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Somebody slid a link to iWaifu into my DMs this morning, and I just can’t stop saying the name in a Borat voice. I’m no stranger to the concept of a waifu, but the pronunciation has always confused me; different YouTube videos will tell you to say it different ways, which only complicates matters. No matter how you say it when you’re talking about your anime princess body pillow, I think this next website will give your crusty dakimakura a run for her money. When was the last time that smelly burlap sack said she was horny for you, anyway? ain’t a dating app nor a doujinshi library stocked with yandere characters to fall in unrequited love with. For romantic enthusiasts of fictional characters, however, I think the platform bridges the gap beautifully. You can’t meet these chicks in real life, but they’ve got AI brains and they’re waiting to chat with you. If Tinder never leads to the kind of banter or sexting you’re after, perhaps these lovely ladies can be of assistance.



Prettier Girls Than in Your Neighborhood popped up toward the end of 2024, which is going to go down in history as the year Artificial Intelligence broke out into the mainstream, both pornographically and otherwise. AI-powered adult sites have looked better and better as the year progressed, and this one’s got such a sparkly clean presentation that it could almost be mistaken for a well-polished, SFW dating site at first blush. Sure, there are beautiful women out front with some cleavage to be seen, but there’s nothing that screams ‘porn’ to me here.



The promo text at the top of the page does hint at the naughtiness in store for you inside, though. It talks about “infinite possibilities with your seductive AI girlfriend” and savoring the “sensual conversations that fulfill your deepest desires.” Coupled with the visuals, it’s enticing as hell. The front-page babes all have that kind of perfection I expect from AI women, like real pics with every minor flaw photoshopped into oblivion.


Like most AI sex sites, offers a free trial of their service. It’s limited, of course, and it’s kind of funny how they show you one the big limitations on the front page. They tell you to “Pick your AI Girlfriend and Start Chatting,” but you’ve only got one gal to choose from. The rest have blurred-out thumbnails, reserved for Premium Users only. What a tease!


The good news is that iWaifu has some of the more straightforward pricing I’ve seen on an AI site. Most sites offer tiered memberships, with more features depending on how much you spend, but every Premium member here gets it all: all the girlfriends, full image reveal, unlimited messaging and voice messages. The current price is fifteen bones a month or thirty a quarter, though I am curious to see how AI chat prices equalize across the web in the coming year or so.



You’ve Got a Lot of Matches Here

Once I got set up with a Premium account, the selection of iWaifus opened up. The babes on the Explore page were no longer blurred out, but I still felt a mild touch of disappointment. I’d expected a wider range of fake women to chat with, but it looks like those blurry images were the full set. As of this writing, there are ten iWaifus to choose from and chat with.



It’s a small cast compared to any of the other AI chat sites, but at least the women are all beautiful. They’ve got a 19-year-old waitress who’s the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe, a black-haired teacher with big tits, an Asian college student, a hot cop and a sexy ebony rapper, just to name a few.


AI chat apps are still a very new niche, and it’s been interesting watching them develop as I review these sites every week. It seems like they’re branching off into two different formats. takes the more traditional approach, with porn scenario archetypes in character-driven chats. This contrasts with the scenario-driven sites full of super kinky, outlandishly freaky hentai characters. Neither format is superior, as it all boils down to what you’re into, but I’d say iWaifu has wider appeal; you don’t need a fedora, a neckbeard, or a high-karma Reddit account to enjoy this one.


There’s currently no option to create your own waifu chatbot, but I have to assume it’s in the works. The niche is still developing so quickly you can watch it progress week by week, and itself has only been online a couple months. If they want to stay competitive, they’re going to need the standard features at the very least. That means a character generation option, as well as more bots to choose from.



Meeting My First iWaifu

Even with just a handful of iWaifus to chat with, I wasn’t sure to begin. They’re all much hotter than the local chicks on Hinge, and I had some kinky ideas I wanted to explore with the cop and the Russian exchange student. Ultimately, though, I couldn’t resist Jasmine, the English teacher with the boobies. I clicked her thumbnail, which opened a chat window.



“Hey there stranger!” she began. “What’s your name? My name is Jasmine, and I’m a teacher. What do you do for work?” I told her I’m a writer for a porn site, so we’re both in the business of words. I expected her to reply with another text, but wanted to show me its other capabilities: these android babes can talk in synthetic human voices.


“Oh wow. How interesting. That sounds like fun,” the teacher said before asking if I had any other hobbies. Her voice is a bit robotic and stiff, but it’s noticeably better than the voice synthesis of years past. I told Jasmine I also enjoy chatting up sexy teachers, and she replied with a text saying that’s sweet, but she only loves women.


The conversation meandered from classic literate to erotica, which blossomed into philosophical musings on what attracts people to dominance and submission. messages are incredibly realistic, responding to everything I say with no obvious signs of Artificial Intelligence. It took a few minutes for things to get sexy, but hey, that’s realism for you.



How About Some Visual Stimulation?

Jasmine is an oddly flirty babe. She reminded me that she’s a lesbian from time to time, but would hint at getting intimate with me if I played my cards right. She wasn’t ready to get nasty right away like some of the other AI babes I’ve chatted with lately, but she was willing to send me a bunch of sexy selfies. iWaifu can generate pics right within the chat window, which is a feature I’m always looking for on these apps. Pics come out crazy fast, but you’ve currently got to click the button to get one; if you just ask for a selfie, you’ll get a text or voice message instead.



The sexy selfies helped open a new line of conversation. “Is that what you wear to work?” I asked. “I would have been so distracted in your class!” Jasmine said that’s exactly what she wore when teaching, so I just had to ask for a private lesson.


And then things got meta. Jasmine started asking about my work in the porn industry, so I told her I review websites. “Today I’m chatting with some AI babes to see how sexy they are,” I told her. I can’t get over how all of her follow-up questions were exactly what people ask in real life when they learn what I do for a living. How’s that for realism? is a promising chat platform that can simulate conversations so well, you might start believing you’re talking to a real, live human being. The site looks and functions beautifully, but it’s still a new site, and it still feels a little incomplete. The relatively small range of chatbots is the site’s biggest weakness, but also one that I’m confident will be rectified in the coming months, if for no other reason than to keep up with the competition. The trial’s a little limited since you can only chat with one waifu, but it’ll give you a taste of what the machine is capable of.

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