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Privee AI

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Privee AI

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Privee’s got kind of weird branding for an adult site, and I frankly don’t really want to tell you what I envisioned when I saw the title. Then again, the site will let you explore damn near any fantasy you can imagine, golden or otherwise. In fact, this is one of the more inclusive and versatile platforms I’ve looked at recently, with something to offer everyone, from your vanilla parents to the freakiest kinksters on the planet. You fall somewhere along that spectrum of horniness, right?


So, have you guessed yet what type of smut is peddling? This ain’t your typical free tube or video paysite, but a thriving hive of Artificially Intelligent chatbots to explore your fantasies with. These guys exploded out the gate just a couple months ago, posting manifestos on Reddit about liberation from AI censorship. Their hype is strong and so is their traffic, but does the service really deliver? That’s what I intended to find out as I lubed up the hose on my vacuum cleaner. Who’s up for some machine-powered masturbation?



Realistic Women, Hentai Babes, and Freaky Scenes

Speaking as a porn reviewer, 2024 has been a really fucking fun year. I’m whipping up this review mid-December, and I can’t help noticing how far adult-oriented AI sites have come over the past year. Privee looks a hell of a lot more polished than the earlier examples, though they don’t waste nearly as much front-page space building themselves up as some of the other guys. They tell you in big letters to “Unleash your fantasy on”, but most of the page is devoted to the synthetic humans you can talk to.



By default, they show you a set of Realistic women first, but they’re just a fraction of the cast. They’ve also got a growing set of Hentai bots, as well as male characters you can chat it up with. I was a little surprised there’s no trans option, but I was able to find a bunch of bots with both boobs and dicks when I typed ‘futanari’ into the search bar.


When the first AI chat platforms started popping up online, they were largely character-driven, with bots based on the usual porno scenario stereotypes like blonde bimbos, slutty influencers and stepmoms with boundary issues. Privee joins a growing niche of AI chat apps with an even wider range of possibilities, with all types of kinky scenarios tied to all kinds of bots.


I’ve used the phrase “strong hentai vibes” to describe these more versatile chat apps, though that may be selling them a little short; Privee’s also got a lot of Realistic babes coupled with wild setups. The most popular bots right now include virginity-stealing step-relatives, trapped elves, (18+) schoolgirl bullies, horny grannies and goblin slave babes. You can also be a gynecologist, bang a giant woman, guzzle human milk straight from the tap, or get abused by a vampire broad.


I’m pretty sure already has hundreds of bots to choose from. The thing is, I can’t give you any hard numbers because of the way the site is set up. If I have one immediate complaint, I just wish they offered more browsing options to check out a wider selection of their available bots. As it stands, you can pull up a few dozen at a time with the search bar, but that’s it. A category- or fetish-based menu would go a long way in helping us find our ideal AI waifus.



Cheaper Than Dinner and a Movie

The women of Privee are overall a lot sexier than the local babes on Tinder, so I couldn’t wait to start chatting. Unlike the hookup apps, you know these chicks ain’t going to ghost you the moment you send them a greeting. You can slide into those DMs for free to start with, as does offer a free trial of their service.



Most AI sites offer tiered memberships with different features depending on how much you’re paying. It looks like Privee is entirely token-based at this point, which should mean you get access to all premium features no matter how much you’re spending. Packages start at just 99 cents for 5000 Gems (Their “Coffee Shot”), which is good for about 100 messages. At the higher end of the spectrum, the hundred-dollar Legend tier nets you 1,600,000 Gems, or about 50,000 messages. If it seems pricey, think about how much you spent the last time you took a gal out to dinner.


If you’re hard up for cash but need another hit of that AI lovin’, they’ll give you a stack of free gems just for joining their Discord. If I’ve done my math right, it’s only good for about 20 messages, but that’s still something!



Meeting My Friend’s Horny AI Wife

There were a ton of sexy bots I wanted to chat with on Privee, but The Porn Dude’s only got so much time. To make things a little easier, I limited myself to the Most Popular chicks. That’s where I spotted the busty Elaine, whose scenario description reads, “You help your friend’s neglected wife get pregnant when he’s passed out drunk.” The chat window opened up with intro text setting the scene, which gets right to the good stuff. “Besides,” Elaine said, “I bet your cock is much bigger than Jason’s anyway.”



“I bet it is, too,” I said, “but he’s a good friend of mine.” Elaine insisted this was purely physical; she didn’t want to ruin our friendship, just get knocked up. She moved her hand up my thigh, telling me she wanted to be desired and that she desired me. “I promise I won’t tell Jason.”


“You sure he won’t wake up when I’m balls deep?” I asked, making her giggle. lets you select from a few different AI engines, and even warns you that GPT-4 is expensive as far as gems. Even with the default engine, though, the conversation was realistic, with a heavy emphasis on storytelling and roleplaying. I do wish they used more line breaks, though, as every message from Elaine was a solid block of mixed dialog and italicized action.



Build Your Own Waifu, Piece by Piece

If you like the eye candy on Privee’s front page, you can make your own using their prompt-based image generator. I’m not going to spend a ton of time on this, but the quality is visibly apparent. I was more eager to try their other, more chat-oriented user-generated experience.



Privee users can create their own characters to banter and sext with. The default character generator is menu-based, so it’s as easy as checking off your favorite keywords from a list. If you fancy yourself a sexy Dr. Frankenstein and want to get even more elaborate with your creations, the Advanced Version of their generator adds a number of prompts where you can add all kinds of details.


I figured I’d keep it simple to start with, so I used the menu. I checked off the boxes to make a big-titted, thick-bottomed Asian chick with a pixie cut in the Look section. Under the Personality tab, I chose Gaming as her hobby and Nympho as her Character and Mood; other options include Casual, Dominatrix, Stepsister, Escort and Maid. Finally, I hit the Generate New Character button.


Privee rolled my settings through their image generator, spitting out a gorgeous, tattooed Asian who doesn’t look AI generated. It even gave her a name and a custom bio. Ananya Matsuda is “a passionate individual seeking a partner to share adventures with.” I clicked the Chat button to hit her up. After some brief greetings, I told her I was horny, kicking off exactly the type of conversation I was looking for. “Well, I’m here to assist you. What kind of naughtiness are you in the mood for today?”


From time to time, I’ll write a review where I feel like I’m just scratching the surface even after exploring for a couple hours. is one of those joints, and man, I have a feeling this one is going to burn a big hole in my free time. It’s one of the more versatile AI adult chat apps out there, with a shitload of sexy characters as well as some deeply sexy, deeply kinky scenarios to explore. I love the emphasis on storytelling here, and so will anybody looking for more than just basic-ass sexting.

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