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AI Porn has long been a fantasy of nerds daydreaming about how they’ll whack off in the future, but over the last few months, we’ve been seeing those high-tech dreams come true. When we look back, 2024 will be remembered as the dawn of a new era in futuristic masturbatory content. It’s wild just how rapidly the technology seems to be evolving in front of our eyes, and I’m always excited and horny to see what comes next.


Which brings us to the topic of the day:, a new menu-based custom AI porn generator. The domain was actually registered way back in 2015, back when this was all just the stuff of science fiction. They were definitely thinking ahead when they bought up this valuable internet real estate, but does the site itself live up to the simple yet enticing title? That’s what I intended to find out as I lubed up and started dreaming up fantasies to feed through the machine.



Who Wants to Make Custom AI Porn?

The front page of AIPorn doesn’t waste any time at all getting to the good stuff. They’ve kept text to the absolute bare minimum, keeping things so streamlined that you might not immediately guess it was an AI porn generator if you’ve never seen one before. Most of the page shows off a rotating selection of images created by the service.



They specialize in two formats here, creating either realistic fake pics or custom-built hentai in various styles. In either case, the results out front look fucking fantastic. The anime looks professionally drawn and colored, while the realistic images look like actual photos.


I’m not sure the sample pics showcase the variety as well as they could, because the full AIPorn generation menu includes styles like Painting, Black and White, Soft Anime, and Watercolor. They seem to be aiming for the gamer demographic with options like Dark Fantasy, Cyberpunk, 3D and Comic. If you’re more into classic porno, you can try styles like Film Photo or Vintage.


Maybe they’re cherry picking the best pics for the front page, because I have to look hard to notice any signs of AI-generated art. When I zoom in tight enough, some of the fingers look a little wonky, though it’s an improvement over AI sites I was reviewing a couple months ago. I also noticed a couple anime girls without nipples, but I’d still probably shake my dick at them.


You can try out the system for free, but it does come with limitations. If you’ve ever used one of these services before, you can probably guess what they are. Free users at can only create one image at a time, have to wait longer in line, and miss out on advanced features like the (upcoming) custom prompt. You know, the usual.



Like a Mr. Potato Head of Porno

AIPorn generates your custom AI Porn using a menu-based interface. Prompt-based services like SoulGen will let you type whatever you want into the box and do their best to build your fantasy from scratch, though at the cost of the occasional deformed monster girl. The menu here builds an image based on the keywords you select, which should theoretically lead to less of those freakish AI abominations you get elsewhere.



I started by asking for a realistic vintage pic of a model with a big ass. I wanted a laughing, pigtailed redhead in her 20s, doing a t-pose on a yacht while wearing ‘70s clothes without a top on. I set the stage further by checking off the boxes for Front View and Bright Lighting.


If I have one immediate complaint about the menu, it’s that you can currently only select one option from each category. Since I chose Big Ass, I couldn’t ask for any other Body tags like Huge Boobs, Thick or Pregnant. The Clothing menu is extensive, but you only get one garment, so choose carefully.


Once I’d made my selections, I hit the Generate button. AI Porn generation is fast as fuck with their system. A few seconds later, my custom AI Porn was ready. It’s a great image of a beautiful red-haired woman with a retro vibe, though she ain’t topless, nor does she have pigtails. I don’t think she’s on a yacht, either, but she does make my dick hard.



Collaborating with a Porn-Making Android

My next AIPorn creation was anime, though I kept most of the same parameters. A few seconds after clicking the Generate button, it spat out a redhaired hentai girl with pigtails and a big ass. She’s still not on a yacht, but this time she’s standing on a marina with a yacht in the background. The image is almost perfect until you look too hard, at which point you might notice her hand is backwards and she’s got a little bit of extra arm.



For my third creation, I decided to tweak one of the sample pics I found on the front page. I clicked on a thick chick with white hair, which pulled up a larger version of the image as well as the menu options that created her in the first place. I changed her from an Athlete to a Bimbo, swapped her Shocked Face for an Angry one, and switched the setting from a Forest to the Mall. I also wanted to see her nude, taking a cumshot.


The fake babe who showed up when I hit Generate is gorgeous, topless, and entirely fapworthy, but it seems like she meets even less of my criteria than my earlier creations. She ain’t mad, nor is she at the mall, and she certainly ain’t getting hosed down with jizz. I guess I’ll have to do the tribute myself, so it’s a good thing I just installed a new laptop screen protector.


I wanted to compare my new AI Porn to the pics I’d created a few minutes earlier. That’s when I figured out doesn’t currently save your creations to your own custom gallery. I imagine this feature has to be on the way, especially for paying users, but for now you’d better save your own pics before they disappear.



The Good, The Bad, and The Sexy

I spent some time playing with the AIPorn menu and creating custom women, making some discoveries along the way. Some tags don’t seem like they’re really implemented yet. For example, the Number of People menu lets you choose One, Two, or Several, but I was only able to get more than one person if I chose Woman + Man from the Base category. Cumshot never showed me a cumshot, even when it was the only thing I selected on the menu.



I was, however, able to create beautiful naked women in the shower, Latinas in lingerie, and sorority gamer girls. I think the menu-based interface cuts down on freakish deformities, because I didn’t get any monsters, but there does seem to be a little bit of a learning curve. You have to play with the system a bit to see what works and what doesn’t.


Membership to is fifteen bucks a month through Patreon. As of this writing, I think the fast generation times and high quality of the images are the best reasons to sign up. Certain features listed on the signup page weren’t quite ready yet. I didn’t see that custom prompt they mentioned, nor any editing features. The site is very new, though, and I expect these perks to be rolled in very soon. is like a menu-based version of SoulGen, which I’ve written about before here at ThePornDude. The site has a very similar aesthetic and creates very similar images, but SoulGen uses a text prompt instead of a menu. The prompt might require a little more brainpower on your part than just checking off keywords, but also offers a little more potential customization. I recommend trying both before deciding on a membership. still has a few kinks to work out, but it’s still a goddamn miracle of pornographic technology. A year ago, I wouldn’t have imagined a working AI porn generator with this much power, and the site is still in its earliest stages. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love playing with this thing while you’re playing with your own thing. If nothing else, take it for a free test drive to see what it’s capable of.

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