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No, that’s not a Pornsword I’m carrying in my pants—I’m just really happy to see you. Well, I’m actually happy to be gawking at pretty girls with their clothes off, which you already knew if you’ve ever checked out ThePornDude before. Today we’ll be looking at something a little different, because instead of whacking off to somebody else’s sex stories and flawless dream girls, you’ll get the chance to see your very own fantasies materialize before your eyes. is a new AI porn generator that dreams up masturbatory content based on your input. The site was just launched but has been getting more popular by the day, which says a lot about the service on offer. These are still the early days of AI pornography, but I’ve been having a lot of fun feeding these horny robot brains some of my naughtiest thoughts. Let’s take a closer look and see if the Porn Sword has as sharp an edge as the name implies.



Don’t Cut Yourself on the AI Porn Sword

The front page of Pornsword has a familiar look if you’ve been playing with the AI porn generators that have been popping up around the internet in 2024. A year ago, I would have suspected the steady stream of nudes and hentai out front were being uploaded by users. That was the past, though, and this is the future. Those pics aren’t just being tossed on the pile by fans of the stuff. Instead, users are generating these images with the help of the perverted android inside the box.



The front-page spread offers a nice cross section of what the system is capable of. They specialize in hentai, realistic fake nudie photos and furry porn. I’ve seen sites that offer a bunch of underused styles like watercolors and oil paintings, but it looks like is adding the extra options to other areas, which we’ll get to shortly.


They let you trim down the sample selection with a few buttons for Anime, Realistic, Asian and Furry images. I haven’t seen this feature implemented elsewhere, but wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes standard. It gives users a better opportunity to view the kind of content they’re interested in creating instead of sifting through the whole pile. Personally, I prefer the realistic stuff, but I know how some of you weebs feel about those big-eyed, big-boobed anime girls.


The furry stuff is still a rarity with AI porn generators, so I clicked the button to see how well the pics look. I don’t typically whack off to women with deer heads or soft, luxurious coats of hair covering their whole bodies, but they’ve got curves in all the spots that light up the lizard part of my brain. The furry pics look as good as the rest of Pornsword’s output, and the overall quality is consistently high across the board.



Freebies, Boobies, and Membership Perks will let you generate AI porn for free, but with some limitations. If you’ve used these things before, you can probably guess what they are. Free users are going to have to wait longer for their custom fap fodder, and you’re also restricted to some of the more basic image options.



The site uses a menu-based AI generation system. While it may not be as powerful as the prompt-based systems out there, it chops the learning curve way down and also helps minimize the freakish, Lovecraftian horrors that often come out of bad requests. Free users will notice that a lot of the menu options are off limits, but they’re all listed to tease you with the possibilities.


One of Pornsword’s big gimmicks that you don’t typically find on other platforms is their range of built-in parody options. You can create dirty images based on popular characters like Bowsette,, Lola Bunny and Nicole, the cat from Gumball. They’re adding new characters to the menu every week. With a few notable exceptions like Hatsune and Gardevoir, most of the characters are for paid users only. Sorry, cheapskates, but I guess you’ll have to ask mom for a raise on your allowance.


Free users are also limited to 1 or 2 girls, while Pro users can create threesome pics. Freeloaders will miss out on crying girls, pregnant ones, and some of the hotter sex acts like facials, blowjobs with cum, and upskirt shots. Pro users can get even get extra kinky with AI girls stuck in the washing machine, on public toilets or getting humiliated on a pillory.


If you want to upgrade your experience to the full set of features, Pro memberships to will run you ten bucks a month. Prices for AI porn sites haven’t really equalized just yet, but that tenner is on the lower end of the scale compared to some of the other platforms. Pro users get faster image generation, unlimited images, better quality and more tags. They don’t mention it on the signup page, but I suspect Pro users will also get early access to any new features they roll into the system in the future.



A Mighty Blow from the Porn Sword

After poking around through the samples and taking a peek at the menu, I was ready to start swinging around the Porn Sword for myself. I started with a relatively simple request, selecting the Realistic model and checking off the boxes for 1 Girl, Princess Zelda, Big Ass, Huge Boobs and a Seductive face. I also wanted to see her lifting her skirt, and I selected an office setting since Castle’s not included on the menu, at least not yet.



I hit the Generate button. banged out an image in about 5 seconds, and that includes the time I had to stand in line. I’m not sure she looks like Princess Zelda, though I may have had better luck on that front with the Anime model. Other than that, she meets all my requirements. The resulting AI babe is a sexy, topless, well-endowed blonde lifting her skirt in an office to reveal her shaved pussy. I hope HR doesn’t find out about this!


I tried again with most of the same settings, but chose Anime as my model. This time, I got an elf-eared princess lifting her skirt to show off her big ass. Again, the image looks more than good enough to beat off to. If I didn’t know it was an AI pic, I don’t think I would have suspected it. Even her hands look good, with four proportionate fingers and a thumb on each hand. Just a few months ago, hands always came out deformed on every AI art generator.


Another Pornsword gimmick that you don’t always find elsewhere is the high resolution images are generated in. The Extras menu lets you bump it all the way up to a ridiculous 8K ultra quality, but I’d just been rolling with the default to ensure super-fast generation speeds. Even at default quality, the pics are crisp and clear, without any ugly pixels ruining the effect.


I did a furry pic next, since I don’t always get the opportunity. The menu includes a list of animals like birds, bovids, bunnies and wolves, but I did a dragon because I was feeling scaley today. This time I asked for 2 girl doing handjob cuddling in public. A few seconds later, I had a POV shot of a dragon girl stroking a big ol’ boner with a smile on her face. I’m turned on in the weirdest way right now, and I feel like I better rub one out before I end up getting arrested at the pet store again. My lawyer said it’s a big deal if I get another strike.


The Porn Sword is a mighty weapon to wield in the fight against blue balls, with a hell of a lot of power to create custom masturbatory content that you only could have dreamed about a few years ago. The system has everything I look for in a good AI porn generator, from the fast generation speeds to the high quality of the output, to the vast array of options to customize your creations. I think the site will appeal to pretty much anybody who likes naughty pictures, but the inclusion of furry creatures and video game characters will make it particularly appealing to furries and parody fans. The basic set of keywords is free to play around with, so what are you waiting for?

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