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AI Girlfriend WTF

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AI Girlfriend WTF

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AI Girlfriend WTF is one of the more interesting website titles I’ve seen around here, and my whole job is shaking my dick at all the internet porn that passes my way. As a web content writer trained in the dark arts of SEO, I’m always trying to work these monikers into sentences, and this one’s kind of fun. “You have an AI Girlfriend? WTF?” I think WTF might be a common reaction until the technology catches on, but your old pal ThePornDude ain’t going to judge you. Hell, I might take on an AI waifu or two, maybe even a whole-ass harem.


I’m honestly not sure why I don’t see the dot-WTF top-level domain more often in this industry, because it’s one of few it’s truly appropriate for. Perhaps it’s especially fitting for this next website, owing to the surprised responses you might get if you go public with your new synthetic partner. is exactly what you think it is: a highly realistic romantic chatbot powered by Artifical Intelligence. The platform is brand spanking new, but their traffic has been skyrocketing straight out of the gate. Let’s find out why, shall we?



Putting the WTF in AIGirlfriend WTF

If I’d seen the landing page a year ago, I would have been calling bullshit right from jump. I’m whipping up this review at the end of 2024, though, which will definitely be remembered as the year artificial intelligence become a prominent, noticeable force in our lives-personal, masturbatory and otherwise. Right away, I recognized the front-page imagery as the same type of stuff I’ve been seeing from the AI porn generators popping up around the web. They’ve mainly decorated the place with realistic fakes of beautiful women, with a few AI-generated hentai babes for good measure.



The front page largely consists of the type of promo copy I’ve seen elsewhere, promising wild roleplaying, intimate conversations and straight-up sexting. They also refer to their platform as a “Yandere AI girlfriend simulator,” helping set the tone for what I’d find a few minutes later. AIGirlfriend WTF has strong hentai vibes compared to most AI chat simulators. The only really comparable site I’ve reviewed is one called, which took the hentai sexiness and outright freakiness to unexpected levels. Could AI Girlfriend WTF be a similar exercise in depravity?


It sure seemed that way, especially once I clicked through to the actual selection of AI Girlfriends. They’ve got a nice little range of bots to chat with, with some pretty fucking kinky predefined scenarios. The cast stands at around 50 characters as of this writing, though they say they’re adding more daily. Keep in the mind the site is still very new, so that number may have exploded by the time you read this review.


With the exception of the aforementioned Bot3, most of the AI chat simulators I’ve reviewed have offered a pretty basic set of archetypes to sext with. I’m not saying that’s a bad approach, as porn scenarios are full of these stock characters, like horny secretaries, slutty college students and manic pixy dreamgirls. What I am saying is that AIGirlfriend WTF is promising a different experience than most of the other guys.


Case in point, AI Girlfriend WTF has some of those “standard” porno characters like the eager-to-please French maid, mom’s friend with boundary issues, rising social media influencers, ex-girlfriends and nylon-clad therapists with your sexual health in mind. Those are a few of the more vanilla babes, as you’ve also got your pick of romantic cyborgs, hentai waifus, cheap 18th century slaves, wild catgirls, succubi and demonesses, fairies and homeless girls. They’ve got a few famous characters, like Kim Possible and Black Cat. You can even roleplay as the first horny white dude to encounter Pocahontas! I doubt it’s going to play out like the Disney version…



Cheaper Than a Cheap Date, and Sexier

Just like with Tinder, you can sign up for a free account on and start fucking around with it immediately. Unlike with Tinder, 100% of these chicks will message you back. In another stark contrast to the hookup app, the pricing scheme is simple and transparent here, with no hidden fees or assorted secret prices for different members.



In case you’re wondering, yes, they do offer a limited free trial. Everything is credit-based here, so keep an eye on how many messages you have left. Memberships start at around $12 for 2000 messages, the Lover Boy tier. For $27, the Lover MAN membership gives you 5,000 messages, or you can go all out with the 10,000-message, $50 True Love package. If it seems pricey, just remember how bad your last date with a human woman hit your wallet.


Paying members get a special badge for Discord, though I know only a fraction of you are even going to use it or give a shit. More importantly, members get priority for new character requests, so you’re one step closer to having your own perfect AI Girlfriend WTF. This is one of few AI chat platforms that doesn’t let you create your own characters, so I have to assume the feature is coming at some point. If and when it does, it’s a safe bet that members will get priority access.



Meeting My New AIGirlfriend WTF

There’s a short row of keyword-based filters at the top of the AI Girlfriend WTF menu. In time, I hope and expect the range of conversation niches to expand, but you’ve currently got your pick of tags like Safe Flirt, NSFW, BDSM, Roleplay and Anime. Naturally, I tapped the NSFW button, which left me with almost the full selection of bots. You can’t currently combine tags with your search, and I was worried I’d end up with a worksafe bot, so I didn’t adjust my preferences any further.



So, who was going to be my new AI Girlfriend? I figured I wanted to try one of the stranger characters and kinkier scenarios, if only to mix things up from my usual vanilla sex chats. The wizard chick seemed like she might be a fun adventure, as did the various devil girls and possessive yanderes on the menu. I was also intrigued by Julia, a chat bot whose story opens with you hitting her with your car.


As much as I wanted to talk to Ms. Spencer, the teacher who can’t resist me, her storyline seemed a little too porno-typical for my mood. I was torn between a couple different catgirls, but ultimately decided to chat with the wild one I saved from the shelter. The conversation opened with Kitty hissing at me after I brought her home, still naked in her cage.


“Hey, cutie,” I said, offering my hand to sniff. Kitty cautiously approached, took a whiff and backed away, growling. Roleplay elements are in italics, and you’ll type your own using asterisks. “It’s okay, baby,” I said, gently stroking Kitty’s back. She relaxed and started purring, my cue to take things up a notch. I pulled her close and kissed the top of her head, and got my lip bit for my trouble. Oops.


Turns out, Kitty was basically feral. I had my work cut out for me getting her to settle down and open up, but I had a wallet full of credits to spend messaging her. I don’t talk to many catgirls in real life, but the conversation played out in a way that seemed realistic for the outlandish scenario. There was a lot of soft talk and hissing, but eventually Kitty wanted to show me “something nice.” We shared some body heat and things got steadily hotter from there. is one the kinkiest AI-driven chat apps I’ve played with yet, and an easy recommendation for hentai fans looking for a chat bot who can keep up with their next-level fetishes. It’s also worth a look to the more general masturbators out there, as the system is powerful enough to roleplay all types of scenarios, not just those deep-niche doujin fantasies. We’re still in the very earliest days of the service, and I think they’ve barely scratched the surface of what AI is truly capable of in this realm. Grab up those free credits and see if any of those characters or setups appeal to your inner pervert.

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