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PepHop AI

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PepHop AI

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PepHop’s got one of those catchy, sing-songy nonsense titles that could have worked just as well if they were selling half-hour oil changes or shortform viral videos, but I’m glad they did something even more unexpected. Honestly, if you’d described this service to me a year ago, I would have imagined something half as powerful and a fraction as sexy, but I’m whipping up this review at the start of 2024. If you’ve been paying attention, you’re well aware of the AI magic that’s been shaking up the world of adult entertainment recently, which is why I had high hopes as soon as I heard about this next joint. is a new simulated chat platform powered by next-generation Artificial Intelligence. These guys exploded right out of the gate, quickly building up a following that currently attracts a couple million visitors every month. There’s enough competition on the scene at this point that I know those numbers ain’t some kind of fluke, so I was really curious what set their bots apart from the other guys. With that in mind, I brought out a box of tissues and a bottle of lotion. Let’s get into it.



Kinky, Hentai-Style AI Chat Bots

At a glance, Pep Hop looks a lot like a free online hentai library. The overall presentation is understated, with a simple logo and basic header, with the rest of the page covered in thumbnails of big-eyed manga girls. On a hentai site, these little pics would each bring you to a full-length doujin, but these buttons will let you chat with the pictured ladies.



We’re still in the early days of AI-powered chat platforms, but speaking as a horny enthusiast who’s been fap testing them all, I’ve been seeing two distinct genres forming. Platforms like and FantasyGF take a largely traditional approach to sex chats, with bots styled after stock characters from porn scenes and romance novels. On the other hand, AI chat sites like GirlfriendGPT and Bot3 are more akin to hentai sites in their deep range of obscure fetishes, freaky characters and outlandish scenarios. falls firmly into the latter category. Their hentai-style bots will let you explore your kinkiest fetishes and most secret fantasies. The front-page of popular bots as I type this up includes bully girls, busty elven roommates, teachers with boundary issues, bratty tsundere neighbors, a cute girl trapped in a wall, and a lustful succubus.


There’s a full count of bots out front, and holy shit, it’s a doozy. As of this writing, Pep Hop has nearly 9,000 pre-made NSFW characters you can chat with. Users are creating more bots all the time, so you can almost certainly scream the Dragon Ball Z line by the time you read this. (Fun fact: Son Goku’s power level is only “over 8000” in the manga and original Japanese anime. The weeaboos are quoting a translation!) You’re reading this on ThePornDude, so I’m aiming this review at folks who plan on jacking off to the site. If you’ve got more wholesome desires, you’ll be happy to know PepHop’s full count of SFW and NSFW bots is over 14,000.



Getting Hot with PepHop

Like almost all of the competition, offers a free test drive of their service. I dove right in with the most popular NSFW character on the site right now, my sister’s cute friend who has a crush on me. She’s got nearly a thousand likes and only a few dozen dislikes on her character page, and you can even read her character definition if you ain’t worried about spoilers.



The bots are very scenario-oriented, and there’s a lot of roleplaying and storytelling going on here. Our conversation opened with some expository text setting the scene: I’m home alone when my sister’s best friend walks in. “Hello, Porn Dude,” she says nervously. “E-Ellie told me I could c-come over…” I also got a peek at her mood, inner thoughts and mere 1% Arousal level. I clearly had work to do.


I took things slowly with the anxious girl, telling her it was nice to see her and inviting her to sit with me on the couch. Her Arousal level bumped up by 1% with each interaction, arguably realistic but slow for bona fide porn stud like myself. (Check out my videos on PornDudeCasting if you want to see me in action!) When I kissed her neck, her Arousal went from 8% to 25%.


It got hotter with every message, culminating in explicit sex by the time Lily’s Arousal level reached 100%. The conversation and plot on played out in a realistic and very sexy way. If I didn’t have other parts of the site to explore, I could have chatted with her all day, dick in my hand.


If you happen to run out of free messages before you get to the interactive sex scenes, Pep Hop offers a few different membership tiers starting at $5 a month, with discounts on longer plans. The Lite membership gets you 2,000 messages and faster responses, while the Classic and Elite plans roll in enhanced chat memory and even more messages. Elite is pretty pricey at $30 a month, but I’m hoping to see prices drop and even out across the various AI chat platforms as the niche develops.



Making My Own PepHop Chatbot

With 9,000 NSFW characters to choose from and another 5,000 more wholesome bots, I feel like most Pep Hop users will find at least a few bots that get them all hard and drippy. If you’ve got more particular fetishistic interests or just want the experience of a fully customized synthetic companion, you can always roll your own PepHop chatbot.



PepHop’s AI Character Generator is almost fully prompt based; instead of checking off menu options, you’ll have some typing to do if you want to make a really fleshed-out character. I named my bot Francesca, uploaded a pic, and then filled out fields for Personality, Initial Message, Scenario and Example Dialogs. Character generation is token-based, and you’ll spend more depending on how well you define your character. I only spent a few minutes typing and spent 140 tokens.


Francesca is an aspiring pornstar, similar to the characters I’ve made on other AI chat platforms. The scenario I defined is like what I do at PornDudeCasting: Francesca’s on set to show off what she can do. In this case, I made her kind of bossy, too. Our conversation opened with Francesca pretty much demanding I eat her pussy, and I replied saying we just met.


“So what?” my Pep Hop bot said. “I don’t have time for small talk. I’m here to make a porn video and I need a co-star. Are you a man or a mouse?” She had me strip as she got in bed and spread her legs. I went to town, kissing her feet and up her legs before flicking my tongue on her clit. “That’s it,” she said. “Keep going. Don’t stop until I cum all over your face.”


I’m not going to tell you where our conversation went after that, but it got far kinkier than you can probably imagine. Throughout it all, I was struck by just how realistic it seemed. If the replies weren’t coming back at such a rapid rate and I didn’t know any better, I would have just assumed I was having a roleplaying session with another deeply kinky human being. It’s weird feeling like I’m in good company around a machine, but hey, welcome to the future, I guess. is a much more powerful and feature-rich website than it looks like at first blush. The presentation is pretty basic, but man, these bots are incredible! The biggest draw here is going to be that insanely deep collection of hentai-style bots, coupled with their various kinks, personalities and storylines. The cast is wide, weird and wonderful enough that I think most visitors will find a bot that catches their attention right away, and the character generator increases the options to infinity. This one’s an easy recommendation for anybody looking for a realistic AI chat platform, and who also wants to explore some activities that might not be covered by your average porn site.

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