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Reddit TikTokThots

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Reddit TikTokThots

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Reddit TikTokThots, aka r/TikTokThots! I was gawking at TikTokThots on Reddit this morning, and honestly? It might even be a better platform for fapping to these babes than TikTok itself. I know TikTok has that crazy immediacy that gets your girlfriend addicted to watching makeup videos, but for masturbators like you and me, there’s sometimes a bit too much filler in there. The algorithms ain’t exactly set up the same way they are on Pornhub, especially since TikTok’s community guidelines prohibit the really sexy stuff. Say what you will about the neckbeards on Reddit, but at least they allow smut!


With billions of visitors every month, needs little introduction to most internet users. It’s literally one of the very most popular sites on the internet, a sprawling mega-forum with subreddits devoted to damn near everything under the sun. r/TikTokThots has occupied its own little corner on the site for a few years now, and has well over a million members, not to mention countless lurkers who never clicked the Join button. The sub’s devoted to those titular TikTok thots, a favorite topic of mine, so let’s get in there and see what the users are posting.

TikTok Thots, Day and Night

I’m whipping up this review on New Year’s Day, still mildly hungover but already horny again after hooking up with a gal I met at the bar. I was hoping for another go at it this morning, but she took off after I fell asleep, leaving me with an aching case of morning wood. Thankfully, I’ve got the same internet as the rest of you perverts, and it seemed like a good moment to see what was going on in r/TikTokThots. My only worry was that the sub would be less active than usual on this annual day of celebration.



Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Maybe everyone’s got a similarly cloudy head and roiling gut, so they’re staying home to post TikTok sluts on Reddit. It probably helps that the sub is always active, whether it’s a holiday, the weekend, or just another boring, blue-balled day at the office or in the classroom. The sub gets a steady stream of new posts all day and night, usually at a rate of a few per hour. It’s active enough that even you desk jockeys glued to your laptop should always find fresh material when you stop by in between your gaming sessions and spreadsheets.


I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve got a growing directory of TikTok Porn Sites ranked and reviewed here at ThePornDude. The growing porno subgenre may be the biggest thing since the rise of OnlyFans, though there’s a ton of crossover between the two; a lot of amateur models are on TikTok mainly to promote their paid OnlyFans pages. One thing I’ve noticed is that the categorization is usually a bit loose, so most “TikTok porn” sites feature a ton of content that comes from other social media platforms.


Not so with TikTokThots. Like other subs on, there’s a list of rules listed down the sidebar, and the number-one regulation here is that all posts must relate to legit TikTok Thots. “We only allow videos with a TikTok watermark,” they say, and I didn’t notice any posts that broke this cardinal demand. If you want TikTok fap fodder and nothing else, this sub is a great option.

Simple Rules for Posting Sexy Shots

While we’re on the subject of rules, it’s worth getting into more of the specific restrictions they’ve got on TikTokThots. is pretty cool about allowing all kinds of pervy shit as long as it doesn’t run afoul of the relevant laws, but the mods of TikTok Thots are a little bit more restrictive. I know this is going to be a huge bummer for a lot of you horny wankers, but there’s no nudity allowed on the sub. This is in line with TikTok’s own guidelines, but those other TikTok porn sites I mentioned usually have some naughtier material.



Since the explosion of OnlyFans, it’s become semi-controversial for creators to post their own content on Reddit. I’ve got mixed feelings on the topic; models have to promote their content somewhere, and I certainly appreciate the freebies, but I also understand why folks get annoyed when every single piece of content is a low-key ad. The policy on TikTokThots is simple and fair, prohibiting sellers from posting OC, but allowing fans to do so.


The rest of the subreddit rules are so typical they’re barely worth mentioning here. Basically, don’t post minors and don’t be a dick. You can handle that, right? I knew you could.


Honestly, if you ain’t posting content on the sub, there’s little reason to post anything here at all. I see a little bit of banter going on in the comment threads, but most of it is just the usual batch of sexual compliments screamed into the ether. It’s one thing to tell a babe she’s gorgeous when she’s the one posting her own content, but it’s unlikely anybody here gives a shit.

Let’s Talk About those TikTok Thots

I’ve been blathering about the overall setup of TikTokThots so much that I’ve barely mentioned the TikTok Thots themselves. They’re obviously the main draw, and they’re enough of a draw that I bet some of you go shake your dick at the sub even if you ain’t usually a fan of Reddit. The whole platform has a reputation for being a hive of incels, nerds and neckbeards, and maybe that’s true, but it’s actually a really easy site to whack off to as well. (Be sure to check out my full Reddit NSFW List if you ever need help finding more of the good stuff! I’ve got nearly 500 sexy subreddits ranked and reviewed so far!)



I’ve been taking my sweet-ass time writing up this review, in part because I only have one free hand. A fat handful of fresh posts have appeared since I began typing, and it’s a damn fine spread of babes. The sub features a truly beautiful range of TikTok Thots. The most recent post, added about half an hour ago, is a one-minute TikTok of a chick with Princess Leia buns shaking her ass on a stage in front of a bunch of other cheering thots. A few minutes before that, somebody posted an 11-second clip of a blonde chick jiggling her titties in a tight shirt.


There are a few other TikTok vids posted within the last hour, including a rich-girl bikini dance, a big booty Latina twerking in yoga pants, and a trio of babes in tiny dresses dancing in a parking lot somewhere. That last one I mentioned doesn’t have the TikTok logo, so it’s technically against the rules, though I feel like it fits the format perfectly.


I’ve got to admit, my favorite content on TikTokThots is the stuff that skirts the rules of both the sub and TikTok itself. A couple hours ago, somebody posted a spread-eagle crotch shot of a chick in a pair of lace panties. It’s technically not that explicit because you can’t see pubes nor meat flaps, but good luck explaining to HR that it’s actually SFW. Likewise with the twerk videos where the bikinis are riding deep up a babe’s ass crack, hiding basically nothing and exposing a hell of a lot of cake.


Earlier today, somebody posted a 12-second video clip of an Ebony chick in teeny tiny shorts making it clap for #MakeItClapMonday. I watched it at least half a dozen times, making a similar noise as I clapped along at home. In keeping in line with the sub’s rules and regulations, there’s no nudity, but it does carry an NSFW tag. Fortunately for me, nobody complains when I whack off in the office. In fact, it’s all in a day’s work for your friendly neighborhood Porn Dude!


While it’s noticeably softcore compared to material you’ll find elsewhere on the web and even on other subs, TikTokThots offers a user-curated selection of sexy TikTok videos that’s sure to appeal to fans of this new wave of amateur spank material. The TikTok app can serve up some algorithmically suggested videos to help motivate your fapping hand, but I feel like Reddit’s upvote/downvote system offers a more humanized range of fapworthy clips. It’s free and it’s way easier to dig into without downloading a separate app, so what’s stopping you from taking a peek right now?

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