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Anime Genius! Even though some people make it their mission to make fun of Anime and the people who adore it, this genre is no joke. In 2024, the Anime industry is worth an eye-watering $28 billion, which is still expected to grow. Hell, is it any surprise when we see just how erotic Anime can be?


Anime cartoons can be a dick-tingling experience as they are, but things only get even more intense when you begin delving into the even-wilder world of Hentai porn that runs alongside it. But because Anime and Hentai are both such thriving markets, there’s a fuck tonne of content out there to explore.


This can make exploring the world of Asian cartoon porn for a newbie something of a daunting task because it’s a nightmare knowing exactly where to begin. Recently, this has been changed dramatically through the use of artificial intelligence.


Yep, AI has even pushed its way into the world of Anime content these days! In recent months, I’ve seen an increasing number of sites that allow you to use AI technology to create your own custom Anime content rather than spend countless hours sifting through the current array of content out there in the hope of finding the kind of Anime that makes your cock tingle!


However, while some of these AI Anime websites are badass, I’ve encountered a number of these websites that shouldn’t have seen the light of day. As always, I plan to guide you horny fuckers between the two types and point you in the direction of the former while helping you avoid the latter.


This brings us to the subject of today’s review: a little-known website called The URL is more of a mouthful than what my busty fuck buddy got last night when she came over for a late-night dick down, but let’s not judge it by its name and lets instead go balls-deep into the site to see what it offers Asian cartoon porn fans seeking a custom Anime experience!



What is

Like most AI websites, is a new face on the scene. If you throw the URL into internet archive software, you’ll see that it can only trace its history back to mid-2024. Still, it’s managed to draw an increasing amount of attention via the AI services it’s providing. allows users to generate a wild array of Anime characters using a prompt system. By using just a few custom words, users can create fantasy Anime universes that are filled with the kind of hot Anime girls and guys that make their lust go wild.


The customization options on the site look pretty impressive on the surface, and you can switch up everything from the Anime character’s hair, costumes, facial features, and more. Overall, the site allows users to create the kind of Anime content they want to see rather than trawl the vast libraries of Anime content currently on the market in search of their ideal content.


It’s also important to note that the site does have a free version, but fall access requires paying for one of the three premium membership tiers. These can range from $9 to $59 per month, depending on how many credits you opt for.



What’s the AI Anime Generator like on might sound badass on the surface, but I’ve lost count of the websites that manage to impress with well-worded marketing only to fail when delivering their final product. So, will this site be able to drive it home with its AI software? I tested it out for myself to see what I could create, and here are some of my personal highlights!



● Serena from Pokemon After a Creampie Orgy – Yep, I jumped in at the deep end to test out this AI generator! Using prompts like Serena from Pokemon, naked, embarrassed, creampie, and bald pussy, I was able to get an Ai-generated image of my favorite Pokemon slut laying on red bed sheets with cum pouring from every hole, her tits on show and a look of red-faced embarrassment due to being photographed in such a compromising and sleazy position. The AI didn’t hold back on the jizz oozing from her springy pussy, just how we like it!

● Soiled Bed Sheets – Oh, man! This is a masterpiece! I used prompts like red hair, eyeliner, freckles, large breasts, NSFW, cum in ass, spread legs, spread pussy, and detailed background to get this image. What the generator gave me was an epic Hentai-style picture of a red-haired slut spreading her legs in a Gothic building as cum poured from her freshly-fucked asshole and pussy all over the bedsheets below.

● Blonde Hentai Interracial Blowbang – I was surprised at how badass this picture was due to the limited prompts used. All I had to do was type in stuff like best quality, expressive eyes, hot girl sucking a man’s dick with a smile, and what I got was a blonde Hentai slut with her tits hanging out on her knees with a BBC in each hand and a slutty grin on her face. Nice!



Design of the Site

One thing I love about reviewing AI-centered websites is that most are brand new and tend to be rocking some of the latest website themes on the market, many of which are cutting-edge and downright sleek. But does fall into the same category?



The site begins with a stylish pink, blue, and purple logo that looks professionally designed and offers a great introduction to the site. After this is a compact main menu comprising four links leading you to the homepage, the AI generator, an explore page to give you more information about the site, and a pricing table to keep you up to speed on the latest membership tiers available.


The logo might catch your eye, but not as much as the site’s header image underlining the main menu. This provides a solid introduction to the site by summarizing what it’s all about in a few sentences, all laid out on a piece of AI-generated artwork made by the site’s software.


The homepage below then displays a broad portfolio of AI-generated Anime made by site users, along with a range of text boxes detailing the numerous features that the site offers. Towards the bottom is a selection of detailed testimonials from people who’ve had ample experience using the site. After this is a handy drop-down FAQ section answering some very valid questions many people have about the site.



What I Like Most About it might be a paid AI website overall, but it’s not stingy with giving its users a free trial as many other sites can be. The free trial of the site is actually very generous and allows you to generate 40 AI models per day, which is more than enough to allow you to get a feeling for the site and determine whether it’s worth paying for or not.



More importantly, the AI software on the website is also pretty damn reliable. It works fast and generally smooth with the ability to create some genuinely captivating AI artwork that responds well to the prompts of the user. Overall, it achieves its mission of generating AI Anime that fits each unique taste and desire of the user.


On the surface, tends to hold its cards close to its chest regarding NSFW content, and you have to dig slightly to find it. But when you do, holy fuck, it’s badass! Who cares about SFW Anime when you can indulge in some truly hardcore AI Hentai packed with everything from anal gapes to messy creampies?


The design of the site is also pretty damn cool, and the admins of have taken numerous steps to ensure it presents a sleek-looking and easy-to-navigate experience that isn’t overwhelming for the user.



What I Don’t Like

The main thing I didn’t like about was, in terms of the premium membership tiers that run on a credit-based system that’s paid for monthly, the credits don’t roll over to the following month should you fail to use them on time. This can lead to wasted money and unnecessary stress on users to use their credits out of necessity, even if they’re not in the mood.




Suggestions I Have for

Many AI-generation websites I’ve visited have added a cool feature of allowing users with unused credits to transfer them to the following month in a roll-over system. This ensures that people can use the credits as and when they want, rather than feeling forced to with the clock ticking until their monthly membership runs out. I suggest that does the same, as it’s a solid system and a great selling point to draw in new users.





For what is a very new site, I was damn impressed by and its ability to create AI-generated Anime and Hentai art. Naturally, the latter type of content was the kind that really floated my cum-stained boat, and I had a shit load of fun generating pure filth through the site’s software. My only criticism is that the unused credits for paying members don’t roll over each month, which is something that should consider changing.

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