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Have you been Seduced by AI-generated porn yet? The technology is still new as hell, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t seen it yet. Once you have, though, it’s hard to look away from the magic. A couple years ago, I never would have imagined custom pornography would become so easy to create, but here we are. Welcome to the future, you bunch of perverts!


Seduced.AI uses artificial intelligence to help you create your own X-rated images. “Generate quality NSFW images with no effort” reads the tagline on the front page, which should be enticing to basically anybody with a pulse and a boner, regardless of whether you’ve even heard of AI porn before. The site is brand new, just getting off the ground, so I was eager to get inside and take a look before the platform really blows up. Do they have what it takes? Let me tell you all about it…



Getting Seduced by AI Porno

AI art seemed to explode out of nowhere in the early part of 2024, which you’ve no doubt seen if you haven’t been in a coma for the past few months. The news coverage on the stuff rarely mentions the pornographic potential, but I bet a lot of you have tried typing some dirty requests into art generators like NightCafe and Dall-e 2. I’ve been reviewing the porn versions of these services for just a couple months, but my list of AI Porn Sites is already a couple dozen deep.



This first wave of AI porn machines has included a number of entries with a really barebones aesthetic, but Seduced.AI makes a strong impression with their polished tour page. It’s nothing too fancy, but the clean gradients and slick typography set it apart from some of the low-effort joints out there. “Tech skills and a powerful hardware are required to generate high-quality AI content, especially NSFW,” reads the front-page blurb. “Not with SeducedAI.”


As proof, they offer up a sample set of images created by their wet-dreaming android. Seduced AI specializes in fake photos and realistic anime pics. I say “realistic anime” because the hentai-influenced imagery here is considerably more detailed than the pics cranked out by other generators, which look more like hand-drawn art. These look more like pics Photoshopped with bigger eyes and an overall anime vibe.


You have to sign up for an account before you can start putting in your requests, but it only takes a minute. You can even connect with one click using your Google, Discord, Reddit or Twitter credentials. However you sign up, they’ll give you four credits for free. Free users have to wait in line longer for their pics, but hey, that’s four freebies just for signing up.



Creating AI Porn in a Couple Steps

Seduced AI uses a menu-based interface with optional prompts if you need more power. The prompt-based interface is for Premium members only, though regular users do get some custom inputs alongside the regular menu options for categories like Hair Color, Wearing, Nationality and Environment. If you skip the prompts, creating images is as easy as choosing the keywords you want included.



One feature I liked that I haven’t seen elsewhere is an Extension category. This lets you choose from a handful of more explicit scenes that are difficult to generate using the typical menus and prompts you find elsewhere. They’ve trained their machine to create pics in categories like Bimbo Tits, BJ (POV), Gaping, Ruined Pussy and SC Anal.


I wanted to try those out as soon as I saw the menu. I kept things simple for my first request, asking to see an American brunette with massive tits in a Spitroast scene. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, the thumbnail image defines it nicely: it’s a POV shot of a babe sucking cock while another dude hits it from behind.


The image took a few minutes for to generate with a free account, and the results were… well, let’s call them interesting. In most respects, it’s an impressive bit of AI imagery: a sexy woman in a bikini is eating human sausage at a beachside orgy with a couple naked dudes in the background. The only problem is the dick she’s sucking ain’t attached to anything. It’s just dangling out of her mouth above her boobs like an anatomically correct hot dog.


These things happen. If you’ve ever used an AI porn generator before, you already know they bang out deformed freaks and aliens from time to time. I ran the request again, and this time got a much better result. The dick she’s sucking is ludicrously long, but that’s the only real giveaway that it’s an AI pic.



Meet Your Custom 3D Anime Waifu

My biggest immediate complaint about Seduced AI is that the menu options feel a bit skimpy compared to some of the other AI porn platforms out there. For example, the clothing category only has three choices: lingerie, fishnet or swimwear. The Environment section is similarly thin, and there’s no category for Actions.



There’s a little room for improvisation in the prompts, but more choices on the menu would go a long way in simplifying the process. When you’re jacking your dick off with one hand and you’re checking boxes off with the other, you want those options ready to go at the click of the mouse or tap of the screen.


A little bit of experimentation might be necessary to figure out what works and what doesn’t with Seduced AI’s models. Some tags may conflict inside that horny robot brain dreaming up the pics. That seems to be what happened with my next pic.


I chose the Anime 3D model and asked to see a man and a woman. I checked off the boxes for Brunette and Massive breasts, set the stage at a Swimming Pool, and chose Gaping as my extension. The resulting pic showed a sexy anime babe bending over at the pool to show off her huge, stretched out butthole. There’s no dude in the pic, but she’s got some extra hands beneath her titties against the ground.


When I ran the same request but only asked for a woman, the result was the best I’d gotten yet. It’s a very realistic hentai-influenced shot of a chick gaping at the pool. The shading is impeccable, highlighting every droplet of water sliding down her shapely ass as she looks back at the viewer.



Skip to the Front of the Line

Since I was using a free Seduced.AI account, I had to wait at least a couple minutes every time I spent a credit and generated a pic. Aside from the limited credits, one of the main reasons to sign up is just for a better spot in line. You’re probably going to have some duds along the way, so you’re going to want some more credits and better wait times to avoid frustration and blue balls.



Seduced AI offers three tiers to their premium membership: Basic ($10 a month), Pro ($25), or Casanova ($50). Each tier bumps you closer to the front of the line and offers more credits to play with. Basic members get 120 credits per month and can’t use Private mode, which keeps your creations out of the public library. Casanova users get 500 credits and all the perks.


Because Seduced.AI is so new, I have to assume there are new features coming soon, and that Premium members will get access first. That’s usually how all of these AI porn generators work. They don’t list any upcoming features, but the main thing I’d like to see at this point are more options on the menu. As AI tech continues to evolve, I imagine we’ll see other features like image editing rolled into the interface.


Despite the limited menu, I was impressed by the quality of the images Seduced.AI is creating. They do some of the nicer realistic hentai pics I’ve seen from a porn generator, and I love the inclusion of those sexual Extensions like Gaping, Anal and Blowjobs. I think those features will be some of the biggest draws since they’re harder to find elsewhere, but the overall high quality of the output is sure to make your dick hard no matter what you’re into. The first four credits are free, so you may as well give it a shot!

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