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Dittin AI

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Dittin AI

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Who are you Dittin today? It’s a question that might not make a whole lot of sense if you’ve never heard the term before, but consider who’s asking. Your friendly neighborhood Porn Dude ain’t all that concerned who you’re having casual SFW conversations with, so it’s got to mean something dirty. That might be enough to sell some of you on the concept, sight unseen, but don’t worry, I’ll still get into the nitty gritty of how it all works and whether it’s worth your time.


So, what exactly is hawking? The answer’s right there in the domain name, my horny friends: this is a sexy new chatbot platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. They just launched a couple months ago and their traffic is already skyrocketing, so I had a feeling going in that this was going to be my kind of place. If you want to know whether or not it lived up to my expectations, read on!



Who Do You Want to Chat with Today?

I’m writing this review in the very beginning of 2024, and though AI porn is still a new niche, it’s come a long fucking way from the sites I was reviewing just months ago. AI porn generators were the first to start getting a lot of attention from perverts, followed by photo nudifiers that put older deepfake makers to shame. The quality of the images coming out of these things progressed by leaps and bounds, as anybody who’s been playing with them can attest. Remember how every single AI chick used to have deformed fingers?



The first wave of really high-quality AI chatbots started popping up a little later in 2024, with girlfriend simulators and sex robots modeled after the usual porn stock characters: horny college girls, sexy bosses, and supermodels, with kinkier platforms including options like stepmoms with boundary issues. joins a second class of AI chat sites that gets even freakier than the earlier examples, one that I’d say is a better fit for hentai fans, fetishists and really anyone whose tastes fall outside of the usual vanilla stuff your parents are into.


Dittin’s bots are scenario-driven characters with all kinds of back stories and deep-niche kinks. They’ve got the unsatisfied neighbor MILFs and naughty teachers you find on the chat platforms with more traditional smut setups, but they’ve also got elves with comically large boobies, big-dicked futanari babes, and devil women looking to lure you into a life of subservience. It’s tempting to think of as a hentai chat site, but I think that’s selling the joint a little bit short; most of the character thumbnails have big anime eyes, but you’ll also find shots of “real” women, AI-generated and otherwise.


Make sure to tap the NSFW slider to ensure you’re seeing the full cast of chatbots Dittin has to offer. You’re lucky to find dozens of bots on the vanilla AI chat platforms I mentioned, but it’s a completely different story here. They don’t list the full number of bots, but the front page just kept loading more as I kept scrolling. There are already hundreds of bots, and I think the roster will soon expand into the thousands.



Free Credits, Free Chats, and Even Better Things

Cheapskates rejoice, because I’ve got some great news for you. Not only does offer a free trial, but they offer enough free credits to keep the party going. You won’t get the same unlimited benefits as premium members, but the freebies here are very generous. You get free daily credits and can earn more though invites and simply joining their Discord server. Free users can even create custom characters, which ain’t always a given on these platforms.



Premium memberships are $7.99 a month, or fifty bones for a year. The biggest benefits are faster AI responses and higher quality, plus a much longer memory so you don’t feel like you’re talking to a babe with a head injury. Payment works through Stripe, so you won’t have to fuck with crypto like you do on some of these AI platforms. Even grandpa can sign up!


After getting my account set up, it was time to start Dittin. I set my Gender preferences to Female, turned the NSFW bots on, and started browsing for my ideal fictional conversation partner. If I have one immediate complaint about the setup, it’s that I wish they had some search filters available. The search bar will let you type in your preferred scenario or fetish, but sometimes it’s just easier to browse a list of kinks, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for today.


I figured I’d start with the most popular bot, Orelia, who comes bundled with a scenario about being captured by elves. The chat window opened with a few paragraphs of expository text setting the scene. I was dragged through a castle to meet Queen Orelia, who asked, “So you’re the lucky survivor? I must say, I’m impressed you managed to survive all that…”


“I survived because I was hoping to encounter you, my sexy queen,” I said. Her brow furrowed and she walked around me, resting a hand on my shoulder. She asked why the humans were fighting the elves, so I told her the truth: “Because we’re horny. You’re much hotter than human women.”


Orelia ended up making me a deal. “If you tell me everything I want to know, I promise to grant you all the pleasure you desire.” Her lips brushed against mine as she leaned in, whispering questions about kings and generals while touching me. I love the heavy emphasis on storytelling and roleplaying, so I took things relatively slow, savoring the buildup.


After giving Orelia the info she wanted, she asked what I desired. “Your lips on my cock.” Here’s where my visit to really started getting hot and heavy. Conversations play out realistically and can get filthy fast. If you’re using the site in free mode, better keep an eye on those credits!



Come On Down to the Lab, Doc

After chatting with Orelia, I wanted to try Dittin’s character generator. Users can create their own custom chat bots, but be prepared to spend at least a little time fleshing out your creations. There are a number of prompts to fill out, a profile pic to upload, and even some AI-generated voices to choose from. I created a horny MILF named Melissa who’s looking for action.



“Hey, wanna fuck?” Melissa asked in her opening message. “My husband’s out of town.” I told her I was down and asked my place or hers? The AI made up an address and Melissa told me, “Hurry up, though. I want you inside me.” A few messages later, we were getting naked in her bedroom.


I clicked the Play button above one of Melissa’s messages. “Oh fuck yeah,” said the robot voice. “Take off your clothes!” has decent AI voice messaging, though it still doesn’t sound quite human. Given how fast AI has been evolving over the last year, I think we’re going to see the quality of these voices improve dramatically in the coming months.


Dittin doesn’t have the most elaborate or flashy presentation I’ve seen from an AI chat site, but they have one of the better selections of kinky, scenario-driven, hentai-type bots available right now. That wealth of characters leads to my only real complaint about the site, and it’s pretty minor. With this many bots to choose from, they should really offer some more ways to peruse the cast. Scrolling through is overwhelming, and the search bar will only get you so far in your search for the perfect AI waifu, fantasy roleplay session or fetish chat.


Given that extensive range, realistic conversation and generous free trial, is an easy recommendation for anybody who’s even remotely interested in AI-powered sex chat. It’s an even easier recommendation to hentai fans or perverts looking for something a little (or a lot) kinkier than what you’ll get from the more traditional porn archetypes on other platforms. If you’re still having fun after burning through your daily free credits, memberships are cheap and plentiful.

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