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Have you experienced PornJoy today? I know that sounds like a fancy way of asking if you’ve jacked off this morning, but I’m actually talking about a specific website going by that name. The title’s a little ambiguous, since porn has always been synonymous with joy. What newfangled wrinkle could they possibly offer that would enhance the smut we all know and love?


The full domain name gives away the gimmick. You can tack a dot-com, dot-net or dot-uk onto anything and it won’t tell you a damn thing, but a dot-ai is another story. is a recently launched service that’ll let you create the nudes and porn pics of your wettest dreams using the magic of artificial intelligence. That’s all the info a lot of you pervs need to click my link, but in case you’re wondering, let me tell you about my visit.



Enjoying Porn with PornJoy

When the dust settles, I think 2024 will be remembered as the year AI really took off. While the media’s been yammering about the disruptive potential of services like ChatGPT, DALL-E and the weird robot lady who answers the phone at Walgreens, those of us who are hopelessly horny have been trying to get the machines to serve us porn. If you’ve tried with any of the big-name AI engines, you already know the results can be pretty hit or miss—mostly miss. attempts to rectify that situation by building an AI model trained on naked ladies, anime, and filthy hardcore sex. Instead of cat memes and politicians dressed as superheroes, this machine makes hentai and realistic nude imagery. These seem to be the two default formats for AI porn generators right now, though PornJoy offers a handful of more specific options under the Style menu. You can choose from Anime, Hentai, Illustration, and Comics, to name just a few.


Ironically, the landing page for this futuristic sex website wouldn’t have seemed out of place decades ago. There’s no site logo, and they hide the AI sample pics behind a link that says Examples. What you’re left with is a text-based menu devoid of images, save for a couple tiny icons barely larger than the text. I feel bad for the illiterates who stop by and leave immediately, because they’re going to miss out.


That menu out front might not be visually impressive, but it’s the absolute star of the show. Porn Joy uses a simple menu-based interface, making image creation as easy as checking off your favorite boxes on the list. It’s a bit more limited than the prompt-based AI generators out there, but the tradeoff is that we should see fewer AI deformities or low-quality images.


If you were really hoping to type in some details, or you just don’t see your preferred attributes on the list, you’ve got options. Porn Joy is the first menu-based AI porn generator I’ve seen that also includes some custom fields on the menu. Users can type in options that ain’t on the list, but only if they’ve upgraded to a paid account. Sorry, cheapskates.



Test-Driving the AI Porn Maker

I bet I scared off some of the broke-ass weebs living in mom’s basement when I mentioned the paid memberships, but it ain’t all that bad. Like pretty much every other AI porn generator out there, PornJoy offers limited free test drives of their system. Even if you’ve already blown through your allowance, you can still create ten images per month.



I decided to try out their free mode first before snagging a paid account. The menu offers a few dozen options under categories like Ethnicity, Body, Haircut, Outfit and Location. I checked off the boxes to create an Asian woman with red hair, wearing pantyhose in an office. I left all the other options open and clicked Generate.


About twelve seconds later, Porn Joy cranked out almost exactly what I’d asked for. AI art generators don’t always manage to integrate every one of your suggestions, and this chick ain’t wearing pantyhouse. I ain’t complaining, though, because she’s fully naked, shaved, redheaded and gorgeous. There’s no desk in the scene, but that could totally be an office door in the background.


I tried again, creating a curvy MILF posing in lingerie, followed by a hentai chick with pigtails. Hentai mode adds the option of Asuna under the Character menu, so the weeaboos in the audience may be literally seconds away from finally meeting the waifu of their dreams.


Most of the custom options are blocked off for free users, but you can type a name into the Custom Character box. A request for Catwoman got me a hottie in lingerie and a pair of cat ears. I got even more impressive results when I asked for Jennifer Lawrence. A few seconds later, PornJoy spat out a fake photo of the actress laying back in a pool, sunlight glowing against her breasts.



And Now for the Real Porn

Once you get started, it’s easy to burn through those ten freebies really fucking fast. After that, you’ll either need to wait a month or splurge on a paid account. As I’m typing this up, there are literally just a handful of cheap early memberships available for $7.99. The standard rate is a tenner a month, which lets you generate 500 images every payment cycle.



It’s definitely worth mentioning that the perks ain’t limited to just letting you create more images. Once you’ve upgraded to a PornJoy Pro account, the generation menu on the front page expands. For one thing, you can use those custom fields I mentioned to type in your ideal haircut, outfit, hair color, ethnicity, or location.


The Pro menu also includes the filthiest, most pornographic options Porn Joy has to offer. I’m a little surprised they didn’t include these in the free mode, because porn sells a lot better than plain ol’ nudes these days. There’s a reason most paysites are hardcore. I ain’t shooting simple nudes at PornDudeCasting, I’ll tell you that much!


Once I had my Pro account, I dove back in with a focus on fucking. I created another pantyhose-wearing Asian in an office, but this time I checked off the box that said Back Pussy. Generation is faster with a premium account, so five seconds later, I was staring at a sexy Asian’s ass and cooter as she bent over a desk.



Customizing Your AI Dream Girls

I wanted to try those custom options next. I checked off the boxes to create a blonde girl with a curly pixie cut and corset, showing her tits in a bedroom. The only Body options are Curvy, Skinny and Hourglass, so I used the Custom field to type Chubby. The resulting AI babe wasn’t chubby, but she met all the other criteria and she’s smoking hot.



I tried the same request a few times and got similar results. just doesn’t know Chubby, at least not yet. I was able to use the Custom Location field to take that blondie to Wal-Mart, put her in a pair of cutoff denim shorts, and give her crazy-ass rainbow hair. Typing BBW into the Custom Body box seemed like it might have made the chick a little thicker, though she’s far from being a fatty.


Porn Joy’s Pro mode bangs out images so quickly that I ended up making a couple dozen in a matter of minutes. One of the things that struck me about this platform is the really fucking low error rate. I saw very few obvious signs of AI art generation. One chick had a limb embedded in her waist, but I was impressed by most of the output. Even the hands looked alright, and those are usually the most prone to looking all fucked up.


Living up to their name, really is a joy to play with as you create your own porn. The service is still very new, just like the rest of the AI porn world, but we’re all watching it evolve rapidly from month to month. If it’s pumping out material of this quality already, I really believe we’re at the dawn of a new era in pornography. Are you ready?

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