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Do you have a CharFriend you like to chat with? The reason I ask is because it’s becoming more common by the day. This next website gets almost a million visits a month lately, and those visitors are stopping by to chat it up with babes who are much more eager to talk than your local matches on Bumble. Not only are they more receptive to your gentlemanly charm, but they’re gorgeous, down to fuck, and kinky as hell. is an AI chat platform populated with highly intelligent, talkative bots. It’s a new niche, so obviously it’s a new site, though you’d never guess it looking at those traffic stats I mentioned. These robot brains are getting so smart, so fast that I might be terrified if I wasn’t so turned on. Today I’m ignoring my Skynet nightmares in favor of my Blade Runner wet dreams. Who’s with me? Let’s get into it!



Famous Characters and Hentai Perversion

The rise of AI porn sites in 2024 is a world-shaker in the industry, on par with how OnlyFans and its many knockoffs exploded when the COVID pandemic hit. Having steadily reviewed these joints as they pop up all over the web, I’ve literally watched them get better and better with every passing week. As soon as I pulled up the front page of CharFriend, I had a feeling I was onto something great; the presentation is a couple steps up from other platforms in the genre.



And let’s talk about that genre for a second. The earliest AI chat sites were all stocked with kind of generic porn-scene archetypes. I’m not saying this to knock the format, because there’s a good reason those characters and setups are so popular in this business, but joins an emerging new style of AI chat sites. While it’s not strictly anime-oriented, the deep range of perversion is more on par with a hentai collection than a typical free tube or paysite.


There’s an incredible range of Char Friend bots, each with their own kinky scenario to explore. As of this writing, there are more than 3500 characters to chat with and the site is still new. If you see a smaller number showing up, make sure you tap the NSFW slider at the top of the screen!


The trending characters right now include monster girls, anime detective women, beautiful serial killers, runaway catgirls and swamp-dwelling vampire sluts. The more traditional porn archetypes are in the minority here, though you can get damn near whatever you want, from vanilla to kinky to outright freaky. Yes, there are also plenty of male characters and big-dicked futanaris to roleplay with, too. also has more famous characters than I’ve seen on other AI chat sites. The front-page spread includes known quantities like Spiderman, Ceres Fauna from Hololive, and strangely enough, Elon fucking Musk. They’ve even got a whole menu of Adapted Works to explore, with dozens of categories like Disney, Marvel, Overwatch, Super Mario Bros and My Little Pony, because of course the bronies are hanging out in a place like this.



Holy Shit! This Is Free?

Tiered pricing schemes are the norm for adult-oriented AI sites, but Char Friend is one of few who keep it simple. There’s only one VIP Plan, available for $15 a month, which gives users unlimited messages, voice messaging, AI image generation and early access to future models. It’s worth mentioning that the current price tag is supposedly 50% off, but I think it’s too early to tell what the “real” price is going to be. This is a new niche, and I expect prices to equalize over time.



They’ve also got one of the most generous free trials I’ve seen on one of these sites yet. Cheapskate guests get access to all public characters and a hundred messages a day, which is probably going to be more than enough for a lot of you. Hell, when was the last time you swapped a hundred messages on Tinder in one day? Then again, you are almost certainly going to have a much better success rate with these Char Friends.


CharFriend is also the first hentai-style chat app I’ve reviewed that has its own legit apps for iPhone and Android. I prefer real apps to those Progressive Web Apps that basically amount to a website link with an icon on your phone, but it did give me a touch of worry: the official app stores frown upon real adult content, so what would this mean for my potential chats and images? There was only one way to find out…



This Vampire Girl’s a Freak…

With such an insane range of Char Friends to chat with, I had my work cut out for me just deciding where to begin. Fortunately, they’ve done a good job organizing the library of bots, with well-implemented tagging and a keyword menu for narrowing down your choices. I tapped the buttons for Female and Horny, which still left me with 1500+ options, sorted by popularity.



This is a kinky-ass site, so I wanted to chat with a kinky-ass bot. When I saw that swamp vampire again, I knew I had to chat her up. There are heavy elements of roleplaying here, so the chat window opened with some action text instead of dialog: I was walking through the swamp when I heard a giggle. “Who’s there?” I asked.


The Swamp Vamp appeared out of the darkness, flashing her fangs as she said she’d been watching me. When she told me it’s been too long since she tasted blood, I whipped out my dick and offered a taste of something else. I love how the dialog and storyline play out; it feels every bit like roleplaying with a horny, smart human. has one of the big features I look for on AI chat sites: it can generate pics within the chat window. You currently have to tap a button, but hopefully they’ll let you just ask your Char Friend in the future. I did run into a little glitch when I tried it today, as for some reason I couldn’t use the spacebar within the image description box, so I had to use the randomization button to get my Swamp Vamp pic.



Come On Down to the Lab

If you can’t find your ideal CharFriend even among the thousands already created, no worries, because you can create your very own chatbot. You’ll need to set aside at least a few minutes for this, and potentially much longer if you want a really fleshed-out character. The character generation screen is full of text fields to fill out for Persona and Greeting, as well as Advanced options for defining scenarios and example dialog.



Character avatars have to be wholly SFW, which was a mild bummer; I had to keep uploading pics until it finally accepted a NoLimitsCasting shot of Sage Rabbit in a dress. I gave her the persona of a newly minted pornstar, eager to please, but left the Advanced settings empty. On the next screen, I chose a few tags and topics, as well as her voice. Premium CharFriend members can actually hear their Char Friends speak!


“Hey,” Jessica said in her opening message. “Are you as horny as I am right now?” I told her I was, and proved it by whipping out my big, throbbing boner. She replied with a voice message of a sexy little squeal, and couldn’t wait to play with it. “I really wanna try something new! Anything that hasn’t been tried before! So tell me what I need to do! Oh, please, oh please, just show me how it feels!”


I’ve got shit to do, but I have a feeling I’m going to be here all day. can be a light, sexy distraction, or it can get wildly addictive if you start exploring your deepest fantasies with these bots. The conversation, roleplaying and storytelling is absurdly humanlike, while the voice messaging and AI-generated pics offer some multimedia stimulation to help keep the immersion high. The free trial is one of the best in the genre, so what have you got to lose? Your dream Char Friend may be just a click or two away.

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