tight little thing in VR, so when she finally takes that jacket off, I’m dripping in my fucking pants.



Next-Level Eye Contact and Immersion

If you’re the kind of dude who likes eye contact in your POV blowjob scenes, the eye contact Kiara makes in VR is going to make you fall in love. Don’t worry—billing is discreet so that wifey won’t know about your virtual liaisons. Kiara sits on the edge of the bed, letting you feel her perky little tits, smiling at you, and leaning in to meet your lips.



Maybe you ain’t that romantic, though. In that case, you’re going to really appreciate when she throws that white ass in your face at the 9-minute mark, begging for a smack. She keeps making eyes at you, over the shoulder this time, feeding that growing lust.


The binaural audio enhances the slurping as we move to the blowjob sequence, further immersing you in the virtual scene. I’ve forgotten all about whatever spy setup was going on in the first few seconds, so hopefully, no Goldfinger dude comes in to take me out unawares. Kiara sucks away, rubbing her privates as that dick gets her going.


The virtual reality camera angles are done very well, avoiding common problems of the genre like weird perspective shifts, blurring, and the feeling of having your face eaten during kissing scenes. Kiara plays very well to the camera, ensuring an erotic viewing experience and a productive wank session for the viewer.


One small suggestion I’d make is to add some info on viewing positions to the video description. VR porno often requires viewers to shift from sitting to standing to lying down, but sometimes you’d rather just get your rocks off in your preferred position without having to move around. Given the long download times for these big-ass files and the logistics of scanning through a VR movie, it can be a pain in the ass looking for scenes that meet your needs.


Kiara’s movie, The Porn Identity, ends with the stud/viewer standing up. Kiara is on her back, her tiny body getting pumped with cum as she quivers as moans. Just as the two of you are catching your breath and Kiara is tasting the cum from her twat, a couple of bad guys storm the room with guns, demanding to know where the device is. There’s that spy plot we forgot about! (It’s cute as fuck watching Kiara trying not to break character and giggle at all the yelling, banging and commotion.)


It took a while to download, but The Porn Identity was well worth it. The production was well done, really immersing me in the scene with this stunning MILF. The fact that she really knew how to fuck made it a goddamn masterpiece.


After I got done fapping, I took a look through the library to see how many times I could do that before I had to watch a video twice. Holy fuck. MilfVR has around 160 movies already, and will likely have more by the time you read this.


What do you really look for in a MILF VR porn site? Hot MILFs? Check! Solid production values that make you one with the porn stud? Double-check! A big library and a regular release schedule, ensuring on-demand orgasms in virtual reality? Triple check! has everything a MILF fan with a sex helmet could want, and the price is pretty fucking good. Check out the previews and see what it does for you!

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