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Whoever bought the domain was on to a really fucking good thing, snatching up that internet gold right as the technology was worming its way into the public consciousness. They registered it back in 2017, when the first major wave of deep fake porn started showing up on sites like Reddit. The term originated on that very same internet super forum, making me wonder if there’s a neckbeard wearing a fedora behind the curtain, cuddling with his waifu pillow. calls their service “the world’s first AI deepfake creator,”though I’m not sure how true that claim is. While the domain’s been around for a while, the generator itself wasn’t unveiled until just a few months ago. Their traffic’s been exploding since then, though, which suggests some real horsepower under the hood. Naturally, I wanted to lube up and take it for a test drive myself.



AI Porn with a Social Media Twist

It’s pretty fucking obvious that we’re now entering a new era of AI-generated content. The tech seemed to explode out of nowhere at the start of 2024, with a lot of mainstream media coverage and internet rumblings about services like DALL-E and ChatGPT. The thing is, outlets like CNN can’t exactly get into the really filthy stuff you can do with AI. That’s where your old pal ThePornDude comes in.



I’ve been reviewing this first wave of AI porn sites over the last couple months, and one of the consistent shockers for me is how so many of the websites look crusty. The landing page for looks more like an early ‘00s website than something hawking futuristic porno made by goddamn robots. It ain’t the prettiest joint by a long shot, but as long as they spent more time developing the AI than polishing the HTML, I should end up happy.


I’ve got to say, the preview pics sure look promising. Flipping through the site’s extensive galleries of deep fakes, you’ll see shitloads of user-generated, photorealistic images of beautiful women in various states of undress. There’s also a little menu of category tags at the bottom of the front page that mentions hentai, though I didn’t see any AI hentai during my visit. Hopefully this means they’re working on some alternate art models to play with.


You can make ten deepfakes for free every day, but you’ve got to register an account first. Signup only takes a few seconds, and it’s basically instant if you use your Google credentials. They ask you to read the rules before posting anything, but it’s the same basic set of regulations you find anywhere else. Basically, don’t do anything illegal and don’t be a fucking asshole.


The rules weren’t a surprise, but I was surprised by the overall setup of the site once I got inside. I don’t think the same person who did the landing page built the interface within, because has a full-fledged social network devoted to creating and sharing deep fake porn. This is an even better surprise than the molly I got in my baggie of gas station boner pills.



Check Some Boxes, Get Some Custom Porn

I spent a minute choosing a few profiles to follow and fill up my feed with free deep fakes, but I was really eager to try my hand at creating my own simulated smut. At the top of my feed, a little box invited me to post on my page. It’s a typical feature on any social network, but in this case, they included a button to make a deepfake. uses a menu-based AI porn generator, and it’s got one of the more expansive lists of keywords to choose from compared to some of the other sites. Creating an image is simple: just check off the features you want under categories like age, gender, clothing, ethnicity, body, pose and setting.


I jumped right into it, asking the machine to make me a 23-year-old babe with huge boobs and a big ass. I wanted to see her in knee socks and pigtails, making a goofy ahegao face while pushing her butt out in public. I’ve played with enough of these AI porn makers to know it probably won’t meet every single one of my criteria, but I figured I’d throw it all at the wall and see what sticks.


I clicked the WOWify button at the bottom of the form, then waited about twenty seconds or so. spat out an image of a gorgeous, pigtailed chick with fully load T&A, just like I’d asked for. She’s not making an ahegao face, and it looks more like a wood-walled sauna than a public space, but I can definitely whack off to her.


On any other AI porn site, that pic would probably be dumped into my personal archive and perhaps the public stash. Since Deepfake rolls a social network into their setup, the fake photo became my first post. Now to decide if I should try to make some friends, or just keep jacking off.



But What If I Run Out of Credits?

How long do you think it took me to use up my ten daily credits? Well, the pics only take about twenty seconds to generate, and it only takes my perverted ass a minute or two to select a handful of preferences, so you do the math. I’m also prone to generating multiple pics with the same settings once I’ve dialed in something good, which only makes those credits disappear faster.



I pride myself on being a professional, though, so I didn’t blow my load all at once. No, I blew most of it, but kept a few credits in my wallet just in case I had another naughty idea in the next half hour or so. If you use all your daily credits, you’re either going to be stuck wet dreaming about the AI deep fakes you’ll create tomorrow, or you’ll have to splurge on a membership.


Deepfake Pro currently costs twenty bucks a month. That’s significantly more than most of the other AI porn platforms out there, and I’m curious to see if the prices start to equalize as the technology gets more popular. On the other hand, it could be a matter of volume. SoulGen costs ten bucks a month but you can only generate 100 pics before you’ve got to put more quarters in the machine. Deepfake Pro gives you 100 per day.


Other Deepfake Pro perks include higher resolution, priority server access to cut down on wait times, and unlimited storage to keep your custom masturbatory stash. They also offer access to over 275,000 pre-made AI models to modify to your will. It would have been nice to see a few of those in freebie mode, if only to get a sense for how they work.



Like the OnlyFans of AI Porn

One of the perks they list for Deepfake Pro is their Community Access. “Browse through the creations of other users, check out their favorites and bookmarks, and get inspired.” As far as I can tell, though, this is already included for free users. I’m following users with names like AI Dreamgirls, The Bikini Team and Sexy Deepfakes.



The social network elements of are designed to look, feel, and function a hell of a lot like OnlyFans. All of the Creators I followed were free, and in fact, the only Creator not listed as free is the DeepfakePro plan I mentioned. It does seem like they’re building the infrastructure to allow premium Creator profiles, a la OnlyFans or any of its many imitators.


Before I wrapped up my visit, I figured I’d spend the last of my daily credits. A few minutes later, I had fresh AI photos of a big-titted redhead, a pink-haired dominatrix dancing in a prison, and a Japanese babe spreading her legs while she has an orgasm. I didn’t ask for a dripping wet vagina, but Deepfake is full of all kinds of fun, sexy surprises. doesn’t currently do hentai like some of the other AI porn generators out there, but their photorealistic pics are fucking fantastic. That’ll be enough to draw the usual casual observers, but it’s the built-in social network that makes their platform unique. You can generate sexy fake photos and share them instantly with other AI nudie enthusiasts with just a few clicks, but you’d better keep an eye on your daily credits if you don’t want to give yourself blue balls later.

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