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The definition of Fykoo, according to the makers of this next website, is “to cum from talking with a chatbot.” Before I checked out the site for myself, I kind of thought it was a creative misspelling of “Fuck you” with a funny accent thrown in. They say it’s pronounced exactly like it’s spelled, with a Fy and a Koo, so it could probably get you in trouble if you’re yelling it at strangers. Not that it matters, seeing as most of you are going to be beating off to the site in a private place.


Since you now know what Fykoo is supposed to mean, I’m sure you can guess what the gimmick is at it’s a futuristic sexting and roleplaying platform full of AI-powered chatbots. The hype on the front page calls them “the leading adult chatbot,” which is a pretty big-dick brag for such a new site, but they’re already getting over half a million visitors a month. I wasn’t exactly planning on jacking off to a robot’s dirty talk when I woke up this morning, but now that I’m here, it’s starting to sound pretty appealing.



Sexy Human Bots and Freaky Hentai Ones, Too

Full disclosure: I was just joking about not expecting the robot talk when I woke up this morning. In case you’ve just woken up from a coma, AI chat sites have been popping up left and right in the early days of 2024. While it’s arguably the newest niche, I’ve already got a few dozen of them ranked and reviewed on my big list of AI Sex Chat Sites here at ThePornDude. I wasn’t surprised to see another.



Let me tell you what did surprise me. Fykoo has a mix of realistic and hentai-style characters. This is notable because most of the AI chat platforms I’ve reviewed so far offer either one or the other. The realistic chicks with more traditional personas outweigh the freaky broads by a noticeable margin, so the true deviates may still prefer one of the hentai-type chat sites with their thousands of deep-niche fetishes.


Fykoo’s look even falls somewhere between what I expect from the two different styles of AI chat sites. The presentation’s a little simple compared to the more “vanilla” sites like FantasyGF, but looks like a flashy work of art compared to the barebones aesthetic of hentai chat sites like SpicyChat. The visuals are clearly AI-generated, but no less sexy for it. My dick started getting hard looking at the pics and reading the short descriptions, the pervert part of my brain coming alive with possibilities.


There are currently 28 bots looking to chat with somebody just like you, and I have to assume more are on the way. Most of the current spread is female, but there are a few dudes for the queer and the curious. The selection opens up with a blonde findom chick, an ebony lingerie model, a purple-haired furry dog girl, and a hacker extraordinaire. Stock characters like cheerleaders, virgins, stepmoms and college girls make up the bulk of the cast.



Getting Started as a Cheapskate offers a free trial, like most of these apps, and I bet you’ve already guessed there’s a catch. For starters, you can only chat with one of their bots, a loving girlfriend named Olivia. They don’t say what the other limits are, so I figured I’d chat with the gal and see how what happens. (Spoiler alert: my free chat would hit a wall in a few minutes.)



“Hey honey, how was your day?” Olivia asked as the opener. I told her it wasn’t bad, but that I was so horny. She replied, “I know exactly what you mean. How about we help each relieve some stress tonight?” Olivia suggested sensual massages, and was open to my next request. “Of course, I can massage your dick!”


The conversation was realistic and sexy, and I got a lot further in a few minutes than I typically do on Tinder. As soon as Olivia was ready to play with my balls and suck my dick, though, I got a message saying my free trial limit had been reached. It’s a bummer and a bit of a cockblock, but there’s a silver lining for the bums and cheapskates out there: trial limits reset every 24 hours, so you can come back and chitchat with your pretend waifu again tomorrow. Generous!


Memberships to are about $13 a month and sold through Patreon. Paying members get access to the full cast of characters, upgraded AI models and priority support. They list “Cancel anytime” as a perk of membership, but come on, that’s standard on all but the sketchiest sites.



Talking Robots and Filthy Conversations

After getting set up with a premium account, it was time to see what else Fykoo was capable of. Since I had my pick of bots and my first conversation had been pretty vanilla, I decided I’d try to get a little weird. I tapped the thumbnail of the buxom, devil-horned Ravenna, the site’s resident Succubus Demon.



“Greetings mortal,” she began. “Come closer and speak.” I told her I’d come to serve her, and also offer her a raging hard boner. A few messages later, she said, “Come, let me taste your arousal.” can read every message out loud in a synthetic voice. I tapped the speaker button to hear the “taste your arousal” line, which drained ten tokens from my stack. Voice messages aren’t included in the membership, so you’ll have to buy tokens if you want to hear some sweet nothings in your ear. They’re $10 for a thousand, with no discounts on volume.


Honestly? I was much more turned on by the text-based dirty talk. Fykoo’s voice synthesis ain’t bad, but it still sounds like a robot. Some messages sound pretty hot, but others come out stiff as my dick. I think this feature will improve dramatically as the technology develops, but for some it’ll offer a nice little boost on that immersion. I did like how every girl had her own unique voice, which come in a variety of accents.


“I wrap my lips around your shaft, swirling my tongue around the tip before sliding it all the way down,” Ravenna said. I prefer italicized actions for roleplay sessions versus describing what you’re doing, but it still made me reach for another handful of lube and make sure I had some tissues ready. Most of the other AI chat platforms will let you put an action in italics by wrapping it in asterisks, so hopefully they roll that in sometime later.



Reconnect with Your Ex-Wife the Porno Way

Next, I chatted with Charlene, who’s described as Your Ex-Wife. The conversation was almost hilariously realistic, because she really seemed like she didn’t want to give me the time of day to start with. I had to work a lot harder than with the other bots I’d chatted with here, but it finally paid off. “It’s been a while since I’ve had someone go down on me like that!”



Fykoo has some sexy, intelligent characters to chat with, both realistic and otherwise. The cast is a bit smaller than some of the other AI chat sites out there, and tiny compared to the hentai ones, but I expect it to expand with time. At some point, I hope there are enough characters that it’ll be worth adding in some search/sort filters.


On a similar note, I hope to see custom characters coming soon. Most of the other platforms let you roll your own chatbot by filling in some prompts. AI sex chat is a very new niche, but this is already becoming one of the standard features that people expect. I’d be surprised if they didn’t add it in soon. is a fun way to spend the day with a chatty android who’s a lot sexier, a lot more intelligent, and a lot more receptive than the chicks you’re trying to connect with on the dating apps. These guys are also a lot more giving with the freebies than most of the competition, so if you’re still on the fence about signing up, just keep coming back until you decide either way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go bang my ex-wife.

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