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Wet VR! There is a lot of wetness in porn scenes. There’s just something sexy about that glistening moisture, and maybe it has something to do with the fact that humans are mostly made of water. Yeah, we’re just a bunch of water balloons, running around and fucking each other in every orifice imaginable. Of course, I think it’s a more specific kind of wetness they’re talking about over at WetVR. is a really new virtual reality porn site. It’s a wild new frontier of 3D smut, with a lot of new players entering the game. These guys do have some pedigree, though, as evidenced by the little blurb at the top of the landing page. While their VR shit might be new, these perverts have already brought you Passion-HD, Tiny4K, Lubed, Holed and many other premium porno sites. Let’s see how well they do this next-generation immersive porno.



Tons of Dripping Creampies in VR

I’m not sure WetVR even needed to mention all the other sites they’ve put those perverted minds behind. Sure, those names tell you these guys know what they’re doing, but so do all the thumbnails that are already making my cock drip a little bit.



The most recent thumbnail shows exotic pornstar Vina Sky with an absolutely enormous dong stretching out her twat from behind. Hover over the image to see her fitting that forearm-sized beast into her little face, riding it, and finally dripping semen from that lovely beat-up pussy.


They love creampies over at WetVR. I see jizz filling up and spilling out of a bunch of these girls like Rebel Lynn, Chanel Shortcake and Jasmine Grey. That’s just on the landing page! I haven’t even plugged in my sex helmet to experience these scenes firsthand.


A lot of premium sites these days are doing away with the free video samples, but good VR sites always let you sample the wares first. WetVR is no exception, letting you download five free previews every day. Not only do you get a taste of the action, but you can be sure it works on whatever VR gizmo you’ve got. They’ve got downloads available for Oculus, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive and smartphone formats.


Maybe I spoke too soon. Despite the claim of five free previews, all of the Download buttons led me to the sign-up page. That’s what we refer to in the industry as a crock of fucking bullshit.



Premium VR Smut for Less Than Lunch

The fake free previews are fucking lame, but at least the price looks good. There’s a countdown timer at the bottom of my screen telling me this “new site sale” is going to end soon, so I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same price. Right now, you can get one month for just 15 bucks. That really is one hell of a deal. The three-month membership actually breaks down to about 20 a month, which makes me think the usual price will be about 30.



The login page mentions 1 update per week, so I’m a little surprised by the dates I see on the Latest WetVR scenes once I get logged in. The most recent one is almost a month old, though they were updating every single day for a while. Considering the age of the site, I wonder if this is some growing pains on their part.


As I write this, there are only about a dozen VR movies on the website. That’s going to be a hard sell for most viewers if they were asking a typical sex paysite price. Ten bucks sounds about right, though, at least until they flesh out their catalog with more exposed, glistening wet flesh.



Get Ready for VR Masturbation!

A small catalog can certainly be a forgivable offense, especially if the material is fucking solid. I’ve had angry wood in my pants ever since I tried to watch a Kenzie Reeves preview and got cock-blocked earlier. She’s in a movie called Stepdaughter Caught Sneaking in, so I went to the flick’s page on WetVR as soon as I got logged in.



I noticed they have even more download options than those fake ones out front. If you’re light on SD card space, you can download one of the smaller 4K files. Personally, I always up for the 5K movies if I’m going to be jerking off to a VR movie. When the pixels are right up against your eyeballs, you can really tell the difference.


VR masturbation always takes longer since I wait for the big file, though you can use the baked-in web player if you’re really in a hurry to get your rocks off. (It’s not really VR in that case, though. Why not try one of the Premium Porn Sites on my list?) By the time I had the clip saved and then moved over to my expensive sex helmet, my rod was banging a hole in the bottom of my desk.



Holy Shit! I’m Fucking Kenzie Reeves!

The previews look fucking fantastic from outside, and while the download took fucking forever, I’m really happy to see that this movie runs nearly an hour long. It’s a good thing I railed that Viagra earlier or I’d have to retire during the first act.



I’m sitting on a couch as Kenzie walks in and has a seat in front of me. She begs me not to tell her mom something, but honestly, I’m pretty fucking distracted by the way her panties are peeking out of that little dress she’s in. The VR is wonderfully immersive, putting me right in the fucking scene with the little blonde slut. These setup scenes are often boring in 2D, but it’s hard not to get raging hard at a virtual 18+ teen nympho right in front of you.


Kenzie strokes your virtual cock with her foot and then her hand, and by the four-minute mark your pants are down and she’s got her mouth wrapped around your ding-a-ling. She takes a break from that microphone to come up and whisper in your ear, the binaural audio tickling your ear with that ASMR magic. Fucking Christ, the sound and the visuals are both in such realistic 3D I start wondering if this is real life.


Kenzie keeps calling me Daddy as she works her magic. I really love how WetVR gets some of the most talented little nymphomaniacs in the business to star in their virtual reality fuck movies. I guess that’s one of the benefits of having worked in the business for so long, putting out quality smut. It’s old hat to them to film a beautiful, young 18+ starlet squealing while bouncing up and down on a cock that looks big enough to split her right open. All they had to do was add a VR camera to the mix.



Give Me More Virtual Reality Porno!

The virtual reality porn on WetVR is some absolutely fantastic stuff. It’s hyperrealistic, shot very well, and the women are gorgeous babes who really know how to fuck. If there was a Sexual Olympics, I bet you’d have a bunch of gold medalists on the roster here.



That said, there ain’t much of it here just yet. The site is still very new, so the small collection size is easily the biggest downside to the site. They ain’t charging much, though, so I think you get your money’s worth. Alternately, it seems like it would be easy enough for them to sweeten the deal with some of the other 2D porno they’ve made over the years. I know I never object to getting a bunch of free hardcore pornography added to my own personal stack. is one of the newest players on the virtual reality porn scene, and they’ve made a very strong first impression. They haven’t had much time at all to build their collection, but they have proven themselves before with their 2D offerings. What I’ve seen so far has been impressive as hell, and I can’t wait to see the site expand with more exclusive VR porno with top-shelf video whores.

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