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Ah, social media. It’s the bane of many people’s lives and the focal point of others. Personally, I don’t give a fuck what Karen down the street is doing this weekend unless she’s posing in a holiday snap with her fat MILF milkers hanging out. Yep, social media is an excellent source of wanking material if you know where to look!


However, unless we’re talking about the likes of Twitter or Reddit, most of the leading social media platforms have an outright ban on nudity. So, if you think you’ll be able to find your local crush flashing her tight gash in her photos, you’ll likely be disappointed.


So, let’s say you’re a dedicated porn fanatic who has seen more virtual clunge in the space of an hour than most normies do in a lifetime. You want to jerk off to your favorite sluts in a social media style format only to find your dick isn’t playing ball because it’s used to a far hardcore tier of content. What the hell do you do?


Well, it sounds like you need to find an NSFW version of some of the leading social media networks. The good news is that there’s a fuck load of them! You see, we’re not alone when we find ourselves hitting a brick wall when it comes to hardcore smut on social media, so a growing number of sites are keen to satisfy demand and provide the latest amateur porn displayed in a social media format.


I’ve been keeping track of a lot of these sites in recent months and have been conducting clit-deep reviews to see which sites are worth my readers considering for their next lube-soaked jerk-off session and those which are next avoided. Today, the journey continues with yet another social media-style porn site!


Its name is (the PM stands for Porn Mode), and it’s a community-style social media platform that looks like one you’re all no doubt familiar with. According to some of its regular users, it’s a damn fine place to discover some of the latest social media sluts flashing their twats and doing some downright audacious things on cam. But it’s my job to find out if it’s true or not!


So, will be able to impress me more than the viral social media video I saw of a redhead whore getting repeatedly banged by an entire Parachute Regiment in the UK? Or will it be an experience worse than using your phone camera to shave your asscrack and then seeing a flood of social media laugh reactions appearing on your phone screen?

Let’s find out!

What is, otherwise known as TikTok Porn Mode, is a social media-style website on the scene that allows users to submit a wide range of porn for others to enjoy. It was set up in 2022, making it a relatively new porn website on the scene.



To give you an idea of what is on offer on this site, I delved into the tags section and took a look. offers a virtual alphabet of porn that ranges from A for Asian Ass-to-Mouth all the way to zombie-themed porn. Sounds fun, right? Well, let’s see if it’s actually worth watching as we dive balls-deep into this site’s porn collection!

What’s the Porn Like on

A look at the aforementioned tags section reveals an entire alphabet of porn niches to explore. Short on time? Allow me to help! I explored this site’s array of porn to bring you some of the nastiest highlights it had to offer.



● Shemale Fucking Ass – Damn, this is a fucking this girl will never forget! Spurred on by a Lovense vibrator stuffed deep in her asshole, this hung, and horny Latina shemale is pounding this whore’s asshole deeper than she’s ever been fucked before. The more she moans and wails, the harder she fucks. Short porn videos like this make you wish they were longer!

● Adriana Chechik Eating a Butt Plug – When it comes to hardcore anal play, few do it better than the iconic Adriana Chechik! In this short porn clip, we see Adriana getting an enormous glass butt plug stuffed in her freshly fucked asshole before Kissa Sins tears it out and buries her tongue in her ass, and slurps up all of her nasty ass juice!

● Pegging a Femboy – This horny young 18-year-old looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. In reality, she has more men wrapped around her little finger than she can count! One of them, a crossdressing femboy, is shown in this video and is more than happy to show the world how they’re committed to encasing their limp dick in chastity and allowing this blonde 18+ teen to wreck their asshole with a giant strap-on dick!

● A Brazzers Cum Swap – Good friends share their treats, and this pair of busty blonde harlots certainly do! After delivering one of the finest double blowjobs ever seen, one of the girls is gifted with a mouthful of hot sticky cum. However, she doesn’t want her friend to miss out on it, so they snowball the salty treat between each other’s mouths before giving in and sharing a sloppy cum-soaked kiss together. Hot!

The Design of the Website is a relatively new porn site, so I was keen to see how much work had been put into its overall design or whether it looked like a virtual construction site still finding its sticky feet. kicks things off with a large social media-style logo accompanied by a tagline of TikTok Porn Mode. This is then followed by a prominent search bar stretching across the top of the site for users to seek out any specific types of porn they and their genitals are looking for.


Then we have the site’s main menu laid out on a light gray background. At the time of writing, the menu was limited and only consisted of five links. One to the homepage, another to the site’s tags page, and the rest being third-party sites.


Then, the site really gets started! begins with a selection of its latest videos displayed in neat rows of three videos with the title underneath. When you click on the video to watch, it plays in a video player format with many options to like and share it across specific social media channels.


The site’s footer is home to four widgets that further explain what the site is all about, disclaimers, recent searches on the site, and terms of service.

What I Like Most About it

One of the most beautiful things about social media is absorbing a shitload of condensed content in a short time. This is something has replicated, and this site is jam-packed with short and sticky porn videos that you can easily spend hours browsing through.



Many models featured in the videos are tagged accordingly so users can easily find their social media usernames and follow them to stay up to speed with more of their sexually-charged content.


Even though the site is relatively new, the people behind it have clearly put some effort into the overall design. Everything from the logo to the homepage is easy to navigate through. Well, except for one thing, but I’ll cover that in the next section!

What I Don’t Like

The website tends to force-redirect users when they navigate through a different page of the site. I hate this as we have no say in which websites it’ll take us to. Will it be a site that’ll take my masturbation adventure to the next level, or will it be one where I’ll potentially catch an online form of an STD (malware) from?



Also, while the site does have tags, it has nothing in the way of categories. Tags and categories aren’t the same, and it could do much better with a dedicated page summing up the site’s most popular categories.

Suggestions I Have for

Ditch the forced redirects that pop up when you try and make your way around the site. Nobody likes that shit. It’s like hooking up with a busty blonde slut, and just as you have your dick inches from her wet pussy, she switches it with her fat friend’s snatch instead. A better alternative to forced redirects is to use banner ads.


If short and sharp doses of amateur porn are the kind of stuff that makes your balls tingle, then is a decent site that has done a solid job of replicating major social media networks, just with the added addition of hardcore porn instead of choreographed dancing. However, to get through the content on the site, you’ll need to put up with a tonne of forced redirects which can get really tedious after a while!

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