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I will go out on a limb here and assume you all know the story of Frankenstein. He was an ugly motherfucker created by a mad doctor in a lab. Now, imagine if a porn-crazed masturbator like me or you replaced the mad doctor, and the Frankenstein he was making was actually one of the wildest forms of porn ever crafted? Sounds wild, I know, but it’s the kind of stuff we will be doing today, so prepare yourself!


The topic of artificial intelligence is commonly talked about these days, and it’s being increasingly used in a vast range of ways across a broad spectrum of technology and day-to-day life.


Guys who, in their younger days, pledged to be the next John Connor and lead the revolution if a Skynet situation ever kicks off are now firmly in bed with AI-generated girlfriends and people who you’d expect to be fully behind AI are calling it a massive threat to mankind: crazy times, my dudes.


However, today isn’t a debate about whether AI is good or bad because we’re here to talk about porn! As with everything, it didn’t take long for porn to get its sticky fingers firmly into the holes of AI, and, well, it’s getting pretty fuckin’ wild! The internet is flooded with AI-generated porn, and there’s also an increasing number of sites and platforms giving people a chance to do it themselves and create pretty much anything their imagination can think of!


As a man who always finds himself on the frontline of the latest porn revolutions with a mission to keep my horny readers informed of what’s happening on the cum-soaked ground of the porn world, AI porn is something I’ve been following very closely, and, in recent months, I’ve spent a lot of time testing out the various AI porn generators and seeing what they’re capable of.


Today, my latest mission brings me into the perverted AI laboratories of an AI porn generator that’s fittingly called This site promises to allow you to make your wildest fantasies come to life on screen and craft pretty much any form of porn your perverted mind can think of.


However, the current version of the site only got started in 2024. So, can we believe what they’re saying, or are they trying to trick us as a T-1000 in Terminator 2 does? That’s precisely what we’re going to find out today. Now, *Arnie’s voice* Come with me if you want to jerk off to AI porn!



What is and How Does it Work?

According to Wayback Machine, can trace its roots back to 2014. However, the site’s current version started in 2024 as the world of AI technology began to surge into the future. It boasts a limited free and premium members-only version that’ll set you back $15 a month.



With a slogan that sounds like some sinister corporation from a sci-fi movie, promises to ‘’make your dreams a reality’’ through its cutting-edge AI porn generator that allows users to create all manner of porn through a text prompt, photo upload, and its built-in editor.


The site has three AI generator modes. General lets you create pictures of pretty much anything, whether it’s a warship or a sunny meadow, porn gives you a chance to make some of the wildest smut your brain can come up with, and Hentai lets you create your own cartoon porn in seconds based on anything your mind desires.


I must admit, it sounds wild so far, but this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve stepped foot into a promising and futuristic porn site, only to be disappointed. So, let’s put to the test and try out their AI porn generator for ourselves in the next section!



What’s the AI Porn Generator Like on

So, you promise me the chance to make any form of porn that my mind desires, huh? Do you know who you’re speaking to? I’m The Porn Dude, motherfuckers, so prepare yourselves for some of the filthiest ideas you’ve ever seen. The question is, can your porn generator keep up?



The AI porn generator on has a photo editor kind of vibe, and you can either create porn via text prompt or upload an existing picture and let the software do its thing. There’s also an adjustable ‘’imagination bar’’ to make the resultant AI smut as wild as possible. You know me by now, and I ramped that motherfuckin’ imagination bar to the top-notch.


However, this was a mistake. I found the imagination bar fucked up most of my prompts and got the best results from toning it down. Now, with that adjusted, here are some of my filthiest creations!


● Bimbo whore sucking cock on a boat – This one was pretty cool! It showed a Barbie-looking bitch with bright pink hair and a choker licking a gigantic cock like ice cream while on the deck of a yacht. The tip of the dick was the same color as her hair, but I’ll assume that’s just her lipstick that’s transferred onto it after an intense deepthroat BJ.

● Street hooker fucked by police and creampied – That’s one way to get out of paying a fine for selling your ass on the street! This prompt created a busty blonde whore lying in the middle of traffic in an urban area with her high heels scattered around and a dose of cop semen leaking from her meaty pussy. I was pretty impressed with this!

● Woman having sex with a Toyota Land Cruiser – Ok, AI, let’s see what you’re really capable of! I wanted to see a chick fitting this iconic SUV up her pussy, but I got an Asian chick flashing her pussy in the front seat of one instead. Oh well, maybe next time!


My top tip for using it? Take it easy with the imagination bar and keep it down to half or less.



The Design of the Site

AI is at the forefront of modern technology. This means that any site trying to make a name for itself as an AI porn generator needs to boast a modern, sleek, and cutting-edge design. Thankfully, I was glad to see had achieved this and then some!



The feels very much like a tech site and kicks off with a plain but sleek logo in the top left corner, followed by a simple and easy-to-read main menu that takes users to the homepage, the AI generator itself, examples of previous content created through the site, and pricing plans.


This is followed by three hero sections promoting the different benefits the site can offer members with a background image of AI-generated porn created through the site. It also showcases the three AI generator mods of general, porn, and Hentai before rounding off with a gallery of porn people have created through the site to encourage you to use it.



What I Like Most About it

When you’re in a porn-crazed state, you want to see smut fast! Gone are the days when we had to rely on a dial-up connection and spend twelve hours glued to a computer screen, and, if you were lucky, you’d see six to eight tits. Thankfully, is exceptionally fast, and the average time for the AI porn generator to create my desired smut was around four or five seconds.



The people behind have done an excellent job with the site design. It looks and feels good to use, is very well laid out, and looks as modern and cutting-edge as AI technology.


The site has also categorized its generator into three handy variants that allow users to utilize AI for porn, Hentai, and general content, meaning there’s something for everybody to enjoy when using



What I Don’t Like

Look, I respect ground-breaking porn technology when I see it, and is a game-changing porn site that really stands out from your average porn tube site. However, I keep it honest, and I’d be lying if I said this was perfect. Even when your prompts are crystal-clear, you might not get what you want, and some results are downright bizarre. For example, I prompted a blonde MILF in a BBC creampie gangbang and got a blonde 19-year-old chick riding a white cock surrounded by a tonne of black girls, minus the creampie. The fuck?



However, in defense of, things did improve when I adjusted the imagination bar. This thing can really fuck up the AI porn results when you go too heavy-handed with it!


AI can often face bugs, but the ones I came across on made it hard to beat my meat to the porn I’d created through the generator. Faces were messed up, there were pussies inside assholes, and some of the girl’s faces looked like Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher.



Suggestions I Have for

The generator isn’t perfect, but don’t give up. Keep updating the site’s technology whenever you can, and stay up to speed with the latest developments in AI tech to iron out the bugs and make sure it actually gives users the kind of porn they want to create.





So, was using to create AI-generated porn a lot of fun? Hell yes! Is it something I’d use to jerk off with daily? Probably not. Just like AI technology, AI porn is still in its early days, and there are many teething problems it needs to iron out.



Who knows what the future holds for it or the threat it will potentially pose to the mainstream porn industry. But, overall, is trying its best to be an innovator at the forefront of AI-generated smut and is doing an excellent job in terms of site design and branding; it just needs to stay up-to-speed with the latest AI tech developments to upgrade its site technology where possible.

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