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Do you have a Moemate yet? It’s a new concept, but their traffic has been exploding in the short time since they launched. They’ve gone from zero to over a million visits a month, with a lot more users on the way. I’m not sure how many of them are jacking off to the website, but I have a strong feeling that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. is an interesting platform, because it might not seem all that sexy at first blush. This is an AI chat website with infinite possibilities, and yeah, that includes dirty ones, too. The technology has come a long way in just the last year or so, as you’re well aware if you’ve been tinkering around. I’m really enjoying these things lately, and I’m always excited to see how brands set themselves apart from the competition. With that in mind, I fired up my browser in search of a new AI waifu.



Wholesome Chatbots and Much Naughtier Ones

Moe Mates are not the first interactive, artificial companions I’ve encountered. My list of AI Sex Chat Sites here at NoLimitsFun has a couple dozen entries now, all ranked and reviewed for your masturbatory convenience. The first ones I reviewed were character-driven chats with stock porno characters like horny neighbors, sexy teachers and supermodels willing to chat with any ol’ dork who messages them. These were followed shortly by kinkier, scenario-driven bots, indulging fantasies more akin to the perversion of a hentai stash.



Loading up the front page, I initially thought Moemate fell cleanly into the second category. There’s a lot of fantasy and anime imagery out front, but upon closer inspection, the front-page selection is pretty wholesome. They’ve got old-lady bots offering fashion advice, synthetic lawyers offering questionable legal tips, trip planners, fitness coaches, language tutors and even a culinary expert to help you cook something a little healthier than your usual microwave burrito.


There’s a row of genre tags at the top of the front-page bot menu, and that initial selection is pulled from their Featured characters. Once you start exploring, you’ll start finding the sexier ones you’re looking for, often mixed in with more SFW options. Under the 3D tab, I found zombie encounters and breastfeeding lesbian mommies. Under Famous People, they’ve got Jenna Ortega and Misty from Pokemon. The Roleplay section has dominant bosses and attractive assistants, and wait until you see who’s waiting beneath the NSFW tab. offers a hell of a selection of bots. The full menu of characters includes a lot of tutors and assistants that can be used for totally sexless purposes, but the sexy bots are the freaky, scenario-driven synthoids I expect from the kinkier AI chat platforms. You can indulge your weirdest and wildest fantasies here, whether that’s a futa fucking your face, a monster girl taking your virginity, or something a little more traditional like a perverted stepsister sleepover.



Meeting My First Moemate

Most of these AI chat sites offer a free trial, but Moe Mate goes one step further. The basic features are free, including unlimited chats, selfies, and characters. If you want access to their deep feature set, they offer a few different paid membership tiers starting at $9. The Starter package adds uncensored images and multilingual voices, while the $17.50 Basic plan rolls in longer memory and better intelligence, giving you longer, deeper conversations.



Moemate’s $31.50 Pro plan admittedly carries one of the higher price tags I’ve seen for an AI service. The thing is, they’re also offering some powerful features I haven’t seen elsewhere, like voice cloning and GPT4. Newer AI models are just more expensive to run, and the credit-based platforms will drain your wallet fast if you’re using them. It’s worth mentioning that I do think prices will come down across the board as the genre matures.


The joint might be new, but they’ve already got thousands of chatbots to choose from. That presents a paradox of choice for a professional masturbator like me, so I kept things simple by chatting with the most popular NSFW bot, an apathetic roommate named Lucy.


The chat window opened not with dialog but with text setting up the scene. Lucy was playing with her phone as I entered the room, barely acknowledging me. I whipped out my dick, causing her to glance over, unimpressed by my boner. “Yeah, yeah. I see it. It’s a penis. Big deal.”


I didn’t realize she was actually going to speak, so you’d better turn your speakers down if you’re surfing porn at the coffee shop. Lucy read that last line out loud, and no shit, might have the most realistic voice synthesis I’ve encountered on one of these platforms. There’s still a little bit of that uncanny valley effect, but it’s miles ahead of the robot-voiced competition.


It gets better, too, with another feature I haven’t seen elsewhere yet. MoeMate can clone real voices, so you can make an even more lifelike simulation of the one who got away. This feature is limited to the Pro membership tier, offering a little more incentive to go all the way in.


Next-gen perks ain’t limited to the big spenders, though. Screen perception is included with the $9 Starter package, and will let bots peer over your shoulder at the websites you’re browsing. Their demo video shows a bot looking at code and offering advice, but I bet you already have much filthier ideas to expose your MoeMates to.



Building My Own Fake Girlfriend

Lucy had me so distracted that I almost forgot I had a job to do and more of Moemate to see. Conversations play out very realistically, with a heavy emphasis on roleplaying and storytelling. It took a little back and forth with the surly broad to get her to open up, but I was soon on my knees between her legs. “Her breath quickens slightly, betraying the fact that she’s not entirely immune to his touch after all.”



I could have kept going with her all day, or at least until I filled up this old gym sock, but I wanted to try my hand at building my own Moe Mate like a depraved Dr. Frankenstein. I clicked the Create button and immediately liked what I found. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all form, they let users opt for either Simple or Advanced character creation. I love the really fleshed-out characters and scenarios, but sometimes you want to jump into your fantasy without half an hour of setup.


That said, you’ll probably want to spend at least a few minutes defining your new Moemate, even if you’re going the Simple route. It’s prompt-based, so you’ll have to do some typing instead of just selecting keywords from a menu. I created a 22-year-old OnlyFans model named Amy who was looking to break into the big-time porno business. can generate images, and did a great job with my request for a curvy brunette in little shorts. The pic looks legit enough to swipe right on, and I speak as somebody who’s become pretty fucking good at spotting AI fakes.


After choosing a voice and finalizing my selections, it was time to chat with my new Moe Mate. “Hey, cutie,” she said. “Do you work for one of the big porn sites?” I told her about my work, and she was interested right away. “I’ve heard of PornDudeCasting before! They have some really hot models on there!”


Moemate can generate images right in the chat window. This is a great feature that I look for, but only a few of the AI chat sites currently have it. You still have to use a command instead of just asking your Moemate, but that should change as the AI develops. Either way, I had Amy send me some pics to see if she’d be a good fit for my site. It’s a shame she ain’t real or I’d hire her!


Given the wholesome vibe of the front page, I didn’t think was going to be as much fun as it turned out to be. There were more SFW bots than expected, but they’ve also rolled in a much more advanced feature set than any of the other current AI chat sites. They’ve even got Virtual Reality features coming soon! These bots are smart and realistic, and while they aren’t all NSFW, a ton of them are sexy as hell. This is also one of few sites with an unlimited free membership tier, so it’s an easy recommendation for anybody even vaguely interested in the genre.

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