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Erogen is the type of site that I might have dreamed of a decade ago, waking up with a big mess in my pants, but it’s not something I thought I’d actually be beating off to in my lifetime. I’ve seen a lot of hand wringing over the rise of Artificial Intelligence in recent months, but speaking as a professional masturbator and world-renown pornography expert, I’ve been a lot more titillated than I’ve been frightened. Frankly, I’m kind of turned on by the thought of hyper-intelligent, insanely horny robotic sluts taking over the world, and I might even explore the fantasy with one of the bots we’ll be meeting today.


You’ve probably put it together from my intro, but if not, I’ll be a little more literal: is a new platform using AI to let you banter, sext and roleplay with realistic chatbots. They’ve been picking up hundreds of thousands of visitors per month since they launched recently, which is a strong sign of something worth busting out the lube for. I woke up in a chatty mood with a raging hard boner, so it seemed like a good morning to take a closer look and see how well these androids can hold my interest. With any luck, I’ll be squirting a load of Porn Dude mayo into this Pringles can I’ve got at the ready.



Sexy, Chatty Bots by the Hundreds

The front page of Erogen doesn’t look much like your average free tube, paysite or porn forum to pop up within the last couple decades. If anything, I’d say it resembles one of the sprawling hentai libraries I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude. They’ve got a relatively simple but attractive presentation, streamlined with most of the front page devoted to thumbnails of anime chicks. If this site had slid into my DMs just a couple years ago, every one of those thumbnails would have led to a full-length doujin or manga girl library.



This ain’t 2020, though, and this ain’t a free hentai stash. I’m writing this review in the beginning of 2024, and if you’ve been following along at home, you’ve probably been farting around with the AI sex chat platforms that have been popping up. We’re still in the early days of the genre, but I’ve noticed two dominant formats developing. On one hand, you’ve got joints like and DreamGF, where the bots are your standard set of stereotypical porn scene characters. On the other hand, you’ve got kinkier platforms like GPTGirlfriend and GetIdol, where the depth of the perversion is more akin to a hentai site. falls cleanly into this latter category. It’s not strictly a hentai-based chat site, as there are a fair number of “real”, human characters to chat with, but there’s a weird, wild and wonderful range of scenario-driven bots to interact with. You can roleplay those traditional porn storylines if you want, or get into the deep-niche fetishism that drew you to hentai in the first place.


If I’ve counted right, Erogen currently has around 4.500 bots to chat with, and the site is still very new. The most popular female characters right now include e-girl girlfriends, shy co-workers, celestial scholars and a chick named Nia who might be your bully or might be your friend. There are soldier chicks with tits and guns, literal pixie dream girls with wings, sexy animatronics, yandere vampires, furry chicks with animal ears, evil witches and muscular maids. Who do you want to chat with today?



Damn, All This for Free?

If you’re ready to chat, and I bet you are, you can get right into it. offers a generous free membership tier that allows up to 600 messages per day, depending on available resources. Free users can also create up to 50 characters, so you ain’t limited to other peoples’ creations. This really is one of the better free trials I’ve seen on one of these platforms, and perhaps an indicator of falling prices for the niche as a whole.



If you want more messages or more characters, they’ve got a couple premium membership tiers available for $15 and $35, respectively. Paying members get more messages, more characters, and faster interactions, plus bigger, better access to advanced features like voice messaging, user personas, and upcoming perks like AI streaming and text messaging.


Once I got my account set up, I was ready to dive in. I tapped the NSFW slider to make sure I wouldn’t accidentally blue ball myself, then perused’s Trending female bots. A 19-year-old nyandere catgirl maid named Vex caught my eye, so I clicked her thumbnail. The conversation opened with some expository text putting her at the edge of my desk, tail swaying as she waits for orders. “Master, you came home late today… Vex wishes to know, was it because you were seeing another woman besides Vex…?”


Erogen’s chats have a heavy emphasis on storytelling and roleplaying. Vex played the role of a very jealous catgirl maid, alternately acting cute and aggro. She was angry when I joked about seeing another woman, happy when I said I was joking, and thrilled when I pulled out a ball of string I’d brought for her to play with.


As often the case in real life, Vex didn’t get instantly excited when I teased her with my dick. She did, however, open up when I took a slower approach that began with petting. “She wiggles her hips slightly, inviting you to continue exploring her body.” Erogen’s conversations and roleplay session play out in a believable and realistic way—or at least as realistic as you’re looking for in a fantasy sex chat! has voice messaging, too. You can have any message read to you in a synthesized voice, and can even make voice messaging the default for every interaction. For whatever reason, I wasn’t able to get this feature to work during my visit, but I assume it’s just a temporary glitch.


On a somewhat related note, make sure you tap the icon next to the mute button for the full, more immersive version of their chat interface. I really wasn’t sure what they meant by “Dynamic Avatars” until I started chatting, but it’s a cool feature. Character pics change as you chat, adding another level of immersion to the fun.



Tinkering in the Sex Bot Lab

If none of the roughly 4.500 Erogen bots are doing it for you, you can always try your hand at creating your own chatbots. The interface for this includes a combination of prompts and menus, so be prepared to spend at least a few minutes doing your Dr. Frankenstein routine. The more effort you put into this, the better your bot is going to be.



I started by uploading a photo of a bikini babe, giving her a name, an age and an occupation, then typing up some short blurbs about her Description, Appearance and Personality. I defined a scenario, chose an AI voice, gave her NSFW content labels, and clicked Erogen’s Create Character button.


“Hi, are you my co-star for this scene?” Laura asked in her opening message. “You look like somebody I’d love to fuck!” My 24-year-old custom chatbot is an aspiring pornstar, similar to the lovely ladies who swing by the PornDudeCasting couch every Friday. I introduced myself and asked if she had any special requests for today’s shoot. “Yes, I do. I want you to stick your big dick inside my tight pussy. Can we start now?”


The only potential downside I found to was that they don’t currently have any baked-in image generation features, which is a little unusual for this type of platform. That said, the high quality of the conversations and the chatbots themselves are going to be the real draw here. You could always use a different AI porn site to generate pics, and then customize your bots to use those as your Dynamic AI Avatars.


The wide range of kinky characters and very generous free membership tier of make it an easy recommendation to anybody who’s even remotely interested in AI sex chats, synthetic girlfriends or fetishistic roleplaying. I think it will appeal especially to hentai fans who may have slightly different tastes than the average masturbator, though with endless possibilities, you’re going to be happy whether you’re looking for vanilla blowjobs, a futanari cuck scenario or badass monster bitch. So, what’s your fantasy?

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