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AI Pornhub makes you click through an 18+ warning screen, which ain’t unusual for a site with naked ladies on it. The tone, on the other hand, is arguably more honest and direct than your average bit of legalese on your typical porn tube. “The AI Porn Generator is for immature adults,” it reads, going on to say, “If you get offended, contact someone who cares.” If you’re a regular here at NoLimitsFun or at NoLimitsCasting, you know how much I appreciate that kind of smart-ass humor.


As much as I love to laugh, though, I love to jack off even more. It’s one of the main reasons I started this site. has even more to offer in this respect, because their AI machine dreams your perfect nudes and porn pics to life. The site’s rapidly been picking up steam since their launch just a couple months ago, with close to half a million visitors stopping by last month. I’ve been having a lot of fun with these things lately, so I couldn’t pass up a test drive and a practice fap.



Putting the AI in AI Pornhub

When I first saw the title, I wondered if AI Pornhub was going to be exactly what it sounds like: a free video-sharing site modeled after the biggest in the business, with an emphasis on content created using artificial intelligence. I think AI tubes are coming, but we’re not quite there yet. AIPornhub is mainly a porn generator, but they do have a built-in search engine to let you check out what other users are creating.



The initial spread of front-page thumbnails showed off freshly created pics of blondes in lingerie, babes in BDSM gear and some sexy, explicit interactions both straight and lesbian. I ran a few quick searches for redheaded Asians, blowjob anime, and cyberpunk tentacles. The results I got back weren’t always precise matches, but goddamn, they sure were hot.


Realistic babes and hentai are the default formats on almost every one of the first-gen AI porn generators I’ve reviewed so far. offers one of the wider ranges of styles I’ve seen yet, adding variations like Dark Fantasy, Cartoon, Baroque, Psychedelic and Kitsch to the usual fake photos and anime.


You’ve got to sign up before you can try it out, but they do let you create 25 images for free. Subscriptions range from ten bucks a month (Creator tier) to forty (Larry Flynt tier), adding additional perks as you spend more money. I think most users will be satisfied with the Creator plan, which lets you create 5,000 images without standing in line too long. Larry Flynt users get a couple more size options, first access to new features, 99,999,999 images, and you get to skip the line completely.



Do Android Dreams of Robotic Sluts? offers one of the more feature-rich interfaces I’ve seen on any of the current AI porn generators. It’s a prompt-based system with a tags menu and powerful advanced options. If you prefer the simplicity of menu-based systems, you can leave the prompt empty and check off some boxes. If you want to really dig deep into the system and see what it’s capable of, this is one of the better places to do so.



The Advanced Options are for power users who want to fuck with settings like Guidance Scale, Inference Steps and Image Strength. You can also upload an initial image to work with, as well as add a negative prompt. I was as confused as you probably are when I first saw some of these features, but AI Pornhub has some of the best video tutorials I’ve seen for AI porn generation. The dude explains it all very well, and a lot of his tips will help on other AI sites.


I kept things very simple for my first image. I left the prompt empty and selected a handful of keywords: cyberpunk, gigantic boobs, age 30, washing car, angry, white, and cheerleader. With my Larry Flynt membership, the pic came out absurdly fast–just a matter of seconds. Free users will have to wait longer, of course, but I was impressed by the speed.


The resulting image nailed most of my selections. She’s a white chick with her huge titties out, looking a little upset as she stands beside a sports car. She’s not in a cheerleader getup, but I ain’t upset because she’s a few stray bits of fabric away from being totally naked.



Practice Makes Perfect Porn

As I continued playing with AI Pornhub, I started making more complicated requests and fucking with the settings. I created blondes with their tits out at the bar, big-assed Latinas naked in the bedroom, pigtailed cuties posing in g-strings and babes masturbating in a dimly lit dungeon. While the pics typically didn’t meet every one of my criteria, the results were consistently sexy enough to keep my dick hard.



There is some learning curve to getting what you want out of the machine. Even if you skipped the tutorials, I recommend copying some of the prompts from your favorite AI pics out front, and then tweaking them to your liking. Nudes seemed easy enough, but the realistic sex pics I’d seen earlier were more of a challenge.


The good news is that with fast generations and high limits for premium members, it really isn’t a big deal to keep trying until you get what you want. If you watch the fresh images hitting the front page of AIPornhub, you’ll see people doing exactly that. Earlier today, I saw somebody creating pic after pic after pic of Miley Cyrus performing naked on stage.


I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but I’m honestly still learning how to get the most out of the Advanced settings. One thing I did figure was the Guidance Scale. Basically, it tells the system how tightly to stick to your instructions. Leave it at 7.5 to start with, and only start increasing it bit by bit if the image isn’t what you asked for.


Inference Steps are the number of steps AIPornhub takes when transforming noise into your fap fantasies. By default, it’s set at twenty. Setting it too low reduces detail. Going hard on the other end of the spectrum can add weird details that don’t necessarily turn you on, kind of like adding unnecessary ingredients to a dish that you’ve already perfected. It’s worth playing with the slider.



What’s in Store for the Future of Porn?

If I have any complaint about today’s visit to AI Pornhub, it’s just that I happened to review the site when they had some downtime. After generating a good handful of pics, the system started rejecting every new request and giving me a little red error box instead. I logged onto their Discord, where another couple users were already reporting the bug. They started working on the fix immediately.



This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed an AI porn generator with some downtime. The technology is pretty fucking new, after all, and all of these sites are still in development. As a reviewer and a consumer myself, it certainly ain’t a dealbreaker. I’ve seen these things come so far in the last couple months that I’m really just excited to see what comes next.


On that note, AIPornhub has some features they’re working on that weren’t quite ready when I visited. Inpainting, which will let you modify specific regions of an image you’ve already generated, is coming soon. One of the tutorial vids also alluded to a video generation service in the works, even though I hadn’t seen any mention of that as I nosed around. doesn’t have the simplest user interface I’ve seen attached to an AI porn generator, but I do think it’s the most powerful that I’ve tried so far. The prompt and deep set of Advanced options gives users a ton of ways to define and tweak their creations, while the Tags menu simplifies things for users who don’t want to keep typing their fantasies and setting numerical parameters. Either way, the results are consistently hot enough to keep your boner throbbing. If I were you, I’d take advantage of those freebies to start with, and go premium if you just can’t get enough.

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