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“Only NSFW” can honestly describe most of the websites I review here at ThePornDude. I know there are fetishists out there who will shake their dicks at SFW web content related to feet, superhero movies, and fucking My Little Pony, but most of us require something a little harder and a little more naked to get us all hard and drippy. This next website promises exactly that, and with a newfangled twist you never found on platforms a year ago: these pictures are made out of your own fantasies.


That’s right, ladies and germs, is an AI porn generator that creates the women of your wet dreams out of thin air. The joint is brand new, living on a domain registered just a couple weeks ago, and they’re still building their userbase. Based on what I’ve seen today, I think it’s just a matter of time before their traffic explodes. Incidentally, I have a strong urge to explode into the crusty gym sock I keep beside my desk. Hopefully I don’t cream my pants before finishing this review, but who knows? I’m fucking insatiable.



When Only NSFW Pics Will Do

When the dust settles, 2024 will be remembered as the year artificial intelligence really become prominent in the world, on the internet, and in pornography. I’ve been reviewing these sites as they pop up around the web, watching them evolve and seeing certain features become more or less standard. OnlyNSFW is keeping up with trends, offering up a search engine of user-made images out front. I like how they’ve included a sidebar menu of tags, which I don’t think I’ve seen elsewhere.



And what are those users creating? The system here bangs out realistic nudes, high-quality hentai, and pics that straddle the line between the two. Right from jump, I was facing a whole wall of topless Latinas, crazy-haired anime girls bending over, and sexy girls lounging on the beach.


The overall quality of OnlyNSFW’s imagery is gorgeous. I had to look closely before I spotted a few signs of AI-generated content. Hands are looking a lot better than the earlier platforms were generating, and the faces are pretty, without that weird, uncanny valley zombie effect you see sometimes. Still, I did see an occasional extra arm, disembodied leg, or torsos bent in ways that imply gruesome bodily injury. will let you generate some free images, with the limitations you’re probably expecting if you’ve used one of these services before. Free users will have to stand in line longer to get their pics, can only create a few images per day, and everything’s going to be watermarked with an Only NSFW logo. Honestly, that’s more than fair for free custom porno, especially when you consider this tech was just something you dreamed about a year ago.


Prices for AI porn generators are still all over the place as I write this, but I do expect them to even out as more competition appears on the market. It’s like how most paysites in 2024 charge thirty bucks a month, even my own PornDudeCasting. As far as AI sites go, OnlyNSFW is one of the cheaper options. Five bones a month gets you unlimited generations and the rest of the perks.



Only NSFW Imagery for You and Me

When I first started reviewing these sites, they either gave you a menu of keywords to check off or a prompt to type your request into. I feel like the prompts are a little more versatile but increase the chances of eldritch abominations, while the menus offer simplicity at the expense of possibilities. OnlyNSFW has a hybrid system, letting users choose between a prompt or a menu.



Making your custom pics is as easy as selecting your specs or just typing into a box. If you ain’t sure where to begin, you can even start with one of the user-made images out front and just tweak the settings. I figured I’d start with something easy, using the Specs menu to ask for an 18-year-old athletic chick with pigtails in a bedroom. currently has four AI models to choose from. Realistic and Anime are self-explanatory, while the Utopic options are those boundary-twisting middle ground I mentioned earlier. I left it on the default Realistic model and clicked Generate.


The image popped out in about 15 seconds. It’s Only NSFW for most people, but I’m a porn reviewer so it’s exactly the kind of thing I like to see at the office. The legal teen is laying back in a pair of blue panties, matching bra pulled up to expose some shapely tatas. She’s got a pretty face that looks as real as the rest of her, with no obvious signs of AI generation.


I ran the same request, this time selecting Anime as my AI model. The resulting image is remarkably similar in pose, though her tits ain’t out in this one. It looks like they’re adding a “Go Naked” feature soon, which will let you nudify your creations at a click. It’ll cost you a credit, though, so free users need to be careful so they don’t burn up their daily allotment too swiftly.



Let’s Make Custom Porn Pics

I tried OnlyNSFW’s custom prompt next. Again, I kept my request simple: “beautiful blonde woman giving blowjob, big tits”. A few seconds later, a beautiful blonde woman was flashing fuck-me eyes through the screen, the tip of a dick between her parted lips. I tried again, swapping the blowjob for a cowgirl ride. This time, a naked blonde ended up sitting in a clothed blonde’s lap. Close, but no cigar.



This ain’t uncommon, as full-on sex pics are always harder to create than just regular fake nudes. Fortunately, you can keep trying until you figure out how to make it work. Sometimes it’s just a matter of clicking the Generate button again, while other times you’ll have to learn to modify the request appropriately. It depends a lot on the complexity of the pic you’re asking for.


There is a little bit of a learning curve, as well as some trial and error involved in getting Only NSFW—or any other AI porn generator—to make exactly the simulated smut you’re requesting. If you already know what you’re doing, the Settings menu opens up a few more options like seeds, creativity, quality and size.


I kept at it. I got another lap-sitting picture and one generation inexplicably failed, but then I got exactly what I’d been asking for. The girl in this pic is riding cowgirl on a dick, staring at the camera with her legs spread. One of the things I really love about the image is that the dick is actually attached to a dude beneath her. If you’ve played this game before, you know how common it is to accidentally create severed dingdongs just floating in the air. Has anybody seen John Wayne Bobbitt lately?


Just to test the system a little bit more, I used the prompt to type a request that would have been impossible with the menu. “Sexy robot chick, big ass, spaceship”. I ran the request a few times and came through. My favorite of the bunch has a dark-haired android looking back over her shoulder, her big plastic booty front and center in the pic.


My only complaint about OnlyNSFW is a small one. For whatever reason, the system seemed to hang occasionally. When this happened, my request would just be listed with FAILED in red letters beside it. There’s little price to failure here, though, since you can just submit your request again.


If you get hooked, you might end up submitting those requests all damn day, building up your stash while you blow your productivity. works exactly like a good AI porn generator should, with a couple features that set it apart from most of the competition out there. The hybrid prompt/menu system is a winner here, offering both simplicity and versatility in creating those high-quality, fapworthy images. The other big selling point is the, uh, selling point, because at five bucks, they’re cheaper than most of the “cheap” AI sex machines out there. If nothing else, grab those three daily freebies and have some fun.

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