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VR Hush! We live in an age of technological revolution. Everyday, somebody invents a new device or string of code that changes the world and advances mankind by leaps and bounds. Humanity is currently in a new form of evolution, one that will merge man and machine, making us smarter and more connected and capable than ever before. And at the forefront of this incredible technological revolution and transcendence of humankind is … pornography. VR pornography, to be exact.


Okay, maybe VR porn isn’t exactly at the forefront of the singularity or anything. I’m willing to admit that I might have oversold it a little bit. It may even be a stretch to say that it’s the pinnacle of technology merging with adult entertainment. There are AI developers and engineers in China, for instance, who have developed working sex robots. It’s only a matter of time before those cybernetic sluts make it to the mass market. Honestly, virtual reality porn’s days might be numbered.


Then again, I could see VR porn sticking around, even in a world where every lonely guy owns a Chinese sex robot. VR technology is, after all, only getting better. And who knows how these robots are going to look (at least at first). I could see people throwing on their goggles and fucking their sex robots at the same time. Even if the sex robots are as hot as can be, guys will still want to fantasize. If you’re sex robot is a brunette, you’ll want to fuck a blonde from time to time. Well, throw on some VR porn, fuck your robot, and you’ll be good to go!


In the meantime, though, VR porn is easily the most immersive porn experience available to the masses. And, personally, I fucking love it. There’s really nothing else like it. Once you experience some high-quality VR porn with a decent headset on, there’s almost no going back to the regular 2D stuff. I mean, you do it because it isn’t exactly practical to immerse yourself in a virtual world every time you want to fap, but those sessions when you have a little time to spare are fucking great.


There are not hundreds of VR porn sites out there, but there are a few. Some are, as is the case with any porn site, much better than others, though. Of course, when critiquing a VR porn site, there are a few additional factors to keep in mind. Not only does the site have to be designed well, the girls hot, and the porn high quality, but the VR component needs to be up to snuff.


What I look for in a great VR porn site is a good variety of content (a lot of VR sites have too few videos, or they are all too similar to one another), a long list of compatible headsets, and a good use of the technology. I want videos that are shot in 360-degrees as well as 180, surround sound recording (binaural if possible), and girls that know how to interact with the 3D, VR experience (not just passively take the dick, but make eye contact with the camera, lean in, simulate kissing, etc.). So, keeping all of this in mind, why don’t we take a look at a popular site known as and see how it stacks up.



Immediately Impressed

From the moment I land on VR Hush’s home page, before I’ve even logged in or anything, I can tell you that I fucking love the way the site’s designed. The first thing that you’ll notice is a giant banner at the top of the page showing a still image of a sexy blonde riding a guy in reverse cowgirl. In the center of the banner is the VR Hush logo and “Discover a new world of virtual reality porn” both inscribed inside an outline of a VR headset. Then, once you move your mouse over the banner, surprise, you actually get to experience a small sample of VR porn; the point of view of the image in the banner actually moves with your mouse!



I think that is really fucking cool and some incredible site design / branding. Even if you’ve never heard of VR porn before coming to this site, you immediately know what it is and how it works thanks to the way this site is put together. But enough of the home page, damn it, let’s log in and see what’s in store for us in the members area, shall we?


Well, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but the site design is still on point once inside. You’ve got a sensible, sparse menu bar at the top and, without delay, a bunch of large thumbnails to choose from and a quick way to toggle through how they are organized: Latest, Top Rated, and Popular. VR Hush is not fucking around; it’s straight to the porn, no bullshit. Respect!


If you keep scrolling down, eventually you will find a section labeled Popular Models. Here, you’ve got eight of VR Hush’s most lusted after vixens to check out. I love the way they switched the thumbnail size and shape here too. Instead of the horizontal, medium-sized thumbnails of the movies section, the site gives way to larger vertical images of the models, allowing the perfect view of their curves. Clicking on one, brings you to her profile page where you will find a full list of stats, a brief bio, and all of the VR Hush videos she appears in.


But let’s go back up to the top of the page for a moment to see how we can approach browsing this site even more. Going back up to that site menu bar I spoke of earlier, you will find a few tabs: Explore (dropdown: latest, upcoming, favorites, watch list, and top rated), Models, Female P.O.V., and 2D Movies. Not only is the entirety of this site easy to get to and user friendly, but they have every user in mind as well, not just the dude with a VR headset sitting in his mom’s basement.



As Inclusive as it is Immersive

I think it’s really fucking awesome that they have female POV videos as well. Why shouldn’t the girls be able to have some fun on VR Hush as well? Female POV porn is rare enough in general, so for VR Hush to offer virtual reality porn from a female perspective is huge. Come on in, ladies, the waters fine! The only downside to the female POV videos, though, is that where the VR perspective cuts off (the models head) often causes an annoying obstruction of the POV model’s tits. This is something, I’m sure, that will be improved upon in the future no doubt.



Another great feature that VR Hush offers that sets it apart from its virtual reality porn competitors is the fact that they offer exclusive 2D porn as well. Most VR porn studios just stick to 3D virtual reality porn. That’s their shtick and their sticking to it. Not VR Hush, though, they understand the importance of offering something for everyone. Maybe you’re on vacation, for instance, and you didn’t want to take up valuable bag space for your clunky VR headset, with VR Hush you don’t have to go porn-less. You can enjoy one of the many high-quality traditional pornos they offer as well. It’s like they’ve thought of everything. That is the sign of a great porn site.


You can also do all of the typical premium porn site kinds of things on VR Hush. You can “like” videos, add them to your favorites, add to a watch later list, and comment on them. It doesn’t appear as if many users are taking advantage of the comments section, though. And, shit, I don’t blame them. What are you going to try and type some shit with a VR headset on? No thank you.


VR Hush is compatible with a wide range of headsets and software. Feel free to use your HTC Vive, Oculus device, Samsung Gear VR, Playstation VR, or Smartphone via Google Cardboard or some similar sort of gadget. If you don’t know what Google Cardboard is and you’ve considered VR in the past, but are on a budget, I highly suggest looking it up … it makes VR affordable for almost anyone by turning your smartphone into a VR headset. Pretty cool stuff.


All in all, I fucking love VR Hush. I’m honestly wracking my brain right now just trying to think of something to criticize and I can’t think of anything. It’s easily one of the best VR porn sites I’ve ever reviewed, and I can’t wait to be done reviewing it so that I can go back, strap on my Google Cardboard, unzip, and slip into a pornier dimension. Happy fapping, fucking incels!

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